Please help me fix the links in the Build Compendium for AoM

I don’t know if I did this right.

Saboteur: DONE 3/3

[Melee] [] (g5) (c+) The Ice-Breathing Demon - DW Cold WPS Saboteur (Thejabrixone) 46481

[Melee] (g5) The Maelstrom - Dual Wield Melee Lightning Saboteur (Chthon) 35849

[Melee][] (vid)(g3) Dual Wield Sun n Moon Sentinel - Cold in Disguise - DW Cold Saboteur (TZ Tz) 43196

looks good @mAdLaX

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Druid: DONE 5/5

[Caster] [] (vid)(g5)© Storm Devil Druid - 170 crusher (Sir Spanksalot) 46205

[Melee][] (g3)(c+)(vid) Melee Druid - Lightning God Rises (mad_lee) 38927

[Caster][] (c+) (g3) (vid) Cujara Cinmoi, the Blazing Spear - Lightning+Cold TSS Druid (Gladiator farmer) (veretragna) 45654

[Melee/Caster] (c+)(vid)(g5) Dual Wield Iskandra Aether Storm (Elvenis) 44578

[Caster][] (vid)(g3) Full Aether AAR Druid - CDR Aether Storm Totem, CT, Devastation - Green Rainy Meteors (TZ Tz) 43538

Defiler: DONE 7/7

[Caster] [] (c+) (g3) (vid) Soul Piano: 9:30 min. Crucible Gladiator 150-170 immortal facetank Defiler [vid][g2][c+] (mad_lee) 47508

[Melee] [] (g4)©(vid) []DW-Melee Vit FS Defiler (Crucible 170 Cleared) (Firegunz) 46844

[Melee] [] (g4) © DW+Melee Aether Defiler (Firegunz) 46709

[DW Ranged] [] (c+)(g5)(vid) Vit FS Defiler - 10 min 170 bannered (Sir Spanksalot) 46641

[Melee][] (g3)(vid) Aether defiler - a definitely not dead build (Safarel) 42868

[Fire Caster][] (g5) Taco Bell - Fire based Ravenous Earth Defiler (Chthon) 42945

[Melee][] (c-)(g3)(vid) Defiler of Justice: Not Your Typical DW-melee Build (mad_lee) 44074

[Caster][] (g5)© Ulzuin’s Infernal Champion - BWC Sorcerer for Safe 170 Glad Farming (x1x1x1x2) 45537

[Melee][] (g3)(vid) [] Lifestealer DW Fire Burn Sorceress / Sorcerer - 14s MQ, Gargabol, Fabius, Kuba, Grava (Tz Tz) 44740

[Caster][] (g5)©(vid) [] Emperor's Archmage: All Content Viable, Easy to Gear Sorceress (u) (g2) (c+) (vid) (mad_lee) 44811

[Caster][v1.0.3.0] (vid)(g5) [] Laser and Explosions Returns! - The AAR Sorcerer is Back! (WolfOverclocked) 42621

[Caster][] ©(g3)(vid) [] Wrath of Callidor: Return of the Glorious Melee Sorcerer (u)(c+)(g3)(vid) (mad_lee) 42769

[Caster][] (vid)(g3) []Pure Casters with No Main Attacking Skill - Fun Builds with Elemental Electrocute Beam (TZ Tz) 42784/3

[Caster][] (vid)(g3) Burning Sorceress - Phoenix Summoner with Air to Surface Missile (TZ Tz) — couldn’t find the build (i suspect it’s in "Pure Casters"

[Caster][] (g4)(c+) [] CDR Stun Jacks Sorcerer - A Gladiator Viable Build (x1x1x1x2) 43274

[Melee][] (vid)(g3) [] Dual Wield Aether Fire Strike Sorcerer/Sorceress - Just Another Aether in Disguise (TZ Tz) 43291

EDIT1: Sorcerer/Sorceress DONE

EDIT2: searching Tz Tz builds could be a PITA. mah gad! Tz if you’re seeing this, i’m crying lol


