[] The Deceiver - A Cataclysmic Non TD Elemental Pure Mage - Gladiator 170 Nuker

[i]Isn’t it fitting that at the heart of the Inquisition lies a powerful Deceiver? The Cataclysm set has been on my mind for a long time and with the recent buff I have finally chosen to make him a Deceiver after being quite tired with circuit breaker mechanics for casters.

He draws his power offensively from massive AoE elemental damage, with Word of Pain line and massive procs/Devotions and defense from excellent slow CC from Mastery, Mods, and 2x portable heals. It deletes mobs and is able to successfully kite Nemeses nuking them from afar.

There will be a grim tool for campaign as well with Blizzard instead of Wendigo and some more damage gear[/i]

[v1.0.5.0]Video 160-170 Gladiator:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QymIeLn4ICo

Crucible Grim tools:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0wg6M2

Campaign Grim Tools:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe1e3EZ You will need a Tonic of Reshaping to adjust spirit lost from Wendigo and Time Flux ring

Gear chanages: Ill Omen boots for %elemental and more Death Sentence, Eternal Band for the same reasons and Bargoll Mace for the sick mod! Choose you affixes, it doesn’t matter. Left them blank on purpose. I recommend Enchanter’s of Fury :slight_smile:
Devotions: Dropped Wendigo for Blizzard&Jackal. You have GOT to play Meteors+Blizzard on this build. It’s perfect. In Campaign you can also play him Purifier. You can tank more with Seal(You can get in in campaign as Purifier has the skills points and you don’t need to kite as much there)+Blast Shiled to face tank more.

Stats with auras and Deadly Aim/Word of Renewal on

How and why it works:

Massive CC:

[i]You have -126% movement speed debuff(CoF+Main hand mod+Eldritch Fire) to which you can add either time flux or blizzard if you are in campaign mode or Haggarad % attack slow if you are in crucible and time flux doesn’t connect. This renders most monsters in the game very ineffective vs your ranged/kiting type of build.

The slow mechanic is 90% resisted by nemeses BUT since you have so much of it, it’s enough to get the distance you need between you and them. I’ve kited 2x Reaper without any problems even though they are very fast when enraged or if they charge up their attack. The trick is intermittent kiting . Don’t run away all the time. Run 5-6m stop and refresh your spells run again. Same vs Iron maiden who won’t be able to blitz you like this. This way of kitning confuses them because they allways home in to your general location, kinda like Alex meteor.

The Exception: Grava. You will notice in the video that I get burst once by him. This is because he is not only fast but also has very bursty AoE/Ranged spells. So in this case ou need to widen your kiting area like I do in the video and always make sure you have some obstacles to get behind from time to time. Bare in mind that his Wing Flap AoE thing will reach you from behind lower obstacles like the balconies in Crucible of the Dead because he is so tall i suppose. Anyway, you can see in the video that kiting him is very much possible regardless[/i]

Many Procs, all of which are AoE:

…AND aided by a constant approx -70% elemental resistance (do use Empyrion Helm). In vanilla with Bargoll core it’s -82% constant. Cataclysm procs reach 70 K dmg, WoP 40K. These with the ring/shoulders, devotion procs and storm fire attack add up to do great amounts of damage

Having 2x Portable heals is a godsend for kiters (or any build). But Kiters capitalize on it the most. These are forther sustained by lifesteal from Flame Torrent devotion and Storm Fire %wp dmg part. Don’t understimate/neglect the lifesteal. Little as it is, it matters.

You’ve also probably noticed the weird choice of Wendigo for Crucible. This is because, With Vulnarability rr+kiting nature of the build you capitalize yet again very well on a heal that is very strong even on a non vitality dedicated build. You run around while CoF on so many enemies heals you…what’s not to like. In vanilla you can switch Wendigo to Blizzard. Metors+Blizz is just damn awesome on this build and so fitting.[/i]



Looks awesome. Did you change the setup? Why is your DA so low in screen?

lol i forgot to turn renewal on…sigh

I think this is the first “slow” based build I have seen.

Video is pretty cool but looking thru grimtools I have no idea how this build works. So you are converting fire to lightning on Word of Pain but then have Eldritch Fire? And you are also maxing out Death Sentence, but it gives irrelevant RR? You are using rune of haggard and bloody pox for debuffs, but where does all this damage come from? How do you sustain? How does this dark sorcery work so well???

