[Chaos Caster] Voidfiend's Tempest - Chaos based Callidor's Tempest Warlock

To present how useful Fiendgaze’s Tome can be for Chaos builds I present two concepts -a CT build using the skill mod found on the amulet - Conduit of Arcane Whispers and a Grenado build using Ulzuin’s Medal


Warlock - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwKzJKZ

*Screenshot with Hungering Void, Blood of Dreeg and Moment of Clarity

Pyromancer - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrrzDMZ

*Screenshot with Hungering Void and Blood of Dreeg


Why not use Blood Orb of Chthon?

Fiendgaze Tome + Voidheart gives us roughly 84% conversion on best rolls. This along with the Chaos RR it provides is good enough to me. Blood Orb despite the 100% conversion will rob you off your Constitution. Meaning you won’t heal using Constitution when Blood Rite aura is active.
Which is why I went with Mythical Fiendgaze Tome

Why not use Fang of Ch’thon for the Warlock?

Fang of Ch’thon’s RR is nearly priceless, its ADCtH equally so. But capping Cast Speed would be tough if we go with it. More importantly we miss out on Moment of Clarity proc and the 4% CDR that we get from our current weapon.

Clairvoyant Scepter’s base damage is Aether. How does fit the Warlock?

The Conduit’s skill mod makes sure that CT’s damage breakdown has no Aether damage left. So despite the base damage being aether, it all gets converted into Chaos.

Why Devastation over Doom Bolt for the Callidor’s build?

If you want to kill stuff quickly then Devastation is the way to go. Since we have Fire to Chaos conversion and some Aether to Chaos conversion, Devastation is actually good for us.

Is Grenado doing anything on the Pyromancer or is Doom Bolt carrying the build?

Grenado has the highest single target sheet damage on the Pyromancer. In fact you can live through most boss fights w/o using Doom Bolt

In Closing-

I like this item, as someone who hates Blood Orb of Ch’thon to me this item is very useful. The two builds are enjoyable, the Pyromancer especially was fun as I didn’t expect an exotic Grenado to deal such high numbers. Hope you guys like them as well.




I’m quite surprised that you managed to reach 55k CT DPS with this setup, which is almost the same as my Stormseer CT sorc with much better gear support. I used to theorycraft a similar setup but concluded that there’s just no support hence it’ll be real hard to reach 26/16 and have a decent +%chaos at the same time. I guess part of the reason is Hungering Void and Moment of Clarity.

Cool build. Will try this setup once finish testing my Warlock build with Obsidian Tremor.

Lightning is definitely much more trickier, I really hate Stormseer Amulet. It could use a slight buff imo

Thank you

Added a Chaos Grenado build btw (no it’s not a DB build, Grenado can easily carry the build )

This is a fun one. I did my warlock testing using blood orb. Although I found the damage a bit low for my dps junkie status :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work and good idea with fiendgaze

Not a big fan of non-WoTA CT builds myself. So I can see what you mean

I detest Blood Orb so this item is a blessing to someone like me