[] Belgothian DW Chaos Melee Witch Hunter - wait, what?

[b]Hey guys,

since I am still in love with melee dw chaos builds and everybody is sitting aroung crying about melee Chaos is shit (I’d include myself here), I tried to bring up a solution, at least for me. It’s not the fastest Nemesis killer and I have no clue how this toon is doing in Crucible, but it’s a lot of fun to play. Plus, Fevered Rage.[/b]


This is a dual wielding Witch Hunter build, making use of the Belgothian’s Slaughter Set together with 50% Pierce to Chaos dmg conversion and 35% Physical to Chaos conversion. It is relying heavily on ADCTH and therefor on the damage it inflicts and Attack Speed. This grants high survivability and high damage at the same time, resulting in a very fluid and satisfying gameplay. The only greens I use are a Cronley’s Signet (since I farmed this guy like 5000 times) and crafted boots. This results in this build being okayish to gear up for and approachable for new players.

Some of the items can be replaced by other, optional Gear (see below).

Without Abominable Might active you inflict about 110k paper DPS. With Abom proc, you will sit around 160k DPS, which is plenty. Additionaly, your procs will hit hard and your WPS result in high damage output.

The OA can be pushed to >3200 with alternative gear, no problem. DA sits around 2400, so it’s pretty low. Nevertheless, it’s enought to clear all vanilla content. I wanted to present you a build without too many godly rolled MIs.

Resist Reduction is served by Devotion Procs and Skills. Since we deal mainly Chaos dmg, you will have the maximum benefit out of those.

As Auto Attack Replacer we’re using Belgothian Strikes from the Belgothian’s Slaughter Set 5 pieces set bonus. Both Nightblade and Occultist don’t offer an Auto Attack Replacer out of the box, so we need this (must have). Aspect of the Guardian offers much needed flat Chaos dmg (thanks, Darkblaze Source), 100% Poison and Acid Resistance and 12% Physical Resistance; overcapped Possession grants additional Reduced Overall Damage. You also want Dual Blades maxed out for the flat Chaos dmg. With gear, you will sit at >20% Physical Resistance and overcapped Elemental Resistances, which can easily be pushed even higher with optional gear. As usual, your Weapon & Devotion procs make many of the trash mobs die just by running around them.

Bloody Pox with Fevered Rage will boost your OA/DPS a lot and it’s just hilarious to use vs Nemesis. :slight_smile: As a beginner, you might want to use it with caution.

Fabius Kill

Without Abominable Might:

LMB - Belhothian Strikes (Flame Torrent)
RMB - Shadow Strike (Acid Spray)
Keyboard 1 - Pneumatic Burst
Keyboard 2 - Blood of Dreeg
Keyboard 3 - Curse of Frailty (Eldritch Fire)
Keyboard 4 - Bloody Pox (Twin Fangs)

Cast Curse of Frailty on the mobs you want to approach, Shadow Strike in, cast Pox and LMB everything until corpses pile up on the floor.
Don’t forget to cast PB and BoD to keep 100% uptime on both.
Against Nemesis and other hard Boss Mobs, cast Fevered Rage with caution. Wield them down after.
Keep in mind, stun and freeze effects are your main enemies. As soon as you can’t hit an enemy you will die rather quickly.
Due to your low HP pool and DA, you might have a little thrill playing. Deal with it.

This is not recommended as a boring safe bet playstyle or HC character.

Crucible: Dunno.

Gameplay Videos:

Might follow.

Alternative Gear:

Might follow.

You can shift this DW WH just by gearing into more of a Acid/Poison or Vitality Damage dealing build. Always try to keep your Attack Speed at at least 190% and try to cap your Resistances. With some nice MIs, you can easily cap them out and have even more OA/DA than my current recommended setup. I just didn’t want to put those really rare MIs into my recommended gear, because they can be very hard to grind and find (even though I have plenty). Cronley’s Signets and Viloth’s Rings are rather easy to farm, imo, compared to nice MI Pants. Try to craft yourself some better rare boots for even more DA and HP!


  • very fluid and fun gameplay, leaving you satisfied and entertained
  • can easily clear and farm Ultimate
  • Nemesis are your bitch
  • very fast Challenger Crucible clearing speed
  • dishes out a lot of DPS
  • Fevered Rage


  • not a Gladiator Crucible farmer, as far as I can tell
  • a bit squishy

To sum it up, this is not a build that can clear Gladiator without any stress, but it is well rounded, with high DPS and so much fun to play with. You will be pleased with the playstyle. Give it a try!

Shoutouts to Chthon, JoV, Thrasheur, TomoDaK, Superfluff, Drizzto and jajaja.

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Leveling Guide:


Solael’s Witchblade
Revenant (5 Points)
Scholar’s Light
Oklaine’s Lantern
Ulzuin’s Torch (3 Points)
Empty Throne (2 Points)


There are two main options while leveling. You can use Amarasta’s Blade Burst + Lethal Assault (which I recommend) or Dreeg’s Evil Eye Line to level up to level 50. At level 55 you can craft Shard of Beronath, which is our main attack tool for now, as it replaces your Auto Attacks. After having SoB applied to one of your weapons, you can skill out of ABB or DEE. That should be at the end of Normal / beginning of Elite. Not having SoB, you should stick with ABB+LE on your left mousebutton (skill out of DEE now).

