[] Diviner's Spellbinder - no pets, just pure reap spirit power

1. What is it?
Obviously it’s a caster based on full diviner’s set. If you was looking at this set you will notice that this is a semi - caster semi - pet set. But in my case I completely neglect the damage from pets for the sake of direct damage from reap spirit.

2. How good a reap spirit is?
Now I consider this skill only as a source of direct damage, it’s not a build about pets, and how good they are I can not judge.

In order to get at least some good damage from reap spirit, you need to obtain a full diviner’s set, it is necessary to pump out the reap spirit to 26/16 and it is absolutely necessary to use the amulet of the immortal whisper with the bonus damage from the reap spirit. Of course, you also need to collect as much RR to aether damage as far as possible.

If you do all of this, you can enjoy damage from 40K to 120K for a single uses of reap spirit with 0.7 seconds of cooldown - and that is quite a decent result. Of course, reap spiritt also deals vitality decay damage, but for this build the damage from him, as from pets, is irrelevant.

3. Reap spirit and that’s all?
Sure not. Like any self-respecting spellbinder you got eternity as relic and Aeon’s hourglass for 2-3 devastation a row, withs ravenous earth, mirror, mark, nullification and so on. You can imagine that you are playing for an aether’s tank, where the reap spirit is your main projectiles, and the devastation is artillery.

4. Show us build already


5. Are this build suited for crucible?
Yes, I managed 150 gladiator crucible without buff/banners (only with hoarfrost ointment). But I changes my pants to harmony because in my standard setup build do not have a skill disruption protection.

5. Do you got a some videos?
Yes, today a recorded some nice fight:

Special thanks to Ptirodaktill for his Spellbinder Rei, it gave me some inspiration during to my work around this build

Reserved in case (if or when) develores will changes bonuses do diviner set, and for future updates of build

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Grats on another build

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Got it, thanks.
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#Spellbinders never die:)

Tanks for posting vids with this set. How do you find reap spirit? or

Let it be

Done. :slight_smile:

10 whatsits

It’s plays actually as aether version for doombolt, less damaging, but also requires less energy and has less CD.
Non playable without diviner set, too long CD between reap spirit (I tried to play with Outcast’s Secret, the efficiency is much lower)

And no AoE :(…You do have devastation but still

Why not mythical mindwarp, since the RR provided is much better?

Because the Mythical Wrath of Ascended gives +1 to Necro and Arcanist and -7% on average to energy cost. It is also possible to run that build with the Decree of Van Aldritch.

Yes, but at least it got weapon damage

I would like to add that this build is far stronger (and more enjoyable to play) then AAR builds in the endgame.

Indeed, and also 20% damage to humans is sweet.
In addition, I trivially lacks the dexterity to this sword, and remove skillpoints from physique are negatively affects the health and DA.

As said above Ascendant is too boss

It’s a shame when the best way to use a Reap Spirit pet set is to disregard the Spirit pets entirely.

I’m sure the weapon with 20% against humans helps a lot when fighting Fabius, but outside of that, how do you handle fighting enemies capable of doing burst damage? Is Twin Fangs + Siphon Souls that good to keep you alive? Have you found Tree of Life to be extremely useful? What have you found that helps your survivability?

I ask because I’ve tried using the Reap Spirit pets as actual pets and people like Fabius with harsh DoTs burst through me hard. Spellbinders don’t really have much in terms of mitigating DoT’s (at least in terms of Health Regen or other mitigating factors) so I wanted to hear how you went through your optimization process?

He is a spellbinder, he just showed you he can face tank Mad Queen and Lokkar. And I am sure he can do Gladiator 150-170 with this build. Mirror + Mark of Torment + Time Dilation on top of overcapped Maiven is pretty much unkillable.

Great spellbinder (as if Spellbinders can be bad). I would recommend binding Time Dilation to transmuted Callidor’s Tempest. So you can have it on demand, instead of randomly proccing it by the spell you actively use. Helps a lot in toughest fights (like Crucible 150-170), because that way you can build your mark of torment/double mirror/mark of torment/repeat sequence flawlessly.

I’ve seen the Mark of Torment + Mirror + Time Dilation + Mirror combination on other Spellbinders before, I didn’t know if that was a feature on this build or whether the Reap Spirit set forced you to adapt and pick a different strategy. I know Spellbinders are really great and I’m just bad at using them; I wanted to hear someone’s perspective on how much investing in skills like Siphon Souls up to soft-cap impacts the build’s performance.

I’ve played with softcapped siphon souls on spellbinder before and I would say it helps a lot. It makes me rely less on mirror mark chains in crucible and gives me more margin of error on the combo, especially since if you mark the wrong guy it can be hard. Granted I had softcapped blood boil too so it’s a factor.