[Melee] [] © (g3) The Lightning Elementalist (Nandi) ID: 47562

[Caster] [] © (g3) Fire from the sky (Elementalist, Pyromancer, Purifier) (Beginner, Hc friendly) (Nandi) ID: 47097

[Trap Build] (g5) The Mechromancer - Trap based Elementalist (Chthon) ID: 38530

[Melee] (g5) Dual-Wield Melee Lightning Elementalist (Chthon) ID: 35849 (not 100% sure though)

[Caster][] (vid)(g3) Lightning Obliteration Elementalist (TZ Tz) ID: 42784/2

[Melee/Caster][] (vid)(g3) Herald of The Lightning Storm - Dual Wield / Caster Elementalist - All Nemesis Down (TZ Tz) ID: 43703

[Melee/Caster][] (vid)(g3) Dual Wield Shield Lightning Templar - Lightning Fire Strike Elementalist - All Nemesis Down (TZ Tz) ID: 43703/2

Warder: DONE 11/11

[2H Melee/Caster] [] (c+)(g3)(vid) Wildblood Warder - absolutely immortal, no greens, super easy 170 clear (Saw) 48683

[Melee/Caster][] (g3) Storm Keeper (Strannik) 46862/2

[Melee][] (g3) [] Wraith of the Storm (Strannik) 46862/2

[Melee] [] (c+)(g3)(vid) Ymirsiol, the Storm Titan - Ultos Savagery + PS Warder, Gladiator farmer (10 minutes) (Veretragna) 46804

[2H Melee] (g2)©(vid)[] Warder (Archangel2245) 46257

[Ranged/Caster][] (c+)(g3)(vid) Gutripper Warder 150-170 Gladiator Farmer (Excelsiar) 45653

[Melee][] (vid)(g3) The Blood Knights - The Unstoppable Bleeding Force Warder (Tz Tz) 45613/2

[Melee/Caster][] (c+)(g3) Nature’s Avenger - A Phys/IT Titan - the 2h reign begins - Gladiator 150-170 in 11 min (Superfluff) 45557

[Melee/Caster][] (c+)(g5) 2h Bleed Warder 170 Butcher (x1x1x1x2) 43857/2

[Melee/Caster][] (l)(vid)(g4) Electrocute Warder(???) - A shockingly versatile build (jajaja) 41155

[Melee][] (g3)©(vid) Nature Avenger - Vengeance of Bleeding Warder (AdamNavel) 42531


[Melee] [] (g4) Reaper - Cold touch of Death (Strannik) ID: 48063/2

[Melee] [] (g5) (c+) The Divine Reaper - DW Aether WPS Reaper (Thejabrixone) ID: 46047

[Aether Caster] (g5) The Outcast - Aether Phantasmal Blades Reaper (Chthon) ID: 36885

[Vitality Phantasmal blade caster][] ©(g4) Demonslayer Phantasmal Blade Reaper (sir spanksalot) ID: 45239

[Melee Aether][] (c+) The Wraith - Aether SS Reaper - Demigod of Crucible (Superfluff) ID: 44348

[Melee Aether] (g4) Warped Striker - Aether based Shadow Strike Reaper (Chthon) ID: 43578

[Melee][] (vid)(g3) Bone Strike Sourend Reaper (InkOsk132) ID: 41680

[Melee][] (vid)(g3) Deathguard Reaper (InkOsk132) ID: 41797

[Poison Caster] (g5) Poison based Bone Harvest Reaper (Chthon) ID: 41826

[Melee] [] (g3)(l) Scourge Strike/Bone Harvest Reaper (Ensgnblack) ID: 42912

Warlock DONE @eisprinzessin

Chaos storm bringer

Fire aether AAR whatever

Cold Missile Launcher

Lightning Missile Launcher

Elemental AAR


CDR Lightning AAR

Voidfiend tempest

Fallen Arcanist

Ritualist: Done

[Melee] [] (c+) (g5) (vid) Melee Ritualist, one of the fastest Celestial killers (Witcher) 47957

