[] Infernal Healer V2.0 Commando tank build really safe game and HC Melee, u, c+, vid, g5, L

This is update for my old tank build [] based on Commando class, and one of the most oldest characters I have (I guess the second one that was created more than two years ago). I really love this meditative build, and wanna share it with all players who love soft meditative type of game. As I told before in first build review, Infernal Healer - is a tanky-aura-caster build based on demolitionist offensive skills and huge regeneration, with full resist overcap. This is universal build that plays from both hands. For more defensive game you need one handed Herald of Blazing Ends plus shield, and for more damage swich to two handed Shar’Zul Worldeater.



Full Build guide ENG subtitles+Rus VIDEO

one handed setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V04dzXV
two handed setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLBr7LN
wendigo stup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w269QDAN


  • Survive in any situations, good for HC living.
  • To make character that can handle with any boss not by overgown Damage but by a good defence and regeneration.
  • For not “hurrying gamers”

Damage: Burn, fire
Damage Skills and Porcs: Flashbang, Thermite Mine, Blackwater Cocktail, Fire strike, Light of Empyrion, Vindictive Flame, Volcanic Wyrm’s Breath, Wave of Fire, Flame Breath, Meteor, Ring of Flame, Pyroclasm
Defensive Skills and Procs: Overguard, Blast Shield, Menhir’s Will, Giant’s Blood, Dryad’s Blessing, Stone Form, Cleansing Waters, Healing Rain, Divine Light, Sealed Fate, Prismatic Rage
Passive (+MIs): Menhir’s Bulwark, Fighting Spirit, Flame Touched, Field Command, Kilrian’s Flame, Battlecry, Stalwart Guardian,Vengeance of Cairn

Pluses and minuses of this build:


  • health regeneration 1000min-6500max
  • physical resist 22-28%
  • DA 2800min-3300max
  • basic resists:
    Fire: 87+360% (-96% reduction in burn duration) (overcap)
    Cold: 87+161% (overcap)
    Lighting: 87+233% (overcap)
    Poison: 84+111% (-106% reduction in poison and acid duration) (overcap)
    Pierce: 87+61% (overcap)
    Bleeding: 84+57% (-106% reduction in bleeding duration) (overcap)
    Vitality: 84+86% (overcap)
    Aether: 91+70% (overcap) but Anasteria still kicks ass hard :rolleyes:
    Stun: 80+6% (overcap)
    Chaos: 87+100% (overcap)
  • no problems with mana
  • nice freeze resist
  • easy kill of retaliation bosses
  • fast kill of many targets by aoe damage


  • slow kill of single target
  • main damage is burn, DoT damage that kills slowly
  • low dps
  • low resist to control, slow, sleep, etc.
  • not high OA (maximum 2800)
  • height requirements to MI’s

Gameplay: In use many keys and skills, so gameplay requires many actions to do damage, but slow tempo of game, makes it not so bad at all. You can farm Lokarr and Wendigo with required setup in solo game and in multiplayer. Also no problems with farming and facetanking Crucible Gladiator to 150+ wave, after wave 151 will be little bit harder, but I did it without any health potions. This is universal build, so you can use 2h SharZul’s Worldeater for more DPS and fast monster kill, and swich to 1h + shield when you need to be more tanky. Huge resist overcap grants powerful defense against foes RR, and you will always get only 20-11% of incoming damage. No fear to try hardcore game by this build :mad:. All skills and procs requires fast cast speed that grants nice scaling of burn damage, thermite mine and blackwater cocktail works as RR and nice offensive skills. Also I use with 1h weapon - Kymon’s Wrath Tincture (Potion) that gives us extra burn damage (if needed). In critical situations you can always activate Overguard that increases health regeneration, and Blast Shield that can work in battle from time to time. With Justicators signets you will get a great proc that gives bonuses to OA and DA and also life regeneration.

Ultimate bosses kill:

  • Wendigo (Yes)
  • Avatar of Mogdrogen (Yes)
  • Lokarr (Yes)
  • Gargabol (Yes)
  • Aleksander (Yes)
  • Valdaran (Yes)
  • Moosilauke (Yes)
  • Van Aldrich (Yes)
  • Benn’jahr (Yes)
  • Mad Queen (No)
  • Sentiel (Yes)
  • Master of Flesh (Yes)
  • Reaper of the Lost (Yes)
  • Loghorrean (Yes)
  • Grava’Thul (Yes)
  • Kubacabra (Yes)
  • Clones of John Burbon (Yes - all together)

Gear. This build requires some MI’s but you can change them on any other similar to that I showed here, with same suffixes and affixes or similar to them. If you want same MI’s be ready to farm it for years, haha. This shoulders and shield I was searching for a half of year, and finally my friends helped me to find shield in BoC, and shoulders was traded in multiplayer (big thanks to my friends for that help). The main point here: MI’s must have some bonuses to life regeneration, as this is the strongest thing in this build, that negates a lot of incoming damage. Other items not so hard to find or trade in multiplayer, but if its possible and you have some recipe, you can get best result + armor bonus from Angrim the Blacksmith. Using old Avenger of Cairn help my friends in multiplayer who plays by retaliation builds (because it gives aura), but you can use better version on level 94. And for 2h setup you need SharZul’s Worldeater that also not so easy to farm or trade.

