[]Bone Charmer DW Savagery 94%WPS leechtank

Soul harvest at 17 - 202 flat dmg
Soul harvest at 19 -230 Flat dmg
Soul harvest at 22 - 298 flat dmg. It scale crazy good near cap level.
Wildblood - 18 flat dmg and useless mods.
Bloodfury - unreliable proc and useless mods. No flat dmg.

Ah, now I understand. Damn, so everything min-maxed already, great job.

Added Crusible-related stuff.

The build is, of course, quite original for a DW, and you’re a source of great inspiration Ptiro :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m gonna lay down a question though that is haunting me: isn’t that armor value a bit too low, especially for the Crucible?
I’m seeing a lot of high-rated builds on this forum with all the biggest numbers, but kinda neglected armor. While I can understand that some of them compensate with high “absorb damage” / “reduced enemy damage” / DA values, some others, like this one, don’t have any of the like, except perhaps something like Mark of Torment, which, while powerful, wont have a 100% uptime, even with Aeon’s.

I’m sorry if this question might sound stupid to some veterans here, I’m really only trying to understand better.

His build leeches A LOT. That’s how he survives, deep enough HP pool in order not to get murdered too quickly, enough DA to avoid crits from big hitters, and monster leech coupled with leech RR from Staff of Rattosh and Reaping STrike.

I’m gonna lay down a question though that is haunting me: isn’t that armor value a bit too low, especially for the Crucible?

You just made my day :smiley: Thnx, man, I need to wipe my tears :smiley:

This build is not Crusible farmer. Its a glass-canon concept. I did 170 run just to prove my skillz, and get some adrenaline from close-death experience, nothing more :D.
On serious note :
Armor is just flat mitigation that work after %phyz resist and before DMG absorbtion. Due to amount of dmg dealt by AoM nemesises this mechanic became pointless for caster-armor users. If you receive 15K phyz hit it dosent matter if you wear 1k armor with 70% absorb or 2K armor with 100% absorb- this shit will kill you in 2 hits. It start to kick-in past 3500+ with some extra juice from %phyz resist but , well, you need to wear something heavy and be soldier to feel it.
So how do poor low-armor chars survive? Well, you need something effective to reduce incoming dmg and something effective to replenish your life. Il omen reduce incoming phyz dmg by 25% - dropping 15K hits down to 11,25. Its good, but not nearly enough. MoT reduce incoming dmg by 57% , so if we stack them together 15k hit transform intro 4,9k hit. So, now we can survive 5 hits instead of 2. And that’s when ADCTH came in play - we replenish our entire lifepool with every hit. That’s how we survive the madness of high level crucible.
Keep in mind that such playstile require some special skill and positioning awareness. If you try mindlessly yolo-facetank you will die almost immediately.

Ya, I did notice that he leeched a lot, but in all honesty I didn’t think it possible to actually outheal the Crucible armies with a lifeleech build… plus it sounds extraordinarily risky for anything with some form of CC. But alright, I got my answer, thank you :slight_smile:

Well, I did say it might have sounded stupid to someone with more knowledge than me… :o

Anyway, thank you for the explanation.

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend :roll: . But after hellish dual-rapist wave 170 it was just too funny :smiley:

You would be surprised what vitality build can do then. Both caster and melee can outleech 2 nemesis at the same time. :wink:

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Only with huge lifepool , lots of dmg and MoT chaincasting or %phyz res stacking. Even then its nowhere near Spellbinder immortality or DA stacking.

I know you made it, I saw the vids. I just couldn’t understand the “how”. Thought armor had more impact overall. Meh, nevermind then.

Yeah, spellbinder MOT & mirror chaining is indomitable. However, I would never go to DA stacking path in builds.

BTW, congrats for another interesting ritualist build. That Helm, it really fit to this build concept!

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DMG output provide tankiness itself. This build kill Rapist under 5 seconds and two of them under 9 seconds. In such short timeframe they simply can`t do anything nasty to you. Same with IM - 4 hits and she is dead.
BTW Fiend proc provide insta-heal even in Fumble-pool. I wouldn’t make it w/o it. My pantsu and boots might look like garbage, but its the same story with proc - it work when you need it the most.

Dropped WPS to onepointers, pushed Shaman mastery to 50/50, put remaining intro HoA . With %phyz bonuses from Angrim crafting it push our natural DA to the point when Ravager eye is no longer needed.
Tested Chains of Olreon and Kilrian shattered soul - I prefer chains for extra CC resist, don’t see any impact on clear speed from shattered soul . Dunno if I need 5% life from HoA - probably extra points intro Il omen would work better.
Added 150-170 video.

Is it possible to use Briarthorn without it dying instantly? If so the 12% phys resist and +OA are probably worthwile for the points instead, its a passive aura and its pretty huge so as long as its not dying instantly it could be useful.

I suspect that Briarthorn works fine in normal ultimate but crucible probably has too much overlapping aoe and it just melts or something. Never really tried it though.

Just tried it - the pet die all the time in MC to collateral damage, random AoE, kill itself against creeps, tend to struck somewhere, do 0 dmg and just get in our way.
Its a shame that scarce source of OA and %phyz res is tied to stupid worthless pet =(

Cool build

Nice strong build! I think dual wield is better than its reputation, I have various builds that clear 150+ reliable. But and that is a big BUT they are all GD stashed since they all require some crazy MIs which unless there is a change in the system are basically unattainable. So in comparison, this build is quite realistic.

The only change in my version is that I loose ill omen and some points in storm touched and add ravenous earth for 25 FLAT RR reduction and 25% damage reduction (not just physical). Of course I didn’t take Shaman Mastery to 50 with this.

Yes it spreads Ratosh a little worse but for everything that matters it is 100% reliable and cast speed is super fast.

If you want a No MI build that is reliable check http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57552 this.
Il omen is superior to Decay cause it spread Ratosh proc on entire map and provide 100% upkeep of phyz dmg reduction. Foul eruption don’t work if RE don’t score a kill, so its a noobtrap :p.
As of DW - most casters are superior in every possible way - they clear faster and require less skill to pull off.

Even full pet builds have trouble keeping their pets alive if they don’t gimp their offense by taking unnecessary gear for resistances and what not, so I’m not surprised seeing that this is the case. Creating a build where both player and pets do adequate damage without being a strictly inferior version of another build is one of the hardest challenges this game has to offer.

Still, appreciate you putting in the effort to test it, at least, even if the result was predictable.