[Caster] [] (c+) (g3) (vid) Bone Jovi: resilient Ritualist caster, 150-170 Cruc.Glad. 4buffs/no banner in 9 - 9:30min. (mad_lee) 47357

[Caster] [] (hc) (l) (c+) (g3) (vid) Ravenous Valguur (Weyu) 46295

[Melee] [] (c+) (g3) (vid) Oirunas, The Lord of the Watch - 2H Aether Savagery Ritualist, Gladiator Farmer (11 minutes) (Veretragna) 46036

[Summoner/Pet][] (g5)(c+) Guardian of Death’s Gates - Ritualist Skelletal Master 150-170 in 10 min(no lag) (Superfluff) 46004

[Caster/Melee][] (g5)(c+) Death Prophet-Valgur Ritualist Leechtank (Ptirodaktill) 44934

[] (c+)(g4) Bone Charmer DW Savagery 94%WPS leechtank (Ptirodaktill) 45338

[Vitality Caster] (g5) Valguur’s Corrupted Storm - Vitality based Storm Totem Ritualist (Chthon) 44436

[Pet][] (g4) Tactical Rites Lightning Ritualist (AetherFire) 42989

Infiltrator DONE

[Melee/Caster] [] (c+) (g4) (vid) [] LateForTheParty - N&O/Silver Melee RoH Hybrid Infiltrator (c+) (g4) (vid) (ya_) 48452

[DW Melee / Caster] [] (c+)(g3)(vid) [] The Dazzling Guardian - Silver Sentinel Based DW Cold ABB/SS+RoH Infiltrator (Thejabrixone) 48268

[DW Melee] [] (c+)(g3)(vid) [] Avatar, Keeper of the Balance - Nex & Ortus Cold & Fire Shadow Strike Infiltrator (Thejabrixone) 48278

[Pseudo-Pet/Caster] [] (c+) (g3) [] Timbersaw - Cold Blade Spirits Infiltrator + Trickster for 170 farming (x1x1x1x2) 48267

[DW Melee] [] (c+)(g3)(vid) Cholol, the Breathtaking - Deathmarked Infiltrator, Gladiator farmer (6 minutes) (Veretragna) -

[][Melee] (c+)(g5)(vid) [] Luminari Godkiller: Ravager, Mogdrogen, Crucible 6:30m Belgothian Infiltrator/Blademaster (mad_lee) 46649

[2H Caster][] (g5)©(vid) The Northern Wyrm's Bane - 2H ranged chillspike infiltrator; ~205k sheet DPS unbuffed/unbannered (Sir Spanksalot) 45629

[Melee][] (g4)(c+)(vid) [] Deathmarked Infiltrator - 170 crucible farmer (Excelsiar) 45998

[Caster] [] (c+)(g5) Land of Knives - Pierce Hagarrad Infiltrator (x1x1x1x2) - not found

[Hybrid][] (hc)(vid)(g5) [V1.0.6.1] Winter King Infiltrator (Yuukek) 45923

[Caster][] (c+)(g5)(vid) [] Aizarincu - DW Cold Runes Infiltrator, Gladiator farmer, Ravager viable (Veretragna) 45494

[DW Melee][] (vid)(g3) [] [Melee] DW Cold Infiltrator Full Deathmarked - Lokarr Suits Stealer / Gazer Man Dropper ^^ (TZ Tz) 45391

[Frostburn Caster] Nightblade and Chill - Frostburn based Infiltrator [Frostburn Caster] Nightblade and Chill - Frostburn based Infiltrator (Chthon) 44683

[Pierce Melee] (g4) [Pierce Melee] The Blind Assassin - Pierce based Shadow Strike Infiltrator (Chthon) 44175