A few words about Wendigo fight setup. You must understand that this battle requires good physical resist, or you will not survive under such powerful hits. So here you will need to swich two items in build, gloves: Mythical Colossal Grasp, and shield: Impassable Colossal Bulwark of Barricades. Better shield with physical resist you have, easier battle will be. There are no problems with find so kind of MI’s, go and kill some Aetherial Titans around Malmouth, easy thing I will say. Or you can try to buy few shields from rare trader in Malmouth. The battle in multiplayer will be easy, we farmed him by commando + conjurer + sorcerer really fast. But in solo, don’t wait easy fight. After his health goes below 50% his damage increases significantly. Only a good control of skills CD, will help to successfully complete the fight and not die. In my case, I made mistakes during the fight, but killed him anyway. Also Courageous Tincture will be useful thing, so buy few in Homestead. Other potions to increase regeneration, you can craft at the blacksmith.


  • Head: Mythical Mask of Infernal Truth
  • Shoulders: Ancient BennJahr’s Shoulderguards of Menhir’s Wall
  • Chest: Mythical Voidforged Battle Plate \ or good Mi’s
  • Legs: Mythical Hellforged Legplates
  • Boots: Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Kings
  • Gloves: Mythical Wyrmbone Handguards \ Mythical Colossal Grasp
  • Waist: Mythical Ulzuins Torment \ Mythical Sash of the Immortal Sage
  • Medal: Mythical Mark of Divinity
  • Amulet: Avenger of Cairn
  • Relic: Ulzuins Pyroclasm
  • Weapon: Mythical Herald of Blazing Ends \ 2h Shar’Zul Worldeater
  • Shield: Keeper’s Obsidian Bulwark of Immortality \ Impassable Colossal Bulwark of Barricades
  • Ring: Mythical Open Hand of Mercy
  • Ring: Mythical Closed fist of Vengeance

Devotion map from level to level:
First of all you should take Dryads Blessing than go to Lizard, take a Viper, Scholars Light and Giants Blood on 3 points, after that you can take other Devotions to Tree of Life, and the last one goes Light of Empyrion.

I made a comparison due my Crucible wars between this build and some other top builds from forum, still this build has a good score result because there is no difference if you kill “Groble” with 20k of damage or with 200k of damage he will die anyway, so the difference in killing speed is same. But when you fight with nemesis it tooks much more time. Also after wave 100 you will need at least one level:3 fire tower, and level:2 lighting tower - reasons? Iron Maiden’s: Menhir’s Will, that restores her a lot of health, and battle can be really long… I hope someone who seeks facetank builds to his collection, will be happy to have this one too. Hope this build will help players that really hate to die many times or play at hardcore.

txs. This gives me very good ideas for a tank ,especially for multiplaying

Looks like slowest killer in game…

Just 33% aether overcap. GTFO with your paper thin glass cannon!

I just wanted to say. THANK YOU for the build man. No not man. You’r a GOD!!! for making this build. Thank you for putting so much effort onto this build i love it.

I’ve been leveling a Commando but was unsure on what endgame build to go for. I am not unsure anymore :smiley:

I would say build the “Infernal Healer” but to get the right equipment take a lot of time and i mean a…lot of time. I almost pulled out my hair trying to finish this build as those greens items take for ever to drop.

But if you want the best face tank(in my opinion) then definitely Infernal Healer as you have to try to die, but take for ever to kill anything tho.

Looks good! Will try this on my own commando :slight_smile:

Interesting regen build idea.

Couple of points:

  1. irrc, an active aura on a component will need to be reactivated upon weapon swap (even if it is the same component on swap). So even though Enchanted Flint (component on shield and Worldeater) are theoretically better % bonus, I think going for Seal of Destruction will be less of a hassle if you plan to swap weapons frequently.
  2. Since block is 44% and recovery is 34% and Stone form is 15% on block, the activation % of this devotion proc is statistically less than half the % chance. That doesn’t mean it won’t proc, but it might take a while.

And since this regen idea is interesting and the last patch tweaked a few items, I thought I might add some variations that could have more burn damage while keeping the regen idea. The idea is to use the Justicar gloves to put lots of burn dots on via Forcewave, Blitz, Blazing Charge, BWC, and FS. Slightly less regen and ~75% of the OP’s health - but no MIs (note that the OP’s Monster Infrequent greens provide quite a bit of HP).


Justice set: Frequent weapon swapping, more burn damage/OA -Infernal Brimstone is a decent 2H alternative to Worldeater (which can be a pita to farm as it has a 2% drop chance )
Infrequent weapon swapping, more burn %/DA

Infernal Knight set:
Large BWC/mines burn

Note: Giant’s Blood is attached to Prismatic Rage (head component) which might not show on Grimtools. This means the GB proc is allowed at <=40% health and increases the chances that it will proc when actually needed; it’s no use having it proc at 100% health and then seeing it on cd when it really is needed. Blast shield can also work, but BS isn’t up for that long and it might take a few hits to activate the GB proc.

Also: Tinker’s Ingenuity could be decent belt for this concept and the Salvation relic could work, as well. These 2 could increase regen to >4k in a crunch! Although damage output will suffer.

So…a few alternative gear ideas - while farming to collect suitable MIs for the OP’s build.