[] Uroboruuk Apostate - Drain Essence/Aetherfire 150-170 Gladiator - 10:30 min

Updated for 0.6 for more Damage. Look below for new Grim tools.
How you Lifesteal/Dps in Campaign:

Bare in mind it’s with Kuba reduce dmg debuff. Otehrwise it’s 140k up to 160K vs human targets. Max dmg:

How you Lifesteal/Dps in Campaign:

Hungering reach damages up to 5 targets, stealing life and procs Aetherfire like crazy

[i]Ever since Necro mastery was first announced I was taken with Uroboruuk set looks and knew from the start I’d make him an Apostate. I delayed this and I am glad I did since only recently did it receive a much needed conversion mod, in part thanks to Jov’s Dreadwalker DE build.

The set + class combo is an absolute beast and takes DE to a whole new level once equipped:

  1. DE total damage is 2.5x increased
  2. Energy is suddenly manageable
  3. You suddenly feel so much more durable (the proc is sweet too.[/i]

[v1.0.5.1]Video: 150-170 Gladiator (10:30 min)
It would have easily been 10 minutes but I had 3x very aether resistant Nemeses at the end (Reaper+2x Valdaran who also throw me around with teleport a bit). This is the first full 150-170 full video I’ve made. I figured Uroborruk deserves enduring all the lag. I’m a bit retarded at 154 and get bursted a bit but it’s just smooth sailing after that

MQ vid: TBC

NEW Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BOYaKV


  • Over 480% Aether damage. This is pretty huge
  • 4% Phys res
    • 4 Mark of Torment
  • Cast Speed is still over 195% with decent rolls


  • 250 DA. We don’t need stalwarts any more. We have 3.2K DA and massive OA shred. It’s fine
  • 500 HP. You still have plenty an also better MoT which you can also overcap to lvl 18, I recommend it

OLD GT: Grim Tools:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MmDnW2
Devotion Binding:
Drain Essence -> Aetherfire (very important)
Ravenous Earth -> Arcane Bomb
Reap Spirit -> Time Dilation
Word of Pain -> Hungering Void

Deadly Aim & Hungering void up. Dps and OA can pushed a bit in campaign with 2xOucast’s Wrath. Notice that I am using Master of Death Instead of Harbinger of Souls. Since we can attain 200% Cast Speed harbinger becomes redundant. I also used Arcane Harmony leggings for skills disrupt resist vs mobs and Grava. Not being able to DE is bad. Also has amazing spirit and DA

Why Apostate and not the good old spellbinder?

Let me answer that with a question. What is the point of being nearly invulnerable when you can DPS/Lifesteal with this kind of damage, getting full HP in a fraction of a second while still being able to cast 2x Mark of Torment? Extra RR for this build = survival+awesome clear time if played right. Also also a lot more fun in campaign. On to Gameplay:)


Mobs: Cast your RR spells all around and start draining + Siphon. Easy. Only back off when you are too surrounded and have too many pools of crap under you.

Nemeses: Position yourself so that you can get most of them in a cone. Don’t fight two in front and a reaper behind you. Cast mark of torment when you are in a good position and just Drain/siphon+ refresh RRs/Debuffs.

OA shred. Coupled with good DA is amazing. DE+Blood Boil= 442 -OA(included medal) Add Arcane bomb(95) and Seal of destruction(70) and Wrath of the Ascendant (95) and you get a whopping -702OA

Aetherfire stacks and procs amazingly with DE. It’s also quite potent with Cord of Violent Decay


Will have to wait a bit as usual

In closing:

I love this set and build

Good build

You double posted. Reported one of these for deletion

lol don’t i already reported it to jiaco:D

vbulletin wanted 2x…no clue what happened

Nice build!
BTW, why not to use Survivor’s Ingenuity for the second ring?

Yes, it should be survivor’s. Fixed. Dunno how I skipped it lol. More DA for you guys in the future then;)

And more damage as well. :smiley:

Is this one of those builds that only works once you have the full Uroboruuk set?


Nice. I think this is one of your fastest builds in terms of cleartime. Less kiting is really good for fast clearing in crucible.


Decomposition + blood boil debuff OA, not DA.

BTW, amazing build as always!! I have been waiting for someone to make the uroboruuk set works.

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Nice Build, tried it, works fine.


Yes it’s the first one that is capable of doing it in 10 minutes and it’s also very reliable. This is in part thanks to the fact that it’s NOT SPELLBINDER:p

The set is very good and the proc strong especially in campaign.

@thejabrixone: Yes it’s what I really meant. Fixed. thanks

Does the aether shred from death sentence and the dmg from DA really beat out spellbinder? The damage from reckless power (yea you’d have to give up master of death) and from fabric of reality seems like a lot. Not to mention extras like getting nullification and mirror. There are also some nice passives like inner focus or the crit damage from elemental balance.

I’m guessing you’ve tested it, I’m just surprised Apostate comes out ahead especially with the decent + to arcanist skills the items give. I’ve got a Necro I’ve been leveling and haven’t picked a second class on yet, but wanted to turn into some sort of caster. This is looking like a fun option for that char.

Spellbinder might be better overall (slightly) due to QoL of Devastation, Nullification and Mirror.

But Apostate’s wins hands down when it comes down to bringing out the damage potential of Drain Essence due to the sheer amount of RR the class combo possess
Spellbinders, specifically Arcanists have been running rampant since the nerfs to Pierce Blademasters back in vanilla so I think running an Apostate is something most people would find refreshing. Not to mention it’s not too behind the Spellbinder as evidenced by the kill time of the build. Spellbinder probably is slower in the DE department

-30 Aether rr on demand man:) That is a huge deal in those crits you see and life returned to you

Spellbinder would take longer to play, would be kinda boring too with build. and in campaign, without the cruci buffs, binder would be too slow for my taste with this set

Cool thanks for the input Chthon and fluff I wasn’t sure how that aether rr compared to the sheer +aether dmg % from arcanist, but I guess it makes sense that once you have so much aether dmg % already the rr comes out ahead rather than just adding more %.

The apostate does look more fun too, I also think my side mouse thumb button is getting worn out from hitting mirror so much anyway on other chars haha.

Hi guys, i am currently level 75 Apostate, leveling in lightning stormbox build, moving slowly through Ultimate campaign. Should i respec now, or DE build will not really work without decent gear?

DE is really fun up until ~your lvl if you don’t have the gear. I personally played DE from start to finish but if you don’t have the gear and are not used with DE progression throughout the game respeccing is not a good deal at your lvl:)

That’s sad=( I already have multiple good epic aether-vit damage items, etc, so i thought it can work, but i guess Uroboruuk’s set is must have for this build to work?

It works in campaign. You can try. I did until lvl 94 when I equipped uroboruuk. I thought you had no gear at all. Uroboruuk is not a must but it’s where the max power lies

How did you make it work with DE, it drains so much mana and damage is not good if you don’t spec in vit damage