[] DW Pistol Purifier (lokarr 21sec)

I built my char now using 2-handed ugdenbog spark thrower (or similar named) gun and primal strike. The clearing speed seems to be pretty okay. Which one do you think is better in end game, 1 handed or 2 handed?

I played both of them.

DW Pistol is more Fun and Strong.

Update [], Add Video

I rarely post here, mostly just read and absorb knowledge. But I just wanted to say I tried this build recently and its the only build I’ve managed to get into Elite and successfully play through the content.

I’m lvl69 at the moment and loving it, so simple to play but so effective.

Question though, I’m still using dual “Aldor’s” pistols(I think thats the name) that are blue lvl25 pistols with +fire strike and +artifact handling.

I cannot seem to find anything better, the only pistols I’ve ever seen with a higher character sheet dps had large amounts of attack speed but otherwise had less desireable stats.

Is it normal that a lvl25 pistol could still be so effective at lvl60+ or is the character sheet/item comparison figures just rubbish? I need guidance on good gear sources for a 60-70 character as alot of my gear is starting to fall behind and I’m desperately trying to maintain resistances at the cost of dps now.

Awesome build. Leveling a Purifier atm, lvl 75, now letting myself being inspired by this. Aka, I copied most of your build. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not sure what “Luxury Skill Effect” is supposed to mean. :confused:

If you bring me the mats, I can craft you 1 or 2 Arcanum Sigillis (lvl 75 legendarys). That should help somewhat. :wink:

Thanks mate, but I’m only interested in self found gameplay and I doubt I have the materials anyway as this character is the first I’ve played beyond 50ish and only have 220hrs played total in GD :slight_smile:

Having so many devotions reliably proc from one button is pretty luxurious to me.

Suit yourself. As long as you´re having fun. :cool:

Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. I totally agree. More fun than the old 2-button Arcane Wizard from WoW. :smiley:

Can somenone please clarify sth for me, I am still rather new to the game (just one char, sorc in her late 50s, doing well though). I have a stash full of pistols etc for a futer inquisitor and I wanterd to start one, and this build suits me fine. But I am not sure I get the thing about devotions. Do I NEED to respec the devotion “tree”? Someone wrote sth like this, so I want to know. Can’t I just go a certain path and arrive where the author of the post did with his build?

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You want end game or starter devotion?

Think you might be willing to do that for me?

End game; And so I understand from your question that I have to respec… I am not sure I will handle it right just yet.
So, if I do respec, can I get a maximally clear instruction, what to select and what then to respec into what else?
Like - pick this and that devotion and after yoy completed this and that, remove X and choose Z, please? :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your Post…i love this character…the most powerful and funniest i play since 650 hours on this game :smiley:

I see than you don’t have the same points spent in the Grim tool than in your Leveling Guide

Witch one i need to follow in priority?

Thank you and HF!

If so what is the best way to get the same or close to that gear?

If so what is the best way to get this gear or close to it? Where should one farm for the items and whatnot.

Still viable? If so what is the best way to farm the gear for it?

Hah! Yes, still very viable. :wink: Except for the relic I got all the items now, and this build is insane. And much fun, I absolutely love it.

As for farming the required stuff, you will probably have to trade. I can craft amulet and rings, helmet is also craftable, also relic. Rest of the stuff are drops. Farming for specific legs in GD takes about 12 years, so trade is the best option. :wink:

Check this thread or maybe use the Grim Dawn Discord.

Good luck.

Looks pretty close to a build I’ve leveled to 100.

Just out of curiosity, why Aura of Censure instead of Aura of Conviction? Censure (from what I understand of the tool tip) is range-limited to 8 meters, so it seems like it would be pretty ineffective for a ranged build. Conviction, on the other hand, gives you that ranged damage bump without having to get into close range with mobs.

Now, admittedly, there are ALOT of mobs end game that have skills that close the distance and get you into melee range before they drop, but my preference has always been to do as much damage at range as possible.

Besides the OA, Conviction doesn’t really give you much damage. Censure is still way better for damage.


I’m new to this game …
I followed the guide so I chose the demolitionist first.

Now when I have come to step 2 in the leveling guide and i now should pick “Ranged Expertise”, I do not get the option to choose inquisitor as my second class! ??

Do I need to pick Inquisitor first? Do I realy need to start all over again?

Please help me understand.