[] Grim Dawn SUBJECTIVE Class Rankings - Post your personal rankings here and we'll pool it into a singular list of sorts

Yeah. Paladin should be S.

@ya1 your list doesn’t have Apostate. Does it mean it’s worse than our big 3? :rofl:


Oh for frak sake, how the heck did that get mixed up from my brain to my fingers. This is like those times where you want to spell a simple word like, “trace” and suddenly it just goes right out of your head.

It’s fine. Classless is neither a mastery nor a class :rofl:


Oh ok so i might have overvalued the ritualist if both DO and WB got nerfed. Also GHol got nerfed too via the Serpent Circlet nerf. But the conj still deserves an S i think because pets, best vit, (kinda) decent lightning alternative to vindi and druid, etc.

What’s wrong with Paladin in B (kinda C)?

Apostate a solid C. Here, updated. Also demoted the trickster because it’s only bleed and bleed is kinda retarded, and as cold it’s kinda inferior to every other cold nightblade, generally too squishy, beginner unfriendly, etc.

Doesn’t really have any outstanding performer ( Ranged Rata got nerfed) and it’s pretty limited when it comes to dmg types ( Physical, Fire and Rutniks aether) which other classes do better. If anything I would put defiler to C, at least it has Gargabol’s Fire strike, Blightlord, Agrivix and Aether Stun Jacks going for it.

Also probably the best DO Ritualist of this patch [] Nightbringer Dark One Ritualist CR 4:55/ SR 105/ Ravager + Mogdrogen + Crate boss

Rip Korba’s. At least they still have Demonslayer for a hybrid bleed/vit build to salvage them.

Thank you for this interesting topic! @x1x1x1x2

I’m a very casual player mainly enjoy MC, and play mostly DW melee.
So the list will be based on my preference. My playtime is around 2,600hrs.
Here is the list.

Chaos DW melee using double Spark of Reality, like this.
Mediocre build, but straightforward gameplay with little nice gimmicks,
and very tanky. This is the build I enjoy the most.

Many says it’s weakest, but it is nice to be able to play fire DW melee from the very beginning.
Leveling with explosive strike, flame torrent, and Legion Firestarter is my favorite.
And no problem finishing ultimate MC. Also, Nex and Ortus are the one of the coolest sets
in this game imo.

Easy to gear, very powerful DW melee character. I’m not a big fan of parma Blade Spirit though.

Retal with fevered rage is fun, though I don’t play the build much. Retal is strong but kinda…
@afanasenkov26’s chaos DW melee build is also very fascinating.

DW ranged with rutnick guns and bonemonger set is decent, and fun to play for me.

Totem build gave me lots of legendary items in early days.

Might is right. I love tankiness.

I haven’t played this class much, but the concept is so cool.

I wish lightning DW melee was MUCH more powerful…

I’m now working on Rearranging @x1x1x1x2’s the Runemaster build.
Mine would be like this. Fun to play.
Though I should say these are almost single inquisitor class builds, maybe.

Loving DW melee, no Infil,Derv,Wicthhunter??
OK, I hate using ABB for LA buff…

That’s all, thank you.


The masteries got the synergy. Plus the double passive rr. It’s just that gear is shit. B is definitely too much but I still think it deserves a C. Purifier is better ranged, shieldbreaker is better a caster but paladins got better defense tho.

Yeah, I wouldn’t go as far as C but it’s a solid D after the last few patches.

Well I didn’t expect to see someone put warlock in first place, especially with the mediocre mention :rofl:

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I don’t think someone will put warlock in the 1st neither.
Mediocre, but no problem farming SR75-76. And no one uses Spark of Reality.
That may be a part of reason I enjoy the class :wink:

Also patch won’t ruin warlock, hopefully.

There’s no retal warlock (yet) so I think we’re safe :thinking:

Warlocks have AAR, so nerfs are guaranteed :laughing:.


1-10 - Warder



Can you drop a gt of that?

No it surely is not. Anger. Misery. [I suffered no mastery].

I’m holding out hope for this final patch. Zantai has made us Paladin lovers suffer enough. :wink: (Okay, I shouldn’t say that because he might take it as a challenge.) IT ISN’T OH GREAT ONE! I assure you! F%$k! I’m doomed.

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My top 10 is based on playtime (which includes leveling in MC as well as endgame activities like farming) and the fun I had during that playtime. I don’t follow any meta, so I don’t care what’s the strongest or weakest class. The list is dominated by Occultists since it’s my favorite mastery. The 10th rank is pretty much interchangeable with the honorable mentions, I struggled to put a class in this spot so in the end I just took one of my current favorites.

Rank Class Notes
1 Warlock I got more Warlock builds than anything else, so naturally it’s #1. I know some skills are better used with other mastery combos but like I said, I don’t care for any meta
2 Conjurer I spent a lot of time with this class, especially with my Double Familiar build (not a fan of pets in general but I love ravens).
3 Spellbinder I used to play this class a lot after AoM came out (mostly AAR and CT). Not that much recently but it still deserves a spot in the top 3
4 Sorceress I haven’t spent that much time with this class compared to some others, but I’m having a lot of fun with it. Meteors!
5 Witch Hunter My favorite DW melee class
6 Warder I only got one Warder but it was my main farmer for a long while. Also my first build that ever beat SR76 (back when double Kaisan was a thing)
7 Pyromancer I got only one Pyro but it was my main farmer for a long while. Also my 2nd oldest build (the oldest is a Trickster from Early Access, still not yet leveled to 100)
8 Ritualist I wasn’t a fan of Drain Essence at first but after taking it into endgame, I really like it. My Acid Spray build is fun as well
9 Shieldbreaker again, Meteors! I really like death from above :smile:
10 Cabalist Soullance, nuff said :smile:

Honorable mentions: Elementalist, Oppressor, Sentinel, Spellbreaker, Trickster, Tactician. Haven’t played the other classes that much (or at all) or didn’t find them as fun as the others. But that will probably change after 1.1.9 drops, I’m gonna revisit a lot of classes that I tried only briefly or ignored altogether.



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uses dual blades with caster off-hand :sweat_smile:

If this is so fast then maybe someone would like to test a similar silly Trickster with 6 double rare greens :stuck_out_tongue:
Maxed out Blade Spirits and Storm Totems + Chain Lightning. Although not sure if it survives Crucible.

Oh and @Valinov has a great 2H CL / BS / TSS Spellbreaker with only 2 Greens
Definitely worthy of adding to GrimSheet.

Sorry for OT.


it’s fast because of the amount of damage added to omen. just look at those numbers.

thanks for spellbreaker, will add this glass-canon later.

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