[] Admiral of The Luminari - DW Ranged Discord Cadence Tactician

Update1: Thanks to Ptiro and x1x2 for suggestion on skill points distribution, also MadLee for suggestions on weapon components! :wink:

The Build

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Momentum, Deadly Aim, Insight, and standing on Inquisitor seal.
DPS shown is Cadence

Alternative no MI setup:
Comparable damage, Less racial damage to undead, less cc resist, but higher armor, so will still be able to kill 2xreaper. Absolutely need energy buff on crucible and arcane spark component for campaign.

Build Feature

  • Mix Damage
  • 3 active skills only (some might call it boring)
  • Meteor Shower, Blizzard, and Hand of Ultos
  • Casually facetank 2x reaper
  • Casually facetank 1x Alek Meteor
  • Casually facetank Madqueen
  • Need careful positioning and familiarity with crucible 151+

Build Overview
So transmuted Cadence is not that popular. This might be because there are no obvious itemization for that. So I made one, with tactician obviously. Other combination of soldier will not be feasible. Feel free to disagree with me if you have other soldier working builds.

So focusing on the discord cadence, I made the build as DW gunslinger to utilize 100% WPS of Tactician. For those who still not believe that cadence is good with WPS, take a look at this video I made:

Watch till 50 seconds.
So I will just copying the description I made in the video:
100% WPS make the charges doubly faster because wps coincide with cadence hit gives free charge. There is some instance that cadence not charging when the wps coincide with cadence hit, I suspect it is because of zolhan’s technique. Not sure that that WPS hit with both hands or not.

Yes, there’s still some inconsistencies, but it will work well most of the time.

That’s it with the concept. So the build main damage dealer is transmuted cadence supported by 100% WPS that should hit with both hands. The build also features triple elemental devotion procs: Meteor Shower, Hand of Ultos, and Blizzard; full of beautiful triple element goodness.

For perfect crucible efficiency, it also has many racial damage bonus:
+27% damage to Undead
+34% damage to Chthonics
+22% damage to Eldritch

For Defense: 19/12 inquisitor seal + 20/12 damage reduction from aura of censure + about 2.7k Armor with 100% armor absorb. Heal from Word of Renewal, good lifesteal, and circuit breaker from ghoul.

Equipment Choices
Luminari Regalia set is chosen for its good bonus to inquisitor WPS. It also occupy head and weapon slot while also providing +2 inquisitor, thus +skills can be plenty. Also, craft all equipments at arngrim for +%armor or +%physique

Core Items:
Luminari Regalia set. Put the Gun at Main Hand
Off Hand: Mythical Havoc. Gun for physical/pierce tactician cadence, but it is a perfect fit for this build. all physical will be converted to elemental and it provide a really good sets of stats
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion. Perfect fit for this build and provide important stackable elemental RR, get bonus to aura of censure or inquisitor seal as completion bonus

Supporting Items:
Shoulder: Iron Maiden’s Shoulderguard or Fleshwarped Pauldrons. Only used for its +3 cadence, use any prefix/suffix you like.
Alternative Shoulder: Elite Malmouth Vanguard Pauldrons. is an excellent alternative. Providing flat physical damage and good sets of resistances
Gloves: Mythical Chilling Grip of Hagarrad. Inquisitor gives so much flat pierce, convert it as much as possible.
Pants: Kubacabra’s Chausses. For +3 to deadly momentum. “of Kings” suffix is preferred, use any prefix you like
Alternative Pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros. One of the best pants for auto-attacker, and will always be
Belt: Mythical Reforged Chains of Oleron. So much flat phys and +soldier.
Boots: Mythical Spellsage Boots. Good elemental-based boots, providing +2 censure, and good sets of cc res.
Alternative Boots: Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards. +2 to censure and decent defensive procs.
Rings: Elemental Harmony set. BiS. 64 flat elemental damage, godly procs, craftable.
Amulet: Empowered Essence of Beronath. BiS. 20 flat elemental, huge Attack speed bonus, +all skills, craftable

The best fire, cold, and lightning devotion procs in one build

Meteor Shower > to Inquisitor Seal
Blizzard > to Chilling Rounds
Hand of Ultos > to Storm Spread
Elemental Storm > to Cadence
Raise the Dead > to Bursting Round (only used for its node)
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff

LMB: Cadence
RMB: Point to Move
Keyboard 1: Word of Renewal
Keyboard 2: Inquisitor Seal

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Word of Renewal, ensure it always active or save it for heal.
Carefully positioning yourself.
Put the inquisitor seal on the ground and start the massacre.

