[] (DW Melee) The Faceless Void - Chaos Cadence Witchblade [c+] [sr+]

Dunno how I actually came up with the idea of this build. I was looking through the new MIs and thought where I could fit in Naren Kur’s sword. So … I tried chaos Witchblade multiple times but only now it seems pretty good to me. GT LINK - CLICK ME





  • Armor - BiS choice here without doubt;
  • Weapons - Fang is the best legendary Chaos weapon and Naren Kur’s sword fits really good with flat and conversion to MA;
  • Rings - both for RR, M. Entropy is good for flat but RR scales better here.



  • High damage - almost 300k tooltip for Cadence under procs and DM;
  • Very simple and satisfying gameplay;
  • Nice tankiness.


  • Special suffix “of the Abyss” is highly needed on the sword.


CRUCIBLE - best run of 5:28 so far!



Special thanks to all Safarel Discord Community.


Nice to see chaos witchblade performing that well with the new MI. Well done!


Foreseen is forearmed!


Wouldn’t this be better with dual wielding the Naren Kur and using Touch of Chaos as default attack?

I don’t think so. w/o Fang of Cthton we lose a huge amount of lifesteal (that is crucial) and extra RR, which is important too.
and generally, the idea behind the build was to see how good or bad is chaos Cadence.
and as for ToC, better leave it for WH :slightly_smiling_face:

I would put 1 point in Zolhans Revenge. One point will lead to 8 ( with boni). This will lead ro roughly 200 % Weapon damage which should be more than an default auto attack with both hands. Also the Activation chance is 24 % , which will lead to nearly 100 % wps, without interfering with the rest of the wps.

The main downside of ZT here is that it hits only with 1 hand and the animation on 1handers is slow (afaik), so it’s very arguable damagewise.

As far as i know, default attacks have only a chance to attack with both hands. L =Lefthand damage R = Right hand damage
So the default attack is 0,25 x L + 0,25 x R + 0,5 ×(L+R)
If i say that L =R that combines to 1,5 x L.
Zolhans Revenge is 2 x L . So a net gain of 33%. Its still bad compared to a dual wield wps, but better than the default attack.

The animation for ZT is terribly slow with DW, so the regular attack is better - been this way since we could DW weapons unfortunately.

MA for DW and ZT for 2-handers

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Out of curiosity, wouldn’t Chaos Cadence be superior with two Servitor’s Corruptors?

Nice build.

I have a similar one but no Cadence, using Touch of Chaos as default attack replacer and using Doom Bolt, as well. I’d like some comments for improvement. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gAp4OZ

I’m not familiar with building Chaos and built this without looking up any guides, so my question is Guardian’s Gaze proc better than Flame Torrent proc in this case?

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I can’t afford myself dropping Fang as it provides too much vital stats like ADctH, RR and +1 to Occ.
But I tried t with 1 Servitor’s cleaver and results were ± the sa,e, or a bit worse.
I’d say, with Cleaver the Cadence itself hits harder, with Naren Kur’s sword basic attacks are better.

it is. GG has higher flat damage value and also has lifeleech on every projectile, that is super-solid.

Good to know for my future Chaos builds. :slight_smile:
I’ll try your Devotion route and post results when I can.

I’d say that Demon Fire is more for fire builds and GG for acid and chaos.

build updated for as the hotfix made ZT somewhat usable.

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Download links also updated? Thanks for the build

yes, now they’re updated too. :slight_smile:

Damn thats pretty cool build. New to forums this is my version that I’m rocking atm on HC https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MGmY7Z

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