[] DW Pistol Purifier (lokarr 21sec)

Update []

  • Aura of Censure: added % Reduced Target’s Damage (21%)
  • Seal of the Void: replaced % Cast Speed with % Attack Speed (+AS 8%)

Lokarr 19s : https://youtu.be/tECVpidWSNw

MQ 8s : https://youtu.be/u7-YaK6FJ4c

- Lokarr : https://youtu.be/u7Y_r1sscks

- How to Play : https://youtu.be/sOPrSa7n1uM

- Grim Tool : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MEvD42

<Build Features>

  1. 100%+ weapon pool Chance
  2. Easy Play (Use only 4 Active skills)
  3. Luxury Skill Effect
  4. No MI and No Rare

<Leveling Guide>
1. Skills
Step 1 :
Fire strike (1) → Explosive Strike (Max) → Vindictive Flame (11) → Flame Touched (1) → Fire Strike (Max)
(if u level 10 Ranged Expertise 1, can have DW Pistol!)
Step 2 :
Ranged Expertise (Max) → Bursting Round (6) → Ward of Renewal (1) → Deadly Aim (1) → Chilling Rounds (6)
→ Vigor (1) → Inquisitor Seal (1) → Steel Resolve (1) → Storm Spread (7) → Arcane Empowerment (1)
→ Aura of Censure (Max)
Step 3 :
Temper (1) → Ulzuin’s Wrath (1) → Static Strike (Max) → Thermite Mine (10) → Blast Shield (1) → Brimstone (Max)
Step 4 :
For now, you can invest what you like

2. Devotion
Crossroad(Chaos) → Fiend(Flame Torrent) → Hawk → Quill → ‘-’ Crossroad(chaos) → Crossroad(Ascendant)
→ Rhowan’s Crown(Elemental Storm) → Viper → Solael’s Witchblade(Eldritch Fire) → Hydra → Chariot of the Dead (Wayward Soul)
→ Ulzuin’s Torch(Meteor Shower) → Ghoul (ghoulish Hunger) → Revenant

Finally, Please BUFF!! Range build and Weapons. :cry:


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Nice build!

Is it crucible viable?

Was trying an elemental purifier but failed… :furious:
Didn’t have 2* these weapons though.

Why u don’t bind Eldritch fire to firestrike?

i changed devotion skill set.

Crucible usually play as a party.

Solo Crucible = 5000+ DA build WIN!

i changed devotion skill set.

Crucible usually play as a party.

Solo Crucible = 5000+ DA build WIN!

Really cool build, AKDONG. :slight_smile:

I respeced my char close to your guide, now Elite is a breeze…thanks!

i restarted… which affinity do I use first? you used ascendant as first… but all skills you own need eldritch… help please :undecided:

ah! did you use the wrong starting affinity at the grimtools?

Great build. Thanks to the fact there were no MI I could make this easily. I like the minimal amount of skills you use :smiley: . I cleared to gladiator 150 easily with a bit of kiting with this build with 2 blessings. 150 - 170 I tried in a group and died (but then I am not good at kiting). In the main campaign this does really well.

Updated Leveling Guide!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요

Glad to see a Korean Friend here in forum
Grim Dawn is spreading all over the world

Cool and Nice Build :slight_smile:

Хороший и простой билд, спасибо.
Отдельная благодарность за leveling guide.

I want to try this build but i have 2 questions:
Is fiend devotion worth it? The proc on wps skill isnt up all the time so not much lifesteal support.
And I think 1x exterminus is better for another 20% rr.
Tell me when iam wrong :slight_smile:

  1. Fiend Devotion : Good Complete Bonus & little damage
  2. This build Not Choas DMG and Already Many %RR, if u Using exterminus lost Big Plat Elemental damage


this build is very fun to play… after I learned how to reset my devotion points :D:D :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work!

Could this work well with Inquisitor + Shaman combo as a lightning version?

This might be what you’re looking for.

This is a fun build ! I appreciate the fact that there are minimal buttons to push as my fingers are clumsy (nerve damage). This build still delivers an action packed experience and makes me feel like the 2 gun toting cowboy.
Great build and thank you for providing both a guide and devotion set up for it.

i have a purifier myself but is melee DW. guess that was a bad idea :confused:

No, it’s not a bad idea
With proper gear Melee DW Purifier still works well
Check this :


Thanks! that’s what i’m looking for. was wondering if that build lokarr viable? I have a lightning trickster and i’m clueless how to beat him :/. One of the biggest problem with Purifier (non NB or Soldier build)… there’s no mobility skill. Kinda hate that we have to wait till level 94 to able to get that blazing charge. I know there’s some components that you can craft to get that mobility. But that just suxs as that component may not be the right components for your build. And of course wasting a wrong component slot for just 1 mobility skill.

Really Crate… you should separate out these skills for everyone.