[] Fire Aether AAR Devastation Warlock - Red and Green Meteors are Back !

[] Fire Aether AAR Devastation Warlock - Red and Green Meteors are Back !

Build Details :


Ouch No… This one is from previous Twin Meteor Fire Obliteration Warlock

Build Details :


After playing with this Pure Elemental AAR Warlock,
I think AAR Builds sometimes need secondary supplementary Damaging Skills in order to deliver good additional dps, since we can’t expect to channeling AAR all the time without interruption from enemies

In this current build, I use Red Meteor Shower and Green Meteor Devastation as complementary skills

Grimtools :
>> Fire Aether AAR Devastation Warlock


[b]Video :
>> Ancient Grove - Deathstalker - Gargabol - Mad Queen

>> Theodin Marcell - Alexander - Kubacabra - Grava’thul - Decree of Van Aldritch

Let’s Make AAR Great Again! :slight_smile:



No Fire mods?:stuck_out_tongue: not even medal?

I use Mark of Ulzuin medal for Fire Burn AAR

Actually can use these dual rings for more fire damage, but judicator gives nice OA and DA :slight_smile:

Oh didn’t see the second pic


Btw I tried Stormfire spamming for Flame Torrent
Thanks to you it’s kinda works well :slight_smile:

What do you think about Chillspikes, is it better than Stormfire for spamming Flame Torrent?
Chillspikes has more crit and can pass thru enemies, but I can’t convert the pierce part to physical… :undecided:

It’s more for Cold one (we already have pierce to cold conversion)

Single target yes it is because all those projectiles hit. Stormfire fragments don’t hit main target. 1 extra projectile at most like brimstone. Chillsikes is 4x.

I like all of them. Thinking of trying the lightning too

Good build Tz

Are you sure about that? It looks closer to Canister Bomb than to Brimstone.

Hmm, I think I need to test the Chillspikes version for physical…

Lightning Chillspikes with dual Spark of Ultos sounds cool too
I hope there’s no energy problem later

Thanks Chthon

Btw where did all of you got the info about the behaviour of these component skills?
Is there any hidden tool tips…?

Hope you are right. I like stromfire projectile speed. But Cannister shrapnel has low radius unless you invest heavily. I will try to find out more

I could’ve sworn it shotguns.

Nope, I individually tested each skill to a certain degree.

I see, very nice then
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

ppl swore it brimstone shotguns but…

Any suggestions if i dont have a single part of iskandras :D?

@TZTZ: Do you think it would work with a Deceiver ? something like this LINK

can you post a progression on how to finish the constellations the way you have them?

I wish the developers would give the chaos version of AAR the twisting ability of chain lightning, it would dramatically improve it.

Can you please tell me the devotion path you used? cause i completed the Quill and the Viper + the crossroads and i cant go to the ones you have posted :confused: (noob here)

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