[] The Deceiver - A Cataclysmic Non TD Elemental Pure Mage - Gladiator 170 Nuker

how and were to get those 2 and why should i get them?

in act 4 From a purple golem/plant boss named Bargoll, the Mouldering Mound who has several spawn locations in ugdenbog and the medal from :

Wendigo ~ Flayer (Any)
Wendigo ~ Marroweater (Any)

You should get them for their mods. Mace has -12% rr to elemental to WoP and Medal -50 enemy DA and some extra flat elemental

I’m using a pure word of pain deceiver in HC and it’s pretty strong, but you will get nuked if not using the seal, shield and good armor. Will link my build after work tonight, but in brief, I went full tri-elemental, dropping all fire devotions and using elemental seeker, whirlpool and arcane currents instead. with +2200% to all 3 elements, my word of pain sheet dps is 17-20k and crits around 70-90k. Still not endgame and missing 2 keys items. But already a sub 1min dummy kill.


Could you please test it on a dummy? Curious about overall single target dps without the “% when hit” procs.


If you went for seeker you can get Attack Seru(my intial intent for this buld too. t’s wonderful and bad ass in campaign. I ddn’t time Dumy but t’s respectable. Get seal if you need it ofc

i am interested…realy would like to know your level and build/gear

https://imgur.com/a/YCXjb there are Bargoll’s spawn points. You can buy it from the vendor in the new dungeon as well.

Thanks!!big time

Really cool build.

I was also really surprised by the Wendigo devo. Does it really provide enough life steal to be significant when you have only like +300% vitality damage?

You could go Jackal + Solemn Watcher alternatively, which trades 400 health and +85% fire damage for 170 DA. Probably not worth it now that I think about it. :undecided:

That’s what I’m using Attak Seru = Arcane Currents. Just not sure what are the best triggers for all 3. Using WoP for the Seeker, Dreeg’s for Whirlpool and Box for Currents but it’s not optimal.

Here’s a quick dummy test - https://youtu.be/OKnUK_9pt1s

Thanks for the movie!
Still running fluff’ s build,feels realy safe(for now)even without inq seal!getting Nice healing from devotions and the 2 portable heals.
Level65 in elite close to nail cronley
Just with self found gear i am getting crits between 8 and 10k

No Cataclysm ey:p

Personally I reccomend Chillspikes or stormfire for Arcane currents. Especially in a mob. It’s also better dmg and it’s “free”. Helm is non myth version of Spellgaze I asume? Good for campaign and I also considered it. But in crucible the huge Empyr helm Censure radius + CAtaclysm is just too good. From where you are standing at the start of the video I’d be proccing on both dummies :smiley:

The WD’s are also nice


I think your Crucible build(devotion/skills)are realy nice for HC leveling and end game.
The YT movie maybe does some more dmg(dont know for sure)but your build seems like more safe for HC?my thoughts…dont know if that is true

I really don’t know if it does some more dmg, I’d have to test. If I use bargoll+ cataclysm set+Blizzard damage gets good fast. The setup I use also has some ok Dot’s added to all the damage

okay man…


I wil continue playing HC so…survival comes first!
Stick to yours for now…

Yours should do more damage for sure. The only reason I’m not using the cataclysm set is because mine is a pure word of pain build, so I have to use the conduit of runic whispers (the word of pain version). Also, the fire devotions definitely deal more damage. Elemental seekers have poor AI and never deal their theoretical damage. Seru and Leviathan don’t reach their full potential either due to the fact that my build has neither fast attack nor multiple dots like word of pain.

okay okay,

I realy would like your grimtools for the build and gear and devotions,fluffs build still rocks in Elite close to 76 After reaching 100

I wil do your build so i can give full leveling of both specs!!!


Keep in mind that in HC, without a good defense, you can and will get overwhelmed/cornered and destroyed in crucible. There are plenty of baddies in the expansion too, so if you are looking to reliably farm the endgame content, - consider at least maxing out the seal. I went as far as getting a good shield and it helps a ton.

Btw, here’s my current setup. Still not quite there - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYenYXN

Damn, I should read the forums more. Just leveled a Deceiver myself, killed Lokarr, got Ravager of Minds to 20% before I messed up and died (takes a while though…damn you 35% damage absorption) and thought ‘Hey, this build might be worth posting on the forums’. Then I saw this and though I have slightly different itemisation and Devotions it’s too similar for me to post but nice build nonetheless Superfluff.

Edit: Oh, I also got to 150 in Glad Crucible pretty quickly and easily but when I got to 150, two Zantarin and a Valdaran spawned and Valdaran ended up teleporting me into both shotgun abilities and I died. Then on the reset got back to 150 and trwo Iron Maiden spawned with a Valdaran and he did the same again but into the two Blitzes and got hit by the 2 Forcewaves and died again. I got so pissed off I haven’t re-tried Crucible yet.

[b][i]I will do a bigger update to the guide for a Cataclysm Deceiver 2.0. A big upgrade for a non kiter.

With Kalastor/Fissure and Fire/Chaos Doom Bolt added this build can easily do Crucible in well under 8 min with no lag( large number of projectiles from Kalastor/Fissure/Meteors/Stormfire add more to it). The build also has up to 61% phys resistance or 79% with Ghoul activated, making it able to tank very well this time around. Kalastor and fissure +fire DB really fit the theme and do very good dmg togeteher[/i][/b]

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBeXTlzOo0M&lc=z22mx3syhymsixz2lacdp433x0jgmfqrku2g4nnn4sdw03c010c

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26wL7vV

Important: Don’t be put off by the greens. You really just need some resists affixes on them. Less phys res just means you can’t tank so much, but with no lag it will should play very well even without Formidable affixes

I’m curious, what’s the sheet damage on Doom Bolt for this one? Also, wouldn’t maxed Ignition have more damage than Maxed Kalastor?