I will now focus on the ABB route. Bind Flame Torrent to ABB and Twin Fangs to a WPS early on. I usually don’t bother playing Veteran. The Items you find will be replaced later on anyway and its much faster/safer to play just on Normal. The missing XP can be grinded up through some BoC Runs at the end of Normal. I usually don’t play AoM in Normal.

Level 1-25:
Start with Nightblade Mastery. Put 1 Point into Dual Blades and one into ABB.
On level 2, put 1 point into Veil of Shadows and two into you Mastery Bar. From there on, I like a 1-2 scheme in skillpoint distribution. Put one point into a skill and two into your Mastery Bar. This way, you will be close to 50/50 on your Mastery Bars at level 50. This scheme can be broken out of occasionally, to bring certain skills to 5. I usually leave most skills at 5, until I’ve finished the Mastery Bars.

With 5 Points put into your NB Mastery Bar, skill into PB and BS. Pneumatic Burst is very helpfull throughout the game and especially in the early levels, as a healing mechanic.
Start equipping two weapons as early as possible! I recommend to start dual wielding around level 5.
As I’ve recently seen a Streamer doing his first playthrough with a WH, not using Pneumatic Burst 24/7, I want to quickly point out, that PB should be up and running all the time! The same goes with Blood of Dreeg.
At level 10, Take Occultist as your second Mastery. Put 5 Points into your Mastery Bar, one into CoF and 5 into Solael’s Witchfire.

Go on putting Points into you Mastery Bars. Take Lethal Assault, Amarasta’s Quick Cut and Night’s Chill up to level 5 on the way asap. Leave SS and Shadow Dance at one. Put two Points into Vulnerability.

While leveling, always try to explore the whole map for maximum XP gain and chances to find rare items. Try equipping Weapons and Jewelry with +OA, +AS and Attack Damage converted to Health, as well as some Resistances on you Jewelry. Even some yellow Rings and Amulets can be very powerfull with the right rolls. I also like wearing a Medal with + %XP gain.
At level 18, you can craft yourself a Calamity Relic. It hits pretty hard with its shotgun mechanic. I usually keep Calamity on up until level 35, when you can craft Slaughter. Another option is crafting a Mistborn Talisman Relic at level 25 and use Troll Rage as your Auto Attack Replacer. It hits pretty hard and can be combined with Lethal Assault (LA’s 4 sec buff applies to all of your attacks). If you Troll Rage along, bind Flame Torrent to it! Afterwards, at level 35, you can decide whether to switch to the Slaughter Relic or to keep on Troll Raging until you can craft a Shard of Beronath at level 55. Slaughter provides the better stats, but is a bit expensive to craft.

Now a major tip for players, already able to craft Omen. Try to craft yourself two of these bad boys at level 25 as fast as possible. Those deal so much damage and the Proc is very powerful. Those can possibly carry you up until level 50, if you are unlucky and don’t find some nicely rolled Weapons with fast AS. Try to find some gear with + Cunning, if you are lacking the stats to wear those.
Also, start farming Cronley for a few times to find one or two nicely rolled Cronley’s Signets.

Level 25 - 50:
Go on passing through the game while exploring every corner. Always try to equip the best rolled Armor and keep yourself alive with PB and maybe some ADCTH on your Weapons/Jewelry (with Omen BiS). Start keeping an eye on your Resistances. At level 35, check the Faction Vendors available to you, to possibly buy superior Items and Augments. Craft yourself a Rhowari Cord (Belt Armor) at the Blacksmith, if possible.

Near the end of your first playthrough, you can start shifting some skillpoints, if needed. You could skill out of a WPS and put those points into Lethal Assault or PB, for example. At level 45, having found the Blueprint, you can craft an Adept’s Spellblade at the Blacksmith. Try to craft yourself an Adept’s Spellblade of the Abyss or Plaguebearer’s (I recommend doing that at level 46, this is when the Suffix can roll with higher stats). Replace one Omen with it.

Reaching level 50, if you are an experienced player, equip some Legendary items. If this is your first playthrough, compare the gear available at the Faction Vendors with your gear again and try to stack up some nice rares/epics. Also check the Blacksmith for new craftable stuff.

For example, a nice temporary level 50 Amulet is the Avarice of Androneus.

Having finished the game and all the Sidequests (including Hidden Path) on Normal you should sit at around level 55. If not, grind some XP at BoC or SoT. At level 55, craft yourself the Shard of Beronath Component asap. Not having the Blueprint, you can stick to ABB+LE and do some Treasure Trove Runs.
Here you can see a possible run in the second half of the video. Other conveniant Treasure Trove Runs are Kilrian Runs (also helpful to find the Component Parts of Kilrian’s Shattered Soul), the first two SoT levels before the gate and the Treasure Troves at Tyrant’s Hold.
If this is your first Character, you will have to grind some Enemies or farming routes to get the best results. Deal with it, it’s an ARPG.

