[]Anderos, the Runemaster - Double Rune Deceiver - 170 Build+Comprehensive Itemization Guide

Anderos, the Runemaster


This will probably be my final build post until FG comes out (or a major patch but Crate said there will be none before FG), and as the last build I’ll post for a while, I’ll be including a guide on how to itemize properly with this build, especially since this build is hard to make without greens.

The Build

Unlike most rune builds, this one does not rely on the raw strength of Hagarrad but instead supports and makes Rune of Kalastor a major damage source as well. Pure Hagarrad builds will use either Crescent Moon or Chillflame Evoker to boost the cold rune more. Some double rune builds also use Runebinder’s Spellthrower (along with full set, of course) to get the 5 pc RR bonus for the Runebinder set which amplifies both runes, but this one uses Anderos’ Amplifier + Obsidian Bulwark instead, in order to boost Rune of Kalastor instead without strengthening Hagarrad. The result is a balance between both runes, important for someone like me who’s tired of playing tens of Hagarrad builds. This is also tankier than your average 5 pc Runebinder build, since the inclusion of an MI shield means it can roll a lot of defensive stats. This can tank 1 reaper and kill him before he can do any significant damage, and that’s without lifesteal. Two reapers will require some intermittent kiting to reset savagery stacks tho.

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkW1dQN
Grimtools2: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVL5Lg6Z > this is better and cheaper, and the result of GT reminding me that Mythical Legplates of Valor exists.

char sheet with permanent buffs + Renewal and BoD


  • Maxed Hagarrad and Kalastor as much as I can, cause that’s what the build is.
  • 12/12 Biting cold for the DA shred, I can’t reach 20/12 Chillsurge with the current itemization and I don’t like using that one ring with Chillsurge bonus cause I’ll have shit OA. I don’t feel any lack of damage without it tho.
  • 17/10 Ignition helps to nuke nemeses in 160/170 and the dot is welcome too.
  • Maxed the whole Word of Renewal line, most notably Vigor because build has huge HP problems even when stacking Vitality suffixes. Steel Resolve maxed for OCD (wanted to reach 1800% Fire)
  • Build should have 22/12 Seal but for some reason I have 21/12. Take a point from CoF and put to seal.
  • Everything else is standard.


  • Seekers is great for elemental builds and is generally just a cool looking proc. Take it.
  • No Flame Torrent cause build doesn’t need it. Cleartime change is negligible for me at least.
  • Fissure/Blizzard combo is a nice complement to our double runes. Fissure can also sometimes proc twice in one Kalastor explosion.
  • Some people don’t like Giant’s Blood/Wayward Soul but these two help a lot here.
  • The rest are self explanatory.

Itemization will be tackled in the second post


Just a big thanks to all the members of this community. You guys are a big part why I stuck with this game for a long time. Saying this caue I won’t have a lot of playtime maybe in the next few months due to work and the fact that playing a lot is starting to affect my health negatively. Nothing really serious but I need a break :stuck_out_tongue:


The purpose of this section is to outline a detailed breakdown on how to fill in the non-core item slots for this build, especially the pants, boots and the shield affixes which is highly dependent on what drops you have. Also, this aims to show that even though the final build contains two specifix-affix MIs and a +5 Badge of Mastery, this can be built without godly items, that will still be very viable in the crucible. Finally, I am showing here my thought process in theorycrafting/creating a build, which while not as valuable as forum vets like Fluff, will hopefully help some newer players in making their own builds in the future. Let’s start:

  1. Formulating build concept and putting in core items, skills and devotions

With the way I make builds, After thinking of a build concept (which should obviously be the first step in buildmaking), I select the core items of my build, then put in devotions and core skills. For this discussion, I just used the link of my final build, took out all items except the core ones and show it to you guys. Here it is:


That link shows what I consider the core items for this build. I didn’t include the bulwark cause some of you might choose to dual wield Amplifiers which can be good but I haven’t tried yet. Skills and Devotions were already elaborated in first post.

