[] MINES EVERYWHERE! - Fire Runebinder Purifier Crucible 170 Exploder



To the DotA players in this forum: Get ready to experience Techies, the most hated hero in the history of doter, here in GD.

Joke, this doesn’t play like that piece of shit.

This is from a clear on the 0.6 updated build

So Rune of Hagarrad is probably the strongest inquisitor skill right now, not only because of the damage but also because of its ability to be converted to virtually any damage type in the game. I got the inspiration for this build when I read a techies rant post on the Dota 2 reddit so shoutout to everyone who hates that hero.

I wanted a plant and lure type of build, but that’s not possible in crucible. You can still play that way in campaign, though.

Build is basically based on getting two warpfires with 100% total cold to fire conversion for Hagarrad and having Runebinder for Inquisitor + skills and also Ignition support, which is a great source of burn damage. I got two setups here, one more suited for campaign, one better for crucible. For, there will only be one setup for both campaign and cruci cause that’s the most offensive setup I could think of and it already wrecks cruci, so no need to have a defensive setup. UPDATE: Build reworked to reflect changes in patch

Updated build with all permanent buffs + Word of Pain

This build is now fully loaded with explosive procs and offensive presence. Changes in 0.6 allows us to tweak this into a fully DPS based setup akin to the old offensive setup I had in the previous patch but with Censure instead of Conviction. Current setup now allows the build to clear in around 10 mins without being threatened by much.

Cruci videos here. 2 parts because trial Bandicam only allows upto 10 mins of recording, which doesn’t cover 151-170. Sorry for the low quality potato pc shit. That’s literally how I play everyday. And also for the pauses. I got itchy feet when I recorded the vids.

151-160: https://youtu.be/qdXaXb74Htw
161: 170: https://youtu.be/8FgfOMUqTJ4

Total time is about 10:23 including the pauses. Got lucky at 170 there with Reaper just chilling till all his friends died. Still wouldn’t impact the clearitme much if he joined the fight earlier, though. Probably add 10s at maximum.

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pnGopZ
Note: Pierce res in GT is at 78%. I have exactly 80 in mine due to rolls. If you have bad rolls then change the Mankind’s Vigils into Malmouth Soulguard Powders. I’m just too lazy to change mine and Cruci Blessings change baby.

What changed?

First, nerfs. Flame Torrent and Warpfire. Most fire builds would cry but not this one. Dual wielding Warpfires, Torch, Magi and gloves net us 242% burn duration on average(Grimtools shows 317 cause warpfire there has 73% burn duration instead of the 50 stated in patch notes). Personally, anything above 200% is good when it comes to duration bonus, It seems impossible to not reapply dots after at least 6 seconds unless the enemy dies. As for Flame Torrent, this build would certainly perform a lot better if it wasn’t nerfed but I do agree that the proc was so strong before this patch. I hope it’s at the correct power level now.

As for gear/skill/devo changes, if you look at the old offensive version, then it’s basically the same except for the Exclusive Skill (because it was made before the Censure buff). I went full proc fiesta in the devotion tree while maintaining OA and DA by getting Dying God. Maybe someone can try getting Hungering Void to hit harder but I personally prefer the proc fiesta.

IMPORTANT: Meteor seems to not be working right with runes right now probably due to the recent change so don’t bind meteor to those two skills. You can see my bindings on GT.

For the older versions of the build, click below

[spoiler] update

Defensive version all permanent buffs + Word of Renewal. OA and DA go up to 3.6k with Deadly Aim + Judic proc on.

Setup 1 - Offensive devotions + Reign of Ice and Fire

This was my original setup where I just went all out on the offensive and got Meteors + Fissure for maximum proc fiesta. Also Ice and Fire rings for maxed Artifact handling which is really good for damage + procs. Didn’t turn out to be reliable in crucible cause of the squishiness, though I was able to clear it a couple times. You have to play like a god to make this work consistently in crucible but dishes loads of damage in campaign.

Setup 2 - Defensive devotions + Judicator Seals

This is what I use for crucible now, changed rings and devotions to be more defensive. I wanted to keep Fissure but the need of slow res and my inability to distinguish between Ekket’s Fissure and mine cost me some lives. This is a lot more consistent in cruci but you still need to play somewhat safely. Lost about 400 OA from the offensive version but gained about 300 DA which is worth it.

Gear, Skills and Devotions (Defensive Version):

For me, every item is core for this build apart from the greens and the rings. You’ll need one of the pants/boots with a stun res affix, better if you have 2. If you can’t get 2 kings affixes then you can try getting a few nodes on Obelisk to get stun res capped. You can also use Korvaak relic for the mobility but I value the RR on Ignaffar more. There’s not much elemental Overcap but Seal gives a lot of that so I didn’t go for more in the gear.

Main damage source is obviously Hagarrad while Kalastor also provides valuable burns with ignition. BWC at 12/12 also gives good damage. I didn’t go for maxed Kalastor in the defensive version cause it mostly gives phys and I don’t use fire seals. Always max out Artifact Handling for the damage modifier.