After having Shard of Beronath applied to one of your Weapons, skill out of ABB+LE in favor of some points into your Mastery Bar or other Skills.
After level 50, try to rush NB Mastery to 50/50 asap to skill into Execution. The skill deals tons of damage, especially combined with high AS.

Level 50-100:
Entering Elite, just go on playing and shredding through your Enemies. Pump points into Vulnerability for the -RR and work your way up to my recommended level 85 skill distribution. Check your Resistances, they mustn’t be too low from now on. Use Augments/Skills and whatever gear you find to maintain them on a high level.

At level 65, you can craft yourself an Empowered Omen and a Master’s Spellblade. Get the Master’s Spellblade asap and the Empowered Omen if neccessary. Remember, the best of the Abyss Suffix can be crafted at level 74. That’s why you don’t want to invest too many ressources at level 65.

Entering Ultimate, you should max out your Elemental Resistances and work your way up to my recommended Gear and max Resis as fast as possible. If you are a new player, you might want to farm Crucible and Elite stuff for a while. But I’d recommend playing at Ultimate Difficulty, even without any of my recommended or alternative gear. The droprate is far higher at Ultimate and you should be doing fine most of the time. Always remember, dying is not a big problem (not playing HC, that is).

Have fun!

Wait, what? 0_o
That’s a very creative application of full Belgo, congrats!
Btw, there’s one good dw chaos melee char (mine, hehe). It sucks but not much.

meinen herzlichsten Glückwunsch Herr Jäger.

Idk if you watched the stream but it should make you really happy if you haven’t

Thanks! God damn, I always miss your build threads. :smiley: Very nice approach! Too bad I don’t like the Seal playstyle with Inquisitor. I really want to like it, but I can’t. My poor Infi feels bored already.

Mulțumesc Superfluff! :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t!
Now I am curious. :wink: I just read a few days ago, that Chaos dmg will receive new buffs, devos and items, which was one of the reasons, I wanted to post this build close to the new xpac.

Well, my goal was to make a viable Gladiator with DW melee chaos. Only Tactician with seal was sturdy enough to have more than 80% success rate in result :slight_smile:
P.s. I don’t like Demo mastery. Can’t force myself to play it :rolleyes:

Wait, what?

Seriously you just picked the class that will be supported by the upcoming Chaos set. Dunno if you suggested it to Zantai cause I know you’ve been playing that WH since Vanilla :stuck_out_tongue:

Jager finally posts a build. Nice.

I am just watching the new Crate live stream and realized, xpac will relase next year. Damn. :smiley:

And that you did. :slight_smile: Ya, dw chars in cruci will nearly always have to sacrifice some offensive capabilities to do well.
You don’t like Demo? How’s that?

Maybe he read my mind, I guess he might be able to, but I did not talk to him about Chaos dmg/items. :wink:

Man, have you awakened from slumber? :):cool: Nice to see you around!
I posted a 2H Cold build not too long ago! But well, I was pretty inactive in terms of GD community. I just played the game after work / sports and was happy with just that.

Rah set has some really mean stats

I am actually just watching the live stream. :slight_smile: Is it shown in there?

yah, you’ll see it. The art is not done yet but the stats are there

Oooh boy, just saw it and now I want to have it so bad! Dunno about the WD modifier. It looks good and juicy, but WD always lets me down. Well, lets see.

Now I know what you and x1x1x1x2 were referring to. :smiley:

Every time I play Demo it just feels clunky and slow :slight_smile:
And these mines, canister bomb, blast shield are underwhelming imo

The new set is indeed amazing. I think that set with 2x fang of ch’thon can have a really good performance.

Demo is good for its fire strike and flashbang. Flashbang paired with mastery that has reliable damage reduction like Inquisitor (and necromancer) is amazing. Although the latter has tricky damage type synergy and thus has problem in damage output.
Blast shield is a decent circuit breaker.

Other demo skills are indeed feels so clunky to use.

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I feel you there. Mines and Canister Bomb are clunky. But Blast Shield is just a nice defensive proc, even after the nerf some time ago.
Anyhow, Fire Strike and the Aura / Buffs are nice. Flashbang also is an amazing skill, imo. :slight_smile:

2x Fang is usually not optimal for me personally.
The stats are nice indeed, but the -RR proc won’t stack and no + %AS. I am hoping for some nice new Chaos dmg weapons added or some existing buffed to fit in. With even more Pierce to Chaos dmg conversion on the new set, a high %Piercing dmg weapon might fit in even better then.

Looks like a fun build, congratz!

Ok, i just put it here

build m23QLb1Z

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Dat dmg. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you can go Abom + Hungering Void, but you miss a lot of other helpful constellations and -RR.
Also, I prefer Hungering having 0 downtime, when I pick it. You could add Belgothian’s Carnage as Relic for example. :wink:

Nice build!

I got a Question i’m Level 70 Build is doing Great so far

How am i supposed to go about farming those specific Legendaries and what do i use while i dont have them?