  1. Selecting accessories and offhand

After having the build as shown above, the next thing to do is to select what the offhand and (remaining) accessories for you build will be. Why choose the accessories first instead of the pants/boots?. Selecting the offhand first is kinda obvious cause it’s a weapon, but the accessories not so. For me, the reasons are: (1) higher %damage mods on accessories compared to armor, (2) The presence of Badge of Mastery and +skill mods on medals and (3) the pants/boots slot should be used more for covering resists. In choosing candidates for these slots, I ask myself these (in order of importance):

-Does this item give me a significant amount of % damage or RR?
-Does this item support a skill that needs support?
-Does this item give me other useful offensive bonuses? (OA, crit damage, speed)
-Does this item give me useful non resistance defensive bonuses? (DA, health, regen)
-Does this item give me useful resistances?
-Item availability (not a problem for a GDstasher)

The last two can be moved up depending on your view on MIs and GDstash, but for me who doesn’t care, MI pants and boots will usually cover resists. Looking at the candidates for the ring and medal slot, the following are candidates:

Ring: Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire (craftable and supports fire and cold), Mythical Band of Wandering Souls (blue and supports chillsurge), Mythical Band of Eternal Haunt (cold RR), Purple Alkamos Rings (Pierce to cold conversion)

My end choice was a second ice and fire ring due to supporting both fire and cold, as well as giving me a proc source and OA/crit bonuses. Wandering souls give me a needed 20/12 chillsurge but doesn’t support fire and other stats suck. Band of eternal haunt also doesn’t help Kalastor while Alkamos ring isn’t good without it’s pair. You can select a different one from the list or even something that isn’t in there (like a cronley ring with good affixes).

Medal: Badge of Mastery (+5 to Hagarrad is ideal but anything with bonus to any of the runes is fine), Mythical Mark of Kalastor (caps rune of kalastor but doesn’t provide anything else), Infiltrator’s green medal of anything with +2 to Hagarrad (can roll with very great suffix and medal can have useful stat by itself). Tactician’s green medal of anything with +2 Kalastor (Same with previous).

My pick is obviously +5 Hagarrad BoM here cause that’s the most dps gain but I understand that only a small amount of players will have that, so I recommend a green medal with +2 Hagarrad. Even the craftable ones are very good, Watcher in particular cause it provides good resists.

Offhand: Obsidian Bulwark is surely my pick here but if you wanna go for something like DW anderos then it’s fine. I just like the tankiness.

The build will look like this after including my items of choice: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo1Wjl2 I didn’t include shield affixes cause it’s a fairly common drop in BoC so you’ll surely have some choices to make which is pretty important next part.

  1. Remaining Components

Putting this above pants/boots cause there are much less choices here compared to the armors. Keep in mind that boots component will most likely be Ugdenbog Leather so consider bleed resist here as 57%.

I chose the following:

-Head: Sanctified Bone, very good now in cruci due to the racial bonuses. The vit res is also a nice bonus
-Chest: Chains of Oleron, I wanted another bone here but I can’t live with the OA so I got chains.
-Weapons: Seal of Resonance, Elemental damage and Stun res to free head component slot as well as boots/pants slot. You only need around 25% stun res for the current game, both campaign and cruci so these seals are enough.
-Medal: We’ll have tainted heart for now. It’s kinda an obvious choice though if you see the final build I changed it to Topaz. I’ll explain it later when we get to that point.
-Others are self explanatory, I guess.

Build looks like this afterwards: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MJMY4V

  1. Pants and Boots and Armor Augments, Shield Affixes

These two slots will be mostly used to cover resistances, but this build has a shortage of HP so you should do your best to fill in that weakness.

First we look at resists: We lack 102% Pierce res, 43% Bleed res, 32% Aether res. Looking at armor augments, we have a few cases: (1) 70% max Pierce res using 7 Bladeward Powders, (2) 32% Aether res (capped) and 62% Pierce Res using 4 Malmouth soulguard powders and 3 Bladeward powders and (3) 32% Aether res (capped), 42 % Pierce Res and 24% Bleed res (capped) using 4 Malmouth Soulguard powders, 1 Bladeward powder, 1 Wendigo Bloodscent Powder. Keep these things in mind when choosing the last two items (numbers above will be different depending on ring and medal choice).

The above numbers mean that the boots/pants slot should at least be able to fill in the pierce res weakness and patch up health, pierce res is easy but most of the non MI options that could fill that in will have a hard time increasing health to around 10k, which unless you’re Ptiro, you’ll struggle in cruci without that amount of health. Again, other medal/ring/offhand choices will probably cause you less health problems but you’ll miss out on damage. Pick your poison.