You have some spare points in the devotions after reaching the goal (Tree + Solael). I spent it on hourglass + obelisk for slow resist and DA. Time Dilation is not needed cause we don’t have Mirror/Mark.[/spoiler]

Some Crucible Tips to Close: You can be a douche and mine the spawn camps before you start the first wave (151, 161 for example) and have an advantage early. This can be good on Wave 161 where you need to kill those Myrmidons ASAP. Thanks for taking time to read my post!

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Reserved to give space for more techies mines.

I’m impressed that you did it with this class combo in 170 cruci:p And also like the conversion

On my build i did it Tacticain + Censure aura instead of Conviction. Obsidian Shield and Anderos amplifier.

I did have some fire in my Haggarad as well via Ignaffar gloves and Cinder belt. It worked out.

2x Rune builds are amazing cruci clear builds

Congrats on the original idea and neat fashion sense:p

Thanks!. It makes sense to be surprised, though. Even with 3.6k DA and multiple heals, I have to run like a chicken against many nemesis combos and let the dots do the work. I only really start tanking when only 1 or 2 of them remain. That said, runes clear through trash so fast that the non-nemesis waves are almost nothing, which still results in a decent cleartime.

Congrats for the interesting build man!!
Never even thought using warpfire to convert cold haggarad to fire.
I am trying to design with full runebinder set, but always fail.
It seems the crossbow really doesn’t belong in rune build…

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Firstly, congratulations on 170 clear.

I had something similar in mind using Fire Hagarrad + Mortar but never attempted it as I thought the build would be too weak for even Main Campaign let alone the crucible
So seeing this work so well is truly surprising

I never thought of using Runebinder set or Rune of Kalastor though. I know Runebinder is good but Kalastor doesn’t seem to be good for anything besides trash clear by any chance did you try Mortar Trap. As for gearing I wanted to use Pierce>Fire Gauntlets and Belt. Did you try those?


Is that pic from some DoTA Rule 34?

Thanks a lot, guys. Really appreciate it.

Runebinder got a bad reputation here when AoM was released solely because of the bow. It looks like an attempt to hybridize rune + ranged wps builds which is really hard to make work, so I can understand why you’re failing at it.

From the start, I wanted to use double rune, so I didn’t try Mortar. I think Mortar can work in campaign where you can tank more. Being good is another story, though. In crucible, I don’t think Mortar will do cause it’s got slow projectiles and I’m already running a lot on 160 and 170. On the other hand, Kalastor is really good for burns with Ignition and it has shotgun potential against bigger bosses as well.

Is that pic from some DoTA Rule 34?

Nah it’s some old, unreleased model of the hero I was referencing on the OP (techies) which is usually used when someone rants about that hero.

@Kalastor shotgun has been pretty weak in my experience or maybe I just have high expectations from it cause of Hagarrad


Yes. Portable heals+max run/slow res can also do the trick. Especially if you have some CC yourself (big fan of that lately)

I also want to post a kiting elemental caster without TD(made it a personal mission, tired of that thing):rolleyes:

Currently testing the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Bankrupted 6 characters at the blacksmith yesterday.

I totally remade him. Got pissed off yesterday and said F it:D Totally worth it

Don’t want to derail the thread. Sorry x1y1z2:p

Hey it’s fine. Am also interested in it anyway :smiley:

Didn’t mean to. i’m actually thinking to make a thread of no TD crucible 170 ready casters after this, be it Dot or flat or a combo of both;) I think it’s worth it.

Edit: Kinda like Zug’s thread but specialised. Won’t include soldier casters Spellscourge because that is not really achievement in non TD. “Pure” casters, so it would be a bit arbitrary

Super nice!!
we were working on till Chinese New Year forced us to take a break~~~

Yeah, that would be interesting. Also, is nearing. Wonder how the defensive reqs will change for crucible when patch hits.

Happy Chinese New Year! Heard it’s about a week of holidays in China. Have fun!

Build looks really interesting being able to throw lots of stuff around and let people just walk to death. Any chance of a video to see the game play? Only ask because I currently don’t have enough bits to turn my only purifier to this build…my choices being start a new purifier or get enough bits…don’t know which would take longer. Good to see a non gun purifier build.

Sorry, can’t make a video due to how bad my laptop is. Btw, you don’t need an MI pants. You can go with a vendor/craftable with Elemental res. Make up with leathery hide or obelisk devotion for stun res if you can’t get a stun res affix.

Edit. Don’t know how much it will affect crucible performance though. Campaign will definitely be fine.

Nope, not really

Don’t know what you mean, but it’s here. Just as I am about to sleep. Aaaand… Nerfed. Doesn’t look like it’ll matter much and I can’t estimate the effect of the topaz nerf without GT. We’ll see tomorrow.

Edit. And censure looks interesting now. Will the damage reduction stack with BWC, though?