[]Bone Charmer DW Savagery 94%WPS leechtank

  1. Introduction.
    Hello, fellow close combat fans, I’m proud to present you pure melee DW ritualist focused around WPS and immortality. This build has a 94% total chance to proc a WPS and all of them hit with both hands. As defense it utilize Mark of torment chaining on top of absurd life steal and reasonable health-pool. With 15 seconds Aeon Recharge and 15.4seconds 2x MoT Duration this build can run MoT all the time, as long as someone is still alive to put it on, running around at ~240% EHP
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    3.Videos. Work in progress :frog:
    7 Second Mad queen
    18 seconds Gargabol
    Krvali dentate
  2. Itemisation.
    I’m using rather unpopular stuff for this build. Most notable Corruptor mantle on shoulders, Band of wandering souls on ring slot, Wendigomane leggings as pantsu and Boneshattering treads as, well , treads .
    Two decree of Malmouth are mandatory for this build, prepare for heavy grind-action as we need to convert 100% of Ele to Vitality. Use worthless blue decrees with riftstones on weapon-swap to speed up movement. Belt is just a state stick to cover resistances. Craftable Resistant Wendigo tainted girdle would work just fine if not better.
    For crafts prioritise Angrim %phyz bonus over anything else.
  3. Unreleated pic
  4. Leveling guide.
    No guide today :smiley:
  5. Crusible:
    I used Hoatfrost Otaiment for freeze resist. If someone is purist, its possible to swap ring components to frozen hearts. If you lack %phyz bonuses on craftable items you need to swap one of weapon augments for Ravager eye. 2950 DA is mandatory for 150+ runs.
    Pre 150 - you have 2 big treats - MQ and Zanty. Chain MoT on them. Make sure you have MoT, flask and Aeon reset ready on wave 150. Make sure that you cast Rape spirit right after MoT so you can chain them.
    Post 150 - I used all 4 buffs and hoatfrost flask. If someone is bold enough to try nobuff on HC with DW melee supersquishy char he will be my hero :smiley:
    1: make sure you chain cast MoTs perfectly. One mistake at 160, 169 or 170 and you are dead 100% .
    2: The only map you ever want is crucible of Sands. Yes, Sands. There is a super-convenient anti-Alex arc that you want abuse as much as possible. With this ark any combo with Alex became trivial, effectively negating 80% of mortal danger.
    3:Kill order is critical. Always kill Rapist first. Never drop MoT on him, as you want to burst him under 5 seconds - perfectly possible. If you see 2 Reaper drop MoT on second. Kill first, step-trick , kill second. Do not dumbly facetank 2 enraged Reapers - they will kill you under MoT. Two paused Reapers
    4:Waves strategy
    154 - MoT Chuppa, kill Grobal thull first.
    156 - MoT shotgunner, kill fumbler first.
    159 - Focus Sentinel. Make sure you end this wave with flask, MoT and Aeon ready. Don’t be cocky just because you finished previous waves under 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:
    160 - worst combo is Grava+Rapist+Benny. Anything with Alex is a joke. Dual Rapist require extra caution and micro skill. Arc can be blocked with Totem against huge hitboxes. Two Gravas are a pain in the ass, do not engage both at the same time, do not even try to get closer w/o MoT. If you drop your totem in the Grava face near the arc he will glitch and be effectively out of combat.
    161- hide behind the arc. easy pts.
    162 - there is MQ. You know what to do, right? Squash her:p
    164- make sure to end this wave with MoT, Aeon and flask .
    166 -Kill Zully first. Then Alamos. Be careful near Lucius.
    169 -MoT Master of flesh, then kill Anasteria. Do not stand under meteor shower if you don’t want to die. make sure to end this wave with MoT, Aeon and flask . The best mob to kill last is Krieg, he does nearly no dmg and tend to afk . Make sure you don’t leave AoM last boss at wave 170.
    170 - https://youtu.be/_FscRiYCmsM Same as 160, but with one extra pre-aom nemesis. Worst possible combination is 2 Grava + 2 IM. If you see such retarded combo - alt+f4. Grava is the hardest nemesis for this build, as he effectively reduce our sustain by 76% , reduce our life and resistance. What a piece of balance :smiley:

Nice title;)

It roughly same performance as they had in TQ

This and and Korba prob do the most DW dmg at the moment with this one being nigh unkillable

PS: you got corruption of gargabol :D. These things drop all the time when you don’t care about them

Holy cow, 30k sheet weapon damage! I last saw this large numbers on Leviathan physic builds, while this one is DW.