The options we have for pants are: Venomskin Legwraps, Mythical Wendigomane Leggings, Mythical Dread Knight’s Leggings, Reaper’s Legguards (regardless of affixes, it’s a good choice). I chose Wendigomane cause I wanted to stack a good amount of phys resist, but from the criteria stated above, the BiS should be Venomskin (for non MI) or a Reaper Legguards with enough Bleed res to cap. Come to think of it, as I was typing this, I saw Mythical Legplates of Valor in GT. That blue pants should be BiS. Provides phys res, health, DA, Pierce and Bleed resist. Totally forgot that item. A Reaper’s legguards of Vitality should provide more health but this has well rounded stats while being a blue.

Taking Mythical Legpaltes of Valor for pants, Pierce is the only thing uncappable by augments remaining (aether should be capped with soulguard powders). Out of all boots with pierce res, Golemborn Greaves provides the most health while giving us valuable armor and phys res. We select that shoe. We get this after the boots addition: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26PJ7bZ (HOLY SHIT THIS DOESN’T LOOK LIKE ANYTHING IN THE FIRST POST, THE PANTS CHANGED EVERYTHING)

For shield affixes, since we have mostly solved the health problem, we should just go for the best one available which will depend on your drops. Imo, you should look for (in order of importance)

(1 or 2). Phys res or CDR, these two can be interchanged depending if you want defense or offense. If you have one but not the other then it’s autopick.

  1. OA. Not many shield affixes have this but rune builds have shit OA so this is always helpful.

  2. Health. We still only have 10.4k HP before the shield so more health is welcome

  3. DA. 3k DA is already good but more is welcome.

  4. Resists, in case you need more.

My pick for this is either Immovable of Vitality or Immovable of Attack. Build is already finished at that point and should be ready for testing. Here’s how it looks like: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVL5Lg6Z

That build is a bit different than the one in the first post, and honestly, I think this one is better.

Here’s an alternative build provided by Dioarchet: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZr33M0N

That build is outdated and was made for the old cruci before 170 release but it should provide an insight on how to build without BoM. He gave me the freedom to adjust this for the current meta but I don’t have much time now. Will do it later.

THANKS FOR READING EVERYONE! Hope this guide will help new players.

Synergy.jpg :smiley:

Member the days of soldiers running around calling themselves commandos or witchblades while only taking 2 skills in the other class? I member :rolleyes:

Nice job. I once designed something for “Old” Crucible: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZr33M0N

It might have some useful ideas in terms of defence and easy itemisation.

Protip: It requires 17% CDR to proc 1 seeker/second if you bind it to CoF. So a Chronomancer’s or Supercharged prefix on your shield is key. That also helps you spam more runes too.

Yeah, I actually used Chronomancer before but after a long time of not playing GD (was still active here but never really played) I had to use a tankier version cause I’m a bit rusty. Thanks!

edit: Like how you build that one. Censure over Conviction for new patch of course and some refining on 1 pointers but it looks great and should still work wonders in current cruci. Can I include this build in the itemization guide?

Not verbatim - again it was designed for Old Crucible so a lot of assumptions about stun resist, etc. don’t hold anymore. But please feel free to modify it as you see fit, keeping with the no green/MI/Conduit/BoM requirement.

A variation of that build is if the player can achieve 34% CDR through great rolls. Then Elemental Storm can proc once per second and can be bound to Seal. Then the points in Hydra can be put in Amatok for Blizzard on Storm Box.

Thanks. I included the old version in the guide. Will update it if I have the time.

Also, Itemization guide is 95% done, and it made me make a cheaper but better setup lol.

I think Crate should rework bonuses on that shield. You are really only benefiting from 25% crit damage to one rune from this shield, I think 19% cdr from an off-hand would be a much greater performance boost overall. Or is this shield supposed to be used by physical runes Deceiver/Apostate with Beronath sword?

Great guide though.

Did you test Ultos vs Seeker?

You can also get CDR from shield but I choose to have better defenses to be able to be reliable against 2 reapers. Shield phys RR is out of place but we don’t really need flat RR for this anyway. Flat fire/phys should be better but whatever, the build isn’t lacking in damage.

Ultos RR is great against most guys but it doesn’t really do any damage by itself cause build isn’t lightning so I don’t like it. The lack of fire bonuses also triggers my OCD for >1800% damage mod on relevant damage types. Also, Seekers are cool visually. That’s the most important thing.

Understandable. I would love to get seekers on my build as well, just a weird devotion route.

How is build performance in Crucible anyway? Under 10 minutes? Under 9 minutes?

Cruci cleartime is very lag dependent for me. It can go from around 8:39 to 10 min if the lag blows up full time. Pretty sure 8 min clear can be consistent on better rigs.