[] Gin Yursis - DW Cold/Frostburn Apostate

Even after death he survived as the vengeful spirit.
Meet Gin Yursis, the Blood-chilling.
>> Grimtools <<

It’s a hybrid caster tank, easily capable to farm Gladiator/170 crucible. Large amount of HP, ADCtH, overcapped resists, save-procs from devotions and Inquisitor Seal on top make this build super durable in close range combat and very elusive on wave 160 and 170.

Core of the build

  • Bone Harvest with plenty item modifiers. Damage, damage, more damage. Fantastic digits of crit damage per hit.
  • Overcapped Rune of Hagarrad + Artifact Handling. This is the skill allowing us to kite effectively.
  • 2 Mythical Dreadweavers to boost Bone Harvest and convert its Vitality to Cold and Decay to Frostburn.
  • Many defensive and healing mechanics in rotation.
  • Very high HP and resistances.
  • Slow and trap resistances are essential for us to live.

Key explanations

  • These rings are BiS due to Elemental damage, % OA/DA and health. However, they can be easily replaced with Dread Sigils of Alkamos to obtain much more damage and Pierce > Cold conversion, but you’ll lose HP and some OA/DA. And I don’t have them :smiley:
  • Legguards and boots must cover your resistances, including Stun and Slow. “Thunderstruck”, “Stonehide”, “of Kings”, “of Arcane Winds” are irreplaceable affixes in this case, but can be used in any combination.


  • Faceroll everything. Kite a bit if you’re in danger.

Version history

  • Updated the build with x1x1x1x2’s advice to overcap MoT.
  • Updated the build with a brand new CDR devotion route, thanks to me.
  • Dropped Dread and invested the points into Biting Cold and Reaping Strike. Removed Necrotic Edge completely.
  • Updated the build with Blessed steel for its Sacred Strike, thanks to Zhuugus.


Gladiator completed

Stats pane (NO temporary buffs)

Maximum crit



Hey, nice job with this build, though I’m surprised BH didn’t do as much damage as I thought it would.

I suggest dropping Dread to 12/12 and get 1 pt in either ravenous Earth or ill omen to help with Rumor activation and the two points to cap Mark of Torment. This also frees space to replace seal of the night with coldstone for stronger harvests (i mean weaker dots but stronger flat damage)

  • I overcapped Dread for its flat Decay which is converted into Frostburn
  • Ill Omen is very good skill for Rumor, but it draws too many effects, and crucible runs like a slideshow. Ravenous Earth works similar to rune, I think. Need some testing
  • MoT 8/10 and 10/10 is only 0.2 seconds and 2% absorption difference. So I found other skills more useful
  • Seal of the Night also gives OA. I can’t get it, how my basic OA can be so low even with OA devotion route including Hawk and Chariot? And gear bonuses? Nevermind

Pushing MoT from 8/10 to 13/10 increase EHP from ~173% to 215% and provide extra .5 second duration. Compared to nearly-zero gain from Arcane empowerment its a big deal =)

I’ll try this way, thanks!
Updated the build in starter post.

It does deal damage but you can’t hope for it to compete with shotgun skill like Hagarrad

On MoT, it’s more significant than the extra frostburn ypu get from dread, imo, but i haven’t really done calcs.

On OA, inq based classes will naturally have low base OA except in some cases due to deadly aim. Other classes have passive (or almost passive) Oa bonuses while deadly aim is stronger but only has 50% uptime.

You have the similar build! :o
Never thought someone have already invented this one.

Well I am a pretty big Warcraft III fanboy so I love Cold based Necromancers

Mine is much more oriented for MC though, I doubt it’s Gladiator Viability.

Was just surprised cause I expected around 400-500k in highest damage dealt with all the mod support the skill has for cold.

I never got around to testing with the Conduit due to low OA and cause I didn’t have MIs to counter said low OA. But even then I never expected it to be that high. 500k is roughly transmuted CT level of crit if I am not mistaken

500 K is a lot even for 2H transmuted capped BH.

In campaign, max damage dealt was 240k. With Crucible damage buffs and all running RR, damage must be higher. The only reason it’s not achieved is the Crucible violent nature - you can’t stand in place and stack all RR properly without getting smashed by Reaper :slight_smile:

Welp, I guess I had unrealistic expectations.

Hey it’s still better than expecting Bone Harvest to compete with Hagarrad. Cause that’s what I though when I came up with this concept.


Still waiting on my Cold Shield with +1 Necromancer skills and On-Block RR proc.


In crucible?

How about 800K?:slight_smile: untransmuted

Hey, that’s with the dedicated BH set :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume it’s Aether? Cause the highest I have seen is half of that with Aether

Or are you giving us spoilers about the new set

It’s dedicated but not new

@Chthon you already know it’s deathguard:)

New set is diffferent. Is saying different a spoiler?:smiley:

Ah crap, I never tried Acid version like you did :cry:
I was too focused on Poison.

To anyone who is feeling clueless

Impressive feat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pReN1qxzsA

This is the outdated version of the build Fluff is talking about found in Zhug’s thread - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV953pQV

Fluff are you sure it wasn’t a SS crit?