[] Nightblade Guildmaster - Cold PB WH - 150 -170 Gladiator 9:45

You wouldn’t look twice at this seemingly lowly Nightblade. No one, even fellow Nightblades know who the Guildmaster is aside from rumors that she holds a tome called Speaker for the Dead, where all Nightblade assignments are archived and a list of naughty guild members went rogue with which she deals herself.

This build is a beast and a freak. Fastest crucible build I’ve run even more than Belgo, capable of over 500K crits PER blade in curible and ~320K in campaign. It literally tears things in half in a cone. And before you freak out about all the green know that there is a cheaper version of grim calc and that the dagger does not need specific affixes, it’s bis and shoulders are kinda mandatory for this dmg.

[v1.0.6.0]Video 150-170 Gladiator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=nFoUVrgXN9k (9:45) With crappy mutator at 160+ Cold resistant Kuba and Fabius with elemental Res gear it seems who would otherwise go down really fast. Notice Aleks going down in 2-3 PB casts, Reaper too.

MQ vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=WtaDy-MqiV8 6.5 seconds. Need to use Divinity medal and kill her within the proc duration

Grimtools:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MmgJl2 BiS. Expensive dagger (not mandatorry for Assassin’s, get anything with cold/elemental, and expensive chest but worth it.

Cheaper version Grimtools:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXPdzBN Dagger has random whatever affixes, cheaper legendary chest


Auras and lethal assault

A few words on the Build and how to play:

  1. Outbreak + PB for most mosnters
  2. Outbreak + PB (autocharged in melee by LA with tougher monsters). Don’t obsess over LA, it will be there vs relevant enemies, the rest die via first combo
  3. Outbreak + charged PB + Chillspikes to rush a large enemy in close range even more. Not mandatory but helps.

Each PB cast is allways followed by a Blizzard fom amatok, rezulting in a Devastating 2x Shotgun combo and some nice DoT sustain. To understand the power better measure enemies by casts taken to kill. Aleks 2 or 3 PB, Reaper 3-4. Cold Res kuba ~6. This thing will delete a non resistant mob like paper:
crit per blade

In progress

Surprised to see you didn’t go TD+DG. That’s what I use on my Breaker

Btw we have an almost identical dagger (literally the same prefix) :smiley:

Good job


[/b]Is that why she wears the hood?

Watched the videos, daaaaamn, son, what a mean big cold shotgun you got. Ridiculous dps machine.

Green items required are a bit insane too. Also, why this particular green chest? For resists?

EDIT: Why isn’t Elemental Awakening maxed? You seem to be doing quite a bit of frostburn.

Nah no TD here. The PB+ Amatok 2x shotgun is brutal

@lee. Not enough% weapon dmg to capitalize on awakening. It’s the flat frost mod on amulet doing the job. Also ABB is for strong enmies coming in close to ato charge. You lose time and damage mitigation obsessing over LA. It will be there vs enemies that take more than one PB

The chest has higher armor and good CC res for kiter also possibility for huge %elemental dmg

@Weyu - Fml, thanks

Main reason why I hate using it on casters. I’d have pumped into Possession or Solael and called it a day :rolleyes:

It’s worth taking LA. If you look at the vid i have it 90% in all relevant boss fight and I never ever stress over it. Small shit dies w/o LA. For everything else cold PB is like a shotgun version of a Rail gun

Of course it is, I just don’t like the way the build plays after that. I tried it in vanilla back when I first posted Cold PB (back when you could chain freeze stuff using 1 item :D)
I thought ABB for Freeze+LA would be perfect but ended up dropping the idea cause I had trouble piloting it

honestly, from leveling to taking it to crucible, it felt like a breeze

Well damn, me thinks Shinobi might need a respec since I do have some of that stuff lying in my Stash though gearing for Elite needs some farming & crafting, to get boots Of Kings gets really expensive really fast.:frowning:

So this is why you posted a no MI warder :stuck_out_tongue:

Build is really crazy. I’m still kinda baffled how this worked so well. Did you expect this to be that good on theorycrafting stage or it were you also surprised about the performance?

Superfluff, you’re in a roll!!! Seriously, posting crazy build one after another.

PB seems like a very complicated skill, weapon damage seems low, but the damage is insane. I guess it’s because the crazy amount of flat damage from each PB skill tree.

This game sure is complicated, learnt something new each day… :smiley:

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Well it’s 85% weapon damage +12% from the off-hand times 6 (six!), so almost 600% weapon damage with a freaking metric ton of flat cold and frostburn damage (look at how much he is converting to cold on this skill, just 2/3rds of chaos damage left untoched), that passes thru everyone. Let’s not forget +55% crit damage, and his char got 76% crit damage already from Dying God.

Skill is not complicated, it’s simply the most disgusting shotgun skill in game, second to good old Zantarin’s melee builds destroyer shotty.

Still surprising for many of us, though. Not everyone has seen this potential especially since PB used to be shit tier. Now it’s outperforming everyone.

I give 10 out of 10000 to the build and 0 out of 10000 to your getup (disappointing!)

That second rite conversion too, and one could go farther can max solael’s withchfire for more flat. This will be a bit easier to do when FG arrives I imagine.

I knew it would be be really good because of how speaker for the dead looked and deathbound amethyst. Then the MI shoulders came and I had to try. But to be honest. as I was leveling at around 75 I expected 180K crits per blade in campaign which in my mind still would have been insane shotgun (I might have omited Dying god making crits even more ridiculous) and Speaker for the Dead kind of surpassed my expectations the final max damage being ~70% higher than anticipated.

I tried to post e cheaper version, you will still need the shoulders and pants for good performance. they are just too good for the build.

Thanks:). Like lee said, it’s that %wp damage x6 + the flat dmg per blade. Ends up being quite insane and fun.

Not to mention every PB cast is instant heal

I mean with the amount of conversion we have I am surprised people are this surprised.
I am beginning to think people really underestimate Occultist as a support mastery for Elemental:eek:

U wot m8 :eek:

When I posted Cold PB, Speaker of the Dread didn’t even have Vitality to Cold conversion and even then Cold PB could kill nemesis with ease. This is just Cold PB I am talking about, JoV had the strongest PB build posted at that time i.e Vitality PB

It was always Tier 1 skill

PB never was shit tier. Even in 1.3.1 with deflection chance both version - untransmuted and transmuted owned. I did untransmuted Reaper with Soulrend and it outperformed SS by a large margin :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah only Pre AOM it wasn’t very good. Adding taht % crit dmg to it alone made it better.

But speaker for the dead and amethyst are amazing

Dude, Vitality PB could kill stuff w/o relying on DB for kill speed, it was the only Vitality skill besides DEE that didn’t need DB for kill speed.