Adding more question, why Wendigo devo? You did not have any item that convert vitality to elemental.

Cataclysm set is one of the set I want to build around. Props to you for making it works!

I’ll try to answer the questions based on my understanding of the build.

-The damage is mostly coming from procs and Word of Pain. Word of Pain maxed is a crowd deleter

-Death Sentence is a damage source in this particular case

-The build functions because Fluff is stacking slow, basically the idea is to slow down mobs and let the procs kill them

-The bosses can’t be slowed so instead the idea is to stay away from them but at the same time keep hitting them with procs to this end Helm of Empyrion is used to make sure the RR is maintained while kiting

Wendigo still does some ADCtH. If in vanilla you ever happened to try Tip the Scales proc on non-vitality builds the ADCtH wasn’t too shabby

I assumed that wendigo is for proc-ing arcane cataclysm more because it has such a long duration. But, I thought damaging aura of censure can already proc it consistently.
Wouldn’t it better to use bat instead because it still has %weapon damage built-in?

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in campaign I use Blizzard (meteors+blizzared=:cool: )

In crucible, even if we are not vit basted, Wendigo heals you well enough since you are a kiter+vulnerability rr:) it’s a small detail but it matters

@Lee. If you look at the hidden pic with dummy, there are lot’s of dmg procs, massive rr , good rr from censure+empyr helm+cof even when on the run. WoP kills trash and cataclysm+procs kill bosses.

Main hand is for WoP slow. In campaign you use Bargol mace. Eldrith fire has rr and…slow again:) over -110% total

Pox is for proccing and OA rr, Haggarad proccing and DA rr

Wow, very good job then, you made work something that on paper shouldn’t work very well at all. And it looks like a fun build as well (procs on procs!)l

Glad you like it:)

Added Campaign version with explained changes & minor polish. Rest will have to come tomorrow I’m afraid

Wow, I didn’t expect it to be like this. I know you mentioned being a fan of CC rr lately but never thought that you’d bring it to this level. It’s a masterpiece.

This build looks kinda like that burning heresy build, but this is a lot more balanced and polished. Looks like word of pain can be good! I like!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am because it enables builds that rely on circuit breakers all the time and I’m so tired of that. Even if CC is not that effective vs bosses, if you stack enough of them, it’s enough for a kiter build to have that little bit of distance it needs. At wave 160 I kited 2x Reapers easily. The only one that is problematic is Grava (who spawned at 170) because of his very potent AoE&Ranged attacks

I was really close to posting this build as a TD sorc with Eternity/Star Pact + Elemental Devastation and i’m so glad I didn’t.

Nothing wrong with Elemental Devastation but that’s another build altogether in my mind:)

Great build, thanks very much for posting it.

One thing I noticed:
The campaign build does not work as it is; there is not enough spirit without the 20 from Wendigo and 40 from Time Flux Band, which you use in the Crucible-build.

Available Spirit: 670
Cataclysm’s Eye needs 724.

(Unfortunately the Gildam Arcanum does not reduce spirit requirements for offhands.)

[Not taking Eel and red Crossroads but instead blues Crossroads, both Spirit points from Spider (+15; +3%) and the first node from Viper (+15) still leaves us 2 points short (722). Maybe the “Really Great Pants” with their +90 Spirit and its Terrify CC when hit could fit the build.]

Umm. Fluff’s build had 14 points allocated to spirit. You should pump points to spirit till you satisfy gear reqs.

That’s the one option i was not thinking of and it’s probably the best. Woops. I need sleep. Thank you.

Yeah you’ll need a tonic of reshaping if you want to switch from campaign to cruci or the other way around.

I should mention this in the guide anyway so thanks:)


What a awesome build,finally a Wop build that works!
I just want to mention i started yesterday from zero up to 56 now(only bastion of chaos left!!)Its rock steady! i choosed the Crucible devotions for leveling because i play on HC!And no inq seal,i used your skills!.So far its rock steady!

Thanks man!

Thank you, and happy to hear leveling is easy. Whle I advertise the build for crucible, WoP leveling is fast really. And at lvl 40 you can wear a Bargoll mace and Wendigo Medal with whatever affixes, don’t matter :slight_smile: