[] 5 Storm Totems Vindicator - No Banner 8:16

To follow up on this, i swapped haunted steel with seal of skies and removed savagery line and distributed them to whatever (did not put them into biting cold since i wanted to avoid more active skills else the build would turn too much into a liszt tier piano build). Doing 3x 150-170 runs with banner was no problem. 7mins per run on average, so performance is basically the same.

Ha, I wasn’t wrong! :slight_smile:

Although Chain Lightning skill from component felt very weird to me last time I used it. Not as nearly as satisfying as chillspikes or fireball.

Savagery, okay. With the banner it’s obsolete. But what about sustain without that haunted steel? Is Bat enough to comfortably hang around your totem deployment area? When I tested different setups most compromises on defense/sustain were forcing me to gtfo away from my totems too often and consequently were reducing clear speed. Maybe a matter of skill?

Maybe he has similiar leech because he spams Chain Lightning a lot, just a thought. Or maybe Vindicator is so tough it doesn’t need to rely on additional adtch.

Incredible. I’d love to see this optimized further. If you guys figure out the true best in slot items for clear time I’ll GDstash a super high rolled version and try piloting it.

tbh didn’t really notice much difference with or without it. Facetanking hard nemesis combos were a no go with, or without haunted steel.

Also a tip. Totems and wind devil don’t scale with player speed. Asked multiple other playtesters. They have their own speed and that’s that apparently.

You mean cast speed? So that Null Field wasn’t an error after all?

Indeed. Neither player attack or cast speed effects either spell.

It still affects how you cast each individual spell. In my experience I have difficulty casting things on with cruci slows when CS is below 125. I don’t get null field nowadays on any char.

I get it. So when you have a piano build, even when all skills are cd skills, it’s worth to invest sth in cast speed as you’re casting non-stop anyway?

I played around in gt with different affixes and nothing really makes a big difference. Best thing I could figure out was changing suffixes on the weapons to scorched runes, readiness to dranghoul on the medal, slapping some spirit affixes (to afford ignaffar combustion) and some of kings to stone plates and kuba chausses. Added tempest/thunderstruck living rings of the hurricane. Or one dread lords ring which would allow for dropping haunted steel. But on paper things looked pretty much the same except 14% more rr and the hurricane procs. Less oa though.

You don’t have to. Just don’t neglect it. Maybe around 140-150 is fine.

this should be BiS, or close to BiS. My only concern is medal sloth.

Damn, glorious 6 MI. The numbers look so good though.
For medal, good old direwolf medal should be good for high OA and freeing 2 more skill points, also beast racial damage.

Have you tried stealing one point from Oak Skin and putting it into Blood Pact? With your +skills it’ll give you 33% chance of 13% more lifesteal - and sense you are using WD procs to provide lifesteal that is likely more valuable than 4% pierce res and a tiny drop of armor.

(vigor also looks like a good spot to free up 1 point)

Still think that Ignafar would do better than Eye of Storm. The only reason I didn’t use it was the spirit requirement for the offhand. 11% RR + da + cast speed + +1 to inqui >100something%lightning + some flat dmg + 1 to shaman

Oak skin is for pierce res. I struggled with it. If I rolled a better conduit I would keep it at one point ofc. However, that tiny drop of flat armor isn’t so tiny if you take LD set, Stoneplates (and Kephlat Zoth rings that I don’t use) into account.

I don’t know about Blood Pact. I thought it only applies to autoattacks.

Like all global lifesteal it’ll apply to anything with % weapon damage.

MB, I doubt there is a huge difference in clear speed.

Well i did some runs (3 runs each) with Ptirodaktill’s bis gear setup and ya_s’ original setup and here are the fastest of the 3
Run with Ptirodaktill’s setup
Run with ya_'s original setup

I used a tempest of squalls medal rather than a tempest of readiness on Ptirodaktill’s version (because might as well go for even more procs!). I did do some runs with the legendary setup, but it lagged behind quite a bit compared to the green version without a banner (8min-8:45min runs). Sorry bout the subpar quality, youtube’s re-encoding is making them look like shit

Bonus 2x toughened mutator run with ya_'s setup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJgYnYPW2iM