Thanx. This is HC Cobra brother in law. You can push the dps output by ~25% with +20%WD Helm. I aslo tried Elemental rings with this - 64 Flat vitality and some atack speed and OA and screen-cleanser proc.
Dat garbagelol >> I have 11 of these guns ALL of them below 40% roll >> Pitty plz >_>

Holy cow, 30k sheet weapon damage! I last saw this large numbers on Leviathan physic builds, while this one is DW.

If you think about it - capped Soul harvest provide flat bonus equivalent to wearing a Two-handed weapon. Blood boil add another one-hander to our tri-hander scepeter. Then we have some flat bonuses here and there and they add another scepeter :smiley: And we dual-wield them. AND we hit with both of them nearly all the time. AND most of our Savagery buffed WPS procs do over 250% WD :rolleyes: Yes, burst dmg is somewhat lower that Malcadarred Cobra, but real dps is higher.


Is the droprate that high or you just so lucky? I’ve never got even one of those guns. I don’t think the conversion is the most valuable stat on that gun, though. You don’t want to dw it in its current state anyway due to its lack of atk speed. The vit decay duration is more important. Just convert bwc to vit with conduit and the rest is prob easy.

@build - 30k WD holy cow. How do other dw builds compare with this in terms of wd?

I wanted to build a Defiler with them, so farmed these for 3 days. >_> Then i noticed that there is no atk speed on them and the build end with 140% atck speed, lol.

@build - 30k WD holy cow. How do other dw builds compare with this in terms of wd?

Only maldakarred Cobra and secret Reaper is better at killl-speed. And Fluff Belgo blademaster is equal.

Yeah, the more sources of flat dmg you have the more 2h auto attack lose ground with their high base dmg. Esp maces with uuuge dmg dap

If this is acid auto-attack w/ deathguard, then won’t wh be better? Or are you referring to aether with theodin? Just checked jajaja’s wh and it also got 30k weapon damage, though that’s even squishier than Korba and this build lol.

Secret :stuck_out_tongue: also use weird items that no one pick up :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, cool. Works better then dual Damnations)

Spark of Reality?? :smiley:

Soiled trousers dream ded :(. Everyone picks that up

Well, since, SS aether is already out there, and so are deathguard and cold, I think I have a good ideea what it is:D

Been wanting to try it but always side tracked. Cool, glad to hear those “weird” items work

Why damnation;)

Edit: ninja post, thought you were referring to reaper?

Why damnation;)

Edit: ninja post, thought you were referring to reaper?

Yes :slight_smile:
Edited my first comment for more clarity.

Good build Ptiro but more importantly - is this some fanart for some Visual Novel?

Nice build!
It’s only with 170 AS
What if they add Attack Speed to the weapons :smiley:

You can recraft Beronath till it roll 13IAS. Max roll on gloves, AFAIK 16%. so i`m running at 180% IAS . Its possible to switch rings for IAS-based, but i like curent version. Due to animation stuff IAS has low effect on this build, that why id rather switch this BS belt to Wendigo Tainted.

Nope, some rnd pick. Dunno where it came from.

Just noticed armor value on Corrupter set. Crete forgot to buff them during 1.0.4, and no one noticed.

Report it to bugs section and Z will take note of it.

Good concept, I went with Dark One + Ultos devotion + Eye of the Storm but that is more suited for Conjurer. This is clearly the better setup for a Ritualist

Saw the title and thought someone made builds with dual Bonescythes :slight_smile:

Wow, all I can say, one crappy looking set of items and one hell of a performance. Great job.

I really don’t know why you went for those shoulders tho.

EDIT: Seems both Bloodfury and Wildblood shoulders are better in the slot, no?