[Ranged Cold] (g5) DW Pistol based Ranged ABB Infiltrator (Chthon) - notfound

[Auramancer][] (g5)(vid) [] Riftmaster (ArchHeretic) 44507

[Caster][] (c+) []Cold Ignaffar Infiltrator - The Mage Slayer (Superfluff) 40983

[Melee][] (c-)(g5)(vid) [] DW Cold Melee Infiltrator: Icy Blades of Death Beckon (all content viable except Ravager) (Weyu) 42800

[Melee][] (vid)(g3) []DW Piercing Infiltrator - Piercing Belgo Strikes (TZ Tz) 43086

[Melee/Range/Caster] [] Winter King and Obsidian Tremor builds show case (Thrasheur) 43932

Pyromancer DONE @eisprinzessin

Not a Deceiver

Fire from the sky

Darkblaze Pyromonster

Corrupted chaos lifestealer

Blade of chthon

Lokarr’s Flame Bolter

Empyrion’s chosen

Dark physical pyromancer

Burning chaos

Darkblaze gunslinger

Obsidian Tremor

Spellbreaker: Done

[Caster] [] (c+) (g3) (vid) Olexra’s Disciple: <7 min. 150-170 Crucible Gladiator 0 greens cold PB-spam Spellbreaker (mad_lee) 48527

[Caster] [] © (g5) Aetherial Blades Spellbreaker (Thrasheur) 48400

[Melee] [] (c+) (g3) (vid) Olexra’s Revenge: 6:30 Crucible Gladiator 150-170 no greens SS Spellbreaker (mad_lee) 48335

[Caster] [] ©(g4)(vid) Spellbreaker - master of cold blades (Safarel) 47588

[Caster][] (vid)(c+)(g2) Vanilla Ice: 10s Mad Queen, 11-12 minute Cruc. Glad. 150-170, no M.I.s/greens Spellbreaker (mad_lee) 46151

[Caster][] (g3)(vid) Cold Assassin Caster Spellbreaker - Cold Trozan Chillspikes Ninja (Tz Tz) 44824/3

[Melee Aether] (g4) Warped Striker - Aether based Shadow Strike Spellbreaker (Chthon) 43578

[Cold Caster] (g5) Phantasmal Blades Cold-based Spellbreaker (Chthon) 36885

[Ranged Cold] (g5) DW-Pistols Pure Cold ABB Spellbreaker (Chthon) 36236

[Melee][] (l)(vid)(g3) Deathmarked Shadow Strike Spellbreaker (InkOsk132) 41248

Mage Hunter DONE

g4 Fire Devastation x 4 - Mage Hunter 48983

Expelliarmus 48204

Callidor Spammer 48060

Elemental Bomber 46672

Elemental Sage 47325

Runebinder 46118

Ignaffar flamethrower 45895

Terra Destroyer 45109

Cold Ignaffar 45073

Magelord 44061

Mom’s Panneti 41432

Aetherstorm 42558

Frostmage 42586

After Burner Rapid Ammo 42858

After Burner Ignaffar 43634

Builds not found:
[2H Flame of Ignaffar Mage Hunter ]
[Rocks and Runes - Aether Rune of Hagarrad + Devastation Mage Hunter]
[Lifestealer Aether Meteorlord CT Spamming Mage Hunter]
[Aether Harvest - Aether based Winter King’s Might 2h Mage Hunter]

No ez ones left. I choose you, spellbinder.
DONE @eisprinzessin

CDRish spellbinder

Aether PRM

AAR report

Divine Divinity

3devas Anasteria

Bane of Celestials

CT spambinder


Aether assasin

Pure reap spirit power

Theo disciple

Aether Harvest

Spellbinder Rei

And I have a laser

Cold DE spellbinder

Full aether AAR spellbinder

Aether DE

Thank you so much everybody. Only 4, no 3 more to go.

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my link is fixed I think, links are working and I checked the screens is available

We have only fixed the links from the BC to the build guides. If images are missing or the old formatting does not work anymore, that is out of the scope of this project.