[] Darkblaze Pyro showcase - 9:30 170 clear unbannered

My thanks to the usual bunch, with a HUGE shoutout to:
(i) Korsar for coming up with the original darkblaze pyro (http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63371)
(ii) Mad_lee whose Defiler’s devotion pathing very much so inspired mine (http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67620&highlight=saboteur)

Edited GT link using sensei Korsar’s advice: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkqkklV
Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MqtL_W4phY&feature=youtu.be

What changes did I make to make it a 170 crusher?
i. Getting slow resist over stun resist. This not only mitigates the DPS drop which comes with debuffs, but also enables you to kite a lot smoother.
ii. Getting 12/12 agonizing flames. My previous build didn’t use it due to my inexperience.

This build holds a special place in my heart. It was my first everything in GD. :smiley:

The first toon I ever built, the first toon I ever failed with, the first toon I ever beat the game with, and ironically - the last toon I ever completed 170 with.

Over the 2 or so years I’ve played GD, I’ve always found myself returning back to this toon to polish it a little here, and a little there; or to just leave a shiny new item in her private stash.

The items needed to make this toon shine are NOT easy to come by. I would not recommend this to new players who intend to play self-found.

For a more accessible variant of the pyromancer build, please refer to Korsar’s very well done guide I’ve linked to above.

Questionable build decisions
i. Getting eldritch pact over korvaak’s deception
It seems silly to NOT get a +1 to all demolitionist skills given how many more active nodes we have in that skilltree.
However, eldritch pact’s chaos surge is just so amazing. The HP boost is very useful as well.

ii. Getting seal of the void instead of mark of solael
a. We have so much RR as it is. I’d argue that the constant casting which the component demands, and the resultant interruption to attack flow results in DPS lost.
b. 4% attack speed and the best chaos WPS in the game.

Devotion pathing
i. Chaos crossroad
ii. Wretch, ghoul, bat, hawk, solael’s witchblade --> Spec out of chaos crossroad
iii. Order crossroad
iv. Panther, hound, eel, watchtower, lion
vi. Light of empyrion, Dying god.

Levelling tips:
Please refer to Korsar’s guide!

Why take blood sigil of chthon over ulzuin’s pyroclasm?
Here’s why:

I personally think it’s BiS. The added chaos damage aside, the 18% damage to humans is huge.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed the guide!

Heheh :wink:
You missed 2 extra points into Solaels witchfire, btw)
And again I strongly recommend you use Malmouth Void Pauldrons to cap Possession.

Will do that immediately! :smiley:

I honestly thought I’d lose 22/12 solael’s if I took the Malmouth void pauldrons.

Where would you put the additional 2 skill points?

Currently you have +13 to Solael’s witchfire, with Malmouth shoulders it still +10 so enough to get 22/12.
There are many skills you may invest additional points: Flashbang, Wasting, even Consecrated blade.

GT link edited. Thanks so much for helping me improve my build Korsar!

With the improvement in both my theorycrafting and piloting abilities, I’ve once again returned to the build which made me fall in love with GD.

Slight tweaks here and there has resulted in a spec capable of safely and consistently clearing 170 in 9:30 - 9:45 minutes unbannered.

I would argue that this is one of my finest (but least creative) crafts thus far.

EDIT: I wanna say thank you to all the vets who’ve taken the time to answer my many questions. I’m very surprised by how far I’ve come in a few months or so.

I wonder what the odds are for finding that chest piece without using a tool. Might seriously be one of the most difficult things to find in the game, certainly extremely time consuming.

Other than that, nice build :wink:

Its not time consuming, you will never find such chest in the game. Heck , you have a better chance of self-crafting +5MoT :smiley:

Sad, but true. I am wearing Mythical Ulzuin’s Chestguard on my beloved dw ranged Pyro.
Trying to farm such a chest is like trying to win the lottery. :smiley:

Nice build btw. I also love this one, it rocks. :cool:

I did some quick and dirty calculations in my head, I estimate an item like this would take 50k-100k kills to find, which is probably still better than winning a jackpot (certainly for stuff like euromillions the odds are 1 in a billion or worse).

I actually thought the chances must be lower, even though I was exaggerating. :wink:

I actually did find the chest piece legit IIRC. I could be wrong because ever since my loot giveaway, I’ve mixed up legit stuff and dirty stuff up.

Even though, removing that chest piece for something like that divinesteel hauberk isn’t going to make too big of a difference.

Well, it’s definately possible to find it. You just need dat sweet blessing from RNGesus.

As said, Ulzuin’s Chestguard is also viable. I use it together with Ulzuin’s Shoulders and achieve 140k paper DPS unbuffed. Divinesteel Hauberk is also nice ofc.

Numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

Chance of dread plating drop: 1 in 5 kills
Chance of it having rare affix: 1 in ? drops
Chance of it being double rare (any affixes): 1 in ? drops
Chance of it having exact two affixes: 1 in ? drops

I don’t really have much of a clue about the ? there, inputting conservative numbers already gives very, very long odds. Since each step in the calculation uses as input the number from the previous step, I can’t do anything but guess. I would guess that the ? are in order 5, 100, 1k, which gives the really scary number of 1 in 2.5 million :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be nicer if I had found a legit one with +2 to FS. :rolleyes:

Oh man the odds of spawning with a class affix with the correct skill bonus, that adds another order of magnitude to the odds (maybe two) :smiley:

I dunno what to tell ya, mate. :rolleyes:

I’d be totally transparent with it if I GDstashed it.

Wow, didn’t know that optimized pyro can do crucible and so effeciently. Even more surprised that my old Defiler got a mention, lol.

Nice build. Chest could be obviously changed to a lot of things. One thing I don’t like is those shoulders that do nothing except +3 to Possession which is pretty huge, but any Ben’Jahr shoulders could be so much more sicker, you can get like 3100-3200 pure OA on a pyromancer if you choose to use Ben’Jahr shoulders.

There’s no other way to hardcap possession, and the damage on 21/22 --> 22/22 possession is enormous.

I think it’s like 20 chaos damage or something.

I don’t care what you do, it was a fun five minutes trying to figure out the odds :slight_smile: