[] Uroboruuk Apostate - Drain Essence/Aetherfire 150-170 Gladiator - 10:30 min

Uroboruuk sets with Apostate is a Beast …

I did it with aether up to lvl 94. I used 3x ectoplasms (rings and medal). Use a focusing prism in amulet or seal of annihilation at lvl 75. Get the second node in owl for another reduced -%reduced energy cost. Try to use some mage gear if you have with innate flat energy regen like clairvoyant hat, mage chest. Use energy pot ehn energy is depleted half way. Use a Spectral Shied for “-8% Skill Energy Cost to Drain Essence”

Later, when you get/ equip Uroboruuk set, mana won’t be much of a problem any more. The set brings DE to a whole other level

@TZ Tz I meant for leveling mate

@Superfluff thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Forgot to say that in vetera/elite, avoid maxing DE. Especially if you save a bit of + skills and always pump masery point when you level. You can even invest in spirit a bit at the beginning since you can easily respec attributes later

Wondering why master of death instead of harbinger of souls, OA is so important?

Ofc. It’s ~12% OA and DA that you really need in crucible and campaign. What does harbinger give you since your cast speed is already at 200%? ~140% aether damage…meh

With 12% more OA you will crit a lot more often so more dmg and also more life. And DA is DA:)

until ultimate or so. When I got some cast speed I switched. Harbinger imo is nice for vitality builds with dot’s because it has % duration. It’s kinda funny that the set gives +harbinger and it’s uesless

I just want to thank you, binding aetherfire to drain essence is brilliant…
It debunked the opinion that imp is bad devotion.
It can be good at the right build.

Now I wonder if aetherfire could also be good in AAR build…

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Glad you like it :). I had fun with it as well and was surprised too

But here is the reason why Imp is better with DE than it is with AAR.

  1. AAR builds are super reliant on Flame torrent for life steal. It is just so simple yet so necessary for them
  2. AAr builds, due to their gear (decree, albrecht’s duality), naturally convert more of Fiend chaos /fire to Aether so they generally choose Flame torrent making point nr one even more worth it.
  3. DE, unlike AAR spreads out thanks to hungering reach, making Imp proc like crazy. AAR can’t do this.

So IMo an AAR build will always get flame torrent but DE, with the innate massive life steal it has is perfect with Imp+cord of violent decay.

Ur build look awesome
but i dont understand how to levelling, where we must waiting for this ? x)

Fluff’s comment on the matter-

My 2c is follow this for leveling tips


Ah sry. Forgot, was working on a terminator update:) I’ll do this tomorrow maybe.

How do you work with mana sustain in campaign? I can’t seem to keep DE going without chugging mana pots left and right. I suppose in crcucible, it may not be as much of an issue with buffs, but seems difficult running dungons in campaign. I have essentially the same items/skills/constellations. Only thing is I have a vine ring instead of living ring (18% or so energy regen, but not huge).

Post your grim tool. I can say better according to your lvl and gear


In game i have 81 energy regen. Maybe from % energy craft bonuses.

You look fine to me. In campaign all I had different was an ectoplasm instead of a topaz. Mana pot at half bar. In mobs don’t start with spamming DE. Cast corruption, and ravenous earth to settle rr. DE should finish them really fast.

I only needed a potion vs bosses for the most part

Tip: Use mortality instead of uroboruuk relic in campaign for more OA. The loss of cast speed shouldn’t be an issue

Here’s a short clip of what happens.

Maybe I just one of the royal jellys for bosses?

I suppose that is okay, but just wondering if its just me doing something wrong with the build lol.

Ah. A 2-phase boss, that is different. You shouldn’t need consumables anyway. First of all you used an energy pot after all your energy was depleted. Don’t do it like that as it will take too long for the second pot to recharge. Drink the first potion right before mana reaches half way. By doing so your second pot will have a full mana bar worth of time to recharge and that should be enough. Also because “Elixir of Spirit Restores 33% + 500 Energy”. It’s not a full energy restore so it makes perfect sense to drink it half way. You make perfect use for it

If that does not work you can also try the first point in revenant for energy absorb(take from giant) and see if it works vs him. Also don’t forget using an ectoplasm if you haven’t already.

You also used Mark of torment a bit too soon vs his second phase. The real danger is his fissure. Another thing is, cast Time dilation right after the first mark of torment vs his second phase. you had a 2 sec MoT downtime because of casting TD too late.

Tell me how it goes after the above :slight_smile:

ok, thank you!

Is 50 points in inquisitor a must? Is it not better to go to 32 points and use 18 points for other skills?

What skills:p You also need spirit for the off-hand requirements