[] Arcanor Elemental Forcewave+Seekers - Tactician - 150-170 in 8:30 min

[i]I’ve drooled over the stats on this amazing weapon since AoM launch and even so I was surprised that it was one of the fastest clearing builds. Started with Seeker+Seru and didn’t like, went Dying God and was better but lacked procs. Tora (thanks for testing) had better results with Fiend. Given those results I though why not add Meteors & the much underused Seekers.

Damage got massive in AoM and inSingle target. Those little buggers blow up at up to 70K+ when critting. Each well aimed Arcane Devastation will spawn 3-4 Seekers which is very nice. Torrent+Meteors+Arcane Devastation Provide your elemental FW the 360 AoE it needs to be complete.

The Damage of FW itself is super solid. I’ve had 400K max. It’s not Primal Strike S but it’s very consistent with all the procs in place. The main appeal of FW in crucible is it’s immunity to fumble and tactical line 'em up & smash gameplay. All you need is some slow resistance to make it work hence the green boots. Otherwise Runeguard Greaves are an easy Replacement. Gearing in general is satisfying as it can hard cap both Arcane Empowerment and Steel Resolve.[/i]

[v1.0.6.1]Video 150-170 Gladiator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBxTH5iiHUk&feature=youtu.be (8:30 min) The real kill time is ~7:30min even 7 min. A big thanks to Tora who kindly took time and tested some of my setups across several builds bringing conclusive results that for every run a make there is a 1 minute penalty added due to laggy mob filled waves. At 169 I was super trolled by faulty AI on bloated guy:rolleyes:

All buffs and procs on including insight from pants. My pierce res is maxed in game

Grim tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwgO8nZ
Grim Tools No Greens ( bit risky in crucible without some slow res) -https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZydOkwV

It is important, if you have it that you use Luminari Comendation for the pierce>elemental conversion, stealing relevant damage from Rend and pierce part of Arcane Empowerment. As said above you can use Runeguard Greaves in Campaign. NON Mythical Handguards of justice are used cause the myth ones conversion mess up your elemental forcing you into fire main. You want all 3 to be powerful

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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What a monster :rolleyes: .
I suggest Sanctified bone for chest and, if you can afford it for Head. 12% moar dmg against Rapist, Grava, Benny, Moose, Zanty. I`ve put them on every build and more that satisfied with results - half of big boys are either Chtonic or Undead.

Sound idea. Although the OA without deadly aim is a bit low. I wouldn’t take the diamond off not only for the flat elemental but when you get burst and the proc on it activates you retaliate with some pretty big damage to all around you

I`m toying right now with Desolator setup - with 2 bones+Revenant it drop Rapist under 3 seconds and Grava before he can even get close. 2300 unbuffed OA :smiley:

Yeah, with blessing+vanguard, oleron chains become less potent. But the stats screen is in campaign, for those that may paly campaign. Worth mentioning sanctified bone though. Sad Runeguard have no slow do hardcap steel resolve. Massive dmg

Oh it’s out. Well done

Looking at it now i wonder if we can’t fit in arcane harmony leggings or mageguard leggings for those that don’t have MIs pants available. and also for more elemental procs

Great build as usual, watched your video till the end, close one with Alexander on wave 161, but overall, monstrous power even that oa looks kinda meh on paper.

My humble min-maxer suggestion, take Charriot instead of Flame Torrent, you pack so much Crit Damage, every bit of additional OA gotta be pretty awesome for that build.

Also, Inquisitor mastery is op for Crucible when you can max Seal + Censure

Racial bonuses in inquisitor are neat too. 12%less dmg from half meanies and 20%more against them.

I guarantee it’s not worth dropping fiend. I used to have DG as described with more OA and 40% more crit. Tested myself and Tora various devotion paths. This devotion setup rocks:p Excellent coverage

Wave 161 was me being reckless really

Yeah, I guessed that you like Fiend for that endless proc that leeches too, just a shame that build got soooo much crit damage and not that much oa (despite being already monstrous).

And neat CC-resists/DA/OA/Aether/Chaos res. Everytime I go from Infiltrator or Vindicator to my Conjurer, it’s just a totally different feel, less nimble, more vulnerable, requires more focus, etc.
Strongest (as in most well-rounded) builds revolve around Inquisitor these days, with Infiltrator being the strongest and most versatile of them all probably.

Very cool to see Elemental Arcanor still works very well, and looking forward to trying this out.
Always enjoy a build that uses the visually impressive Elemental Balance rings.
How does it compare though to say a Fire FW Tactician spec?

Is the Elemental spec more consistent, better sustain, better DPS-wise, or has better AOE?

I have an elemental tactician, a fire tactician and commando. As i can only speak from my own experience and builds, i’d rank them
Ele tactician > commando > fire tactician

Elemental tacti is the fastest clearer, commando is the sturdiest

Edit: Scratch that. My fire tacti is still using items and devos from the DA era so i’d have to swap some stuff out and tweak her some and then do some runs to see how she performs in comparison to the fire commando and ele tactician.

nice build your amazing well done.
im playing pyromencer build pets and im confused with devotion im wonder if u can help me witch devotion i should use plz thx.

Quite surprised how little defence 170 builds can get by with these days; the gap between Main Campaign builds and Crucible builds seems to have narrowed considerably.

Well if you don’t play at Fluff’s level you’ll likely need more defense. You’ll see some players who disagree with his defensive choices in his other builds.

Also while the gap between MC and cruci builds did narrow, Crucible is still no place for most wonky builds. The previous meta had more of those considering you can clear cruci with just enough DA.

If your damage is high enough, you clear fast enough which = defense. Also great lifesteal. Just don’t catch meteors with your teeth like i did at 161 or let Reaper hit you more than 5 times in a row. His “Savagery” charges don’t last very long so you can contain his power with a bit of stutter stepping after the first 4 seconds of fighting.

Some builds can even kill him in that 4 sec window


If you mean devotion for pet pyromancer then I recommend Dashivs’s Draccaris build

@Serious Comedy.

Haven’t played Fire FW. This is my first FW/Tremor build. He should be sturdy cause of Justicar high armor + Field command and some temper. I think elemental is slightly more efficient with it’s RR but in the end they would be kinda the same. Also if arcanor has Arcane Devastation, Fire FW can occasionally shotgun with granted ability from shraz weapon for massive dmg. Both should be fun. I’d also be tempted to play Fire FW as Commando not Tact.

The Green boots can be Replaced with Runeguard Greaves easily but pants are hard. I’d take any Aleks heavy pants with some poison res on them and they should be good. You get +3 rend/Steel resolve. i think valor panties are necessary for no MI

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZydOkwVI’ll include this. Some venomguard/sylva augment and udenbog lelather was needed. You win a bit of phys res though

Superfluff thx very much <3 but i still have gear prblm because i dont have aom dlc (gear lv max 75)

it’s perfect then cause that build is pre AoM:p

Holy cow, I didn’t see this thread for 2 days! My fuzzy eyes :rolleyes:

@Fluff, great job here!

Btw what if I say Rune of Hagarrad 1/1/1 looks better than Word of Pain 1/1/1? With all skill mods RoH provides additional 170 DA shred and some freeze + frostburn in wide area

Thanks:). You could but proccing with haggarad is cumbersome and unreliable save for a single target you shotgun