So simple, you only need to concentrate on your positioning though. Always try to position yourself so that all enemy is in front of you.

Build Performance
151+ Crucible, Video with 4 buffs (from the 1st version, but gameplay on the new version is the same):

Average clear time is 9 minutes. Video above with 2x reaper and Rashalga.

Few notes regarding 151+:

  • At wave 159, kill your enemy in sequence so you can position yourself at bottom left corner to kill the AoM nemesis first at 160
  • At wave 161, kill the healer at top right corner first, then let Alek approach you and kill him at the very same spot.
  • At wave 163, quickly approach the 3 council at 163 and kill them there. Position your self so your attack for them also kill other trash mobs approaching you at that spot.
  • At wave 164, stay at bottom left spot, after it finish, kill the AoM nemesis spawn at that spot at wave 165
  • At wave 168, finish at top left corner to kill theodin first
  • at wave 169, you absolutely need to kill 2nd phase theodin as fast as possible, after that, kill one/two of the fatties or fleshweaver krieg while waiting for theodin to transform, then kill that last phase of theodin. After that, position yourself at bottom left corner to prepare for AoM Nemesis at wave 170, then kill anasteria and the rest of the fatties.

This is my first gunslinger build. Enjoy… :smiley:

Ye build is a shark bait, scallywag. :cool:

Discord conversion only apply to Cadence strike. So all flat phyz dmg from stay as phyz for WPS, Devotions etc. kinda sad. :frowning: Fighting form also apply only to Cadence hit, so I dunno if its a good idea to waste 9 points intro a skill that is rarely useful. You clear most trash with devotion procs anyway and for nemesis waves piercing dosent matter.

LOL. Thanks, I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, obviously, it’s transmute only cadence hit. That’s why you need to charge it as fast as possible :rolleyes:

EDIT: About fighting form, it’s actually good when you position yourself correctly so multiple nemesis can get pierced. I think it’s happen a lot in my crucible run. Good point though, leaving it to one points and spend the rest to fighting spirit or word of renewal or field command, need to test but I am too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Builds like this are fun, I had a similar one:
Went for a tankier setup with Justicar set and 2 Havocs. The latter is very good for this build even if it doesn’t give the right damage type: the skill bonuses are too good to ignore.

I was testing various Devotion setups, had some with Ghoul/Blizzard and others instead of Leviathan, but I always took the two tier 3 Elemental clusters.
With high AS and another proc tool such as Storm Box, they’re very potent.
I don’t remember which was the best in the end, it depends on how much offense/defense you want.

Naturally the weakness of this combo is relative lack of RR, but the multiple damage types and high damage makes up for it.

Yeah, but 2 weapon dealing physical damage but using discord cadence is … weird… I think you are better of sticking to physical / pierce with 2x havoc.
JoV made one and I really like it:

Also, I tried blind sage to in my first iteration of the build, and I don’t like it. Without CDR, the procs is weak compared to other powerful elemental T3 devo. Regarding Attak Seru, I won’t bother to try it, I had a very bad impression of it when I try it for levelling. Nodes is good though.

You are right regarding RR, the build need to compensate in damage, fortunately it helps that nemesis/boss don’t have full resist to all 3 elemental.

You know one more thing that will be interesting for discord cadence? 2x bargoll heart. I will need to test it if it’s good with low melee WPS that tactician has, but I really need to play monster hunter now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbDj5QN this setup . With a banner it should be superior to what you have now.

Yeah, I saw it from you lowering my OA. It feels weird seeing tactician that has low OA :sweat_smile:. I am trying to satisfy this forum beauty standard to complete 151+ crucible with only buffs.

I think you need to test it first, ptiro. Hit between cadence is weak because discord conversion only apply to cadence hit, so investing more to WPS is not good in increasing the global damage output. The WPS is there to charge cadence faster. Why don’t you invest it to good general skill like WoR, field command, or fighting spirit?

Regarding your devotion choices, Phoenix in a non-cdr build is kind of weird. Do you like it? Also, how do you bind the devo? You have 3 proc by attack chance devo there (fissure, rumor, and elemental storm). Two of them can be bound to cadence & Inquisitor seal for reliable proccing. Then you will need to have an additional proccing machine, I suggest storm box + lightning tether.

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Fresh take on a tactician, gratz on the build, Jabrixone.

One thing I dislike is dual Salts in weapons. You are missing out on so much flat damage on a DW build it makes me cry a bit.

I think racial damage on tri-elemental build is overrated, your strength comes from the amount of tri-elemental flat you can amass, plus you already have plenty of racial damage, it’s not like aetherials are particulary immune to elemental.

Thanks Madlee!
Unfortunately, I need that to kill theodin (and Alek) as fast as possible. It makes my cruci run smoother and easier.
Before that I have 2x seal of might though. I might try it again with 2xseal of resonance

You can experiment with Seal of Resonance + Hell Bane’s Ammo for example for more flat lightning too.

Also, Theodin and Alex is just 2-4 waves, but at the same time you are missing out on all that damage during other waves.

Before purifying salt, wave 169 is like my hardest wave because I cannot kill theodin quickly :sweat_smile:. But I see your points, more flat damage component to weapon is something worth to look at…

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Yeah, you have so much unsupported leftover physical/pierce damage that does nothing to your build, at this point Steel Resolve isn’t doing much for you at all.

Another thing that I wanted to pointed out, Luminari set offers huge support for wps, maybe worth taking Storm Spread to 15/10 for extra projectile.

All right, one more thing, sorry for being such a nit picker :slight_smile:

Since you have almost no buttons to push and your build is starved on OA for just 3 points investment you can get Rune of Hagaraad line that will give you 210 OA shred + freeze that should synergize well with set -freeze res.

This annoys me so much. I’m sure there’s a reason for this, probably mechanical, but it’s the reason I’ve never even tried a build like this. The lack of efficiency just kills it for me.

It is annoying, yeah. I guess it’s either intended or a mistake where the damage conversion should be a player stat instead of a skill mod.

Edit: I guess it is intended because transmuters never give passive player stats, the stats apply when the buff is active which for cadence is only the cadence strike?

There is no physical damage wasted because of discord, and only about 30% Piercing damage wasted, rest of them has been converted by luminari head, medal, and hagarrad gloves.

About storm spread. Naturally I have tried with getting 16/10 of storm spread for 1 extra projectile, but like I said before, hit before cadence is weak. Extra projectile will only serve for proccing devo better, which I don’t need for this build.

Markovian advantage WPS debuff enemy OA by 110ish and it’s not stackable with biting cold :sweat_smile:. Chilling rounds and blizzard freeze enemy by 1 second. All of my wps has already over all the utility you said ;).

Also, with damaging aura, you have no problem in activating deadly aim, so effective OA of 2900 is already sufficient for this build.

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Why did you all complain about cadence transmuter only apply to cadence hit? It’s perfectly logical. All of cadence modifiers also apply to cadence hit only.

The problem is only lack of item support. There is zero obvious support for discord cadence.

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Logical but bad. That’s it. Imagine the power of this build if discord applied to all attacks.

Anyways. I suggest trying to cut Markovian and Zolhan and pumping all your points to the inq WPS instead. I know you’re sold on the fast cadence charging thing but you mentioned Zolhan doesn’t do that so you only really lose 25% fastcharge chance. Suggesting this cause I found out in my runic bolts tactician (one of the two builds I minmaxed to death) that it was better to max three WPS than to half-ass 5 of them.

I will try with one seal of void and see if the charging will be consistent or not.

Converting all hit with only transmuter is OP. Especially if it’s physical damage.

Also, runic bolts with Max WPS will off course be good. Cadence is not empowering the WPS.

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