[] DW ravenous earth cabalist - 10:30 170 clear

GT link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4WBKRZ
YT link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52mvz_09QGI&t=6s

My thanks to all the homies out there. :rolleyes:

I’ve been meaning to upload this build for the past coupla weeks or so, but the compendium took up more time than I anticipated.

Finally caught a breather, so here we go. I present to you my DW cabalist.

How it works
Essentially, we want to stack 2 things as high as they can possibly go:
> Flat damage on RE
> Cooldown on RE

I opted for the pandemic dagger because:
> It’s cool af
> Don’t really give a shit about increased RE duration from the bone spike. I’m kiting too much to be able to make use of that anyway.

In addition, despite being a filthy GDstashing cheat, I’m very reluctant to use GG-rolled greens unless I absolutely have to.

> Also gives more CDR to RE. And a whopping 70 damage.
> 50% of the chaos damage on the ammy also gets converted to vit damage.

To DW, I went for the belgothian relic: -1s CD every 4.5s? Yes. Fudging. Please.

All in all, we have:
> -1.5s CD to RE
> 185 vitality damage + leftover unconverted chaos damage no one gives a crap about.

Seriously. We’ve more or less DOUBLED the flat damage on RE, while reducing it’s CD by HALF.

So…we have magically increased RE’s DPS by 4x.

Other random bits and bobs
> Fat amount of RR
> Incredible survivability from the dark one’s set.
> Doombolt to proc aeon’s for a garaunteed double RE + DB wombo-combo.

Suffixes on the basilisk crest
> Anything which fixes resists. That’s literally it. I gdstash’ed a lovely double rolled green here, but as you can see in the video - it’s not going to make or break the toon.

Alternative gearing
> Riftwarped gloves.

This may very well be BiS in terms of DPS. With GG rolls, we can get 90% chaos to vit conversion and nice bonus damage to DB to boot.

However, the trade-off in terms of defense may be crippling. I say maybe because I personally can’t pilot the guy.

Losing that damage reduction on pox, and that lovely dark one’s bonus is definitely tangible.

Suggestions from mad_lee + veretragna
Both mad_lee and veretragna suggested I use blood-orb of chthon for 100% poison --> Vit conversion, and to pair this with the conduit which grants RE 70 flat acid damage.

In addition, it also allows you to use a 100% vitality damage acid purge from the seal of blight.

However, even with 4x buffs + banner, you can see me needing to pop an energy pot every now and then to ensure I don’t run dry. I don’t think the cabalist has the energy capacity to support acid purge.

And without the seal granted skill, there was a noticeable DPS drop in RE.

Questions, comments, suggestions?

EDIT: Just like to add that I’m certain this build can do 170 w/out the banner. If you watch the the spec during wave 170, the vast majority of the fight took place outside the radius of the banner.

Gratz on another build. So you went against my suggestion and stuck to your DW draft, nice.

Just edited the OP to include your-&-veretragna’s suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill have to compare this to my version when i make it home today :stuck_out_tongue:

“Both mad_lee and veretragna suggested I use blood-orb of chthon for 100% poison --> Vit conversion, and to pair this with the conduit which grants RE 70 flat acid damage.”

Exactly what I thought seeing the build. Dual Wield through the relic to keep the medal slot is smart. And Double Pandemic, never occurred to me. Nice concept.

Thanks man. RE is a monster.

It’s a shame I don’t have the energy for acid purge though. The DPS would go through the roof with it. :confused:

Why don’t you swap one Runebound Topaz for Ectoplasm? Would this suffice?

Ectoplasm isn’t as good as you think. For a caster, sure, it may be helpful if you have mana issues. The only thing that can actually help with channeling spells like Acid Purge etc is mana regen. Ectoplasm gives only +2, so in general up to like 5 mana per second at max per ectoplasm (though in most cases it’s up to 3.5), so it’s way better to get some defense instead.

Ectoplasm will, in fact, help low mana, mana hungry characters, so up to 1k effective mana. Bear in mind that I don’t talk about max mana but effective mana, which is the mana after all buffs are applied, but still it won’t solve your mana problems that effectively as it would do a mana potion or mana drain (leech).

Acid Purge sucks balls, I am about to post my poison WH build (as soon as I learn how to not suck at crucible so probably never), I’ve tested it. It’s too much to sustain, you have to make a dedicated devotion map for it but even then, you won’t be able to stand and chanell it in Crucible.

Biting Blades is where it’s at. It’s cheap to cast, it has huge weapon damage component, it hits twice, you don’t have to stand still all the time, plus it procs stuff amazingly well.

Spanks, how do you survive in Crucible with your build? I need to start taking lessons on how to kite properly.

Tank only with defensive skills up like MoT.

Watch the fight at 1:10 - 1:20. Witout MoT, I would have gotten slapped tf down.

If I can kill whatever it is that is trying to kill me in that time - great.
If I can’t, I reposition.

EDIT: I’m assuming we are talking about piloting a caster. Because if you are a S&B fighter, then the playstyle would of course be different.

Can I hire you as a pilot, I am embarassed to post a guide with a video where I die (and I already did that couple of times, lol).

Outsourcing your dirty work to a chinese man I see. How cliche. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Lee is my real surname I am 1/8th Korean and 1/4th racist so it’s ok for me to do it!

(please don’t ban me for the racist part, it’s a joke, lol)

I called you a KGB spy. I think we’re good, my friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey spanks! Nice build here. I do think that you played really conservatively at that last wave (which was all I watched) and you could’ve cleared it a bit faster with more aggression. Your char isn’t as squishy as you think :p.

I think you should spec out of Foul eruption and get Manticore instead. Foul eruption is useless in 160/170 where you need it the most. Also flame torrent. Hmmm. Signet of the Fallen. You don’t need TD, imo. Change change boots to something else cause you don’t need the stats from ill omen boots if you use buffs.

Will definitely test out these changes. Any suggestions for the boots?

I dunno, really. Just pointed out the boots thing without even thinking of an alternative :p. Maybe something with dodge? Synergizes well with the pants. Probably wraithwalkers.

That’s a great idea.

Off the top of my head, I’m considering boots of the grey magi, or windshears.

I had a similar idea with my self found cabalist, she found 2 pandemic which I wanna make the most use of. Glad to see (despite the GDstash “cheat”) that it is viable later on once I get the full Dark one set :slight_smile:

You can check out riftwarpped first till you get the complete set. IMO, I think it’ll be more than adequate for main campaign.

You’ll tear through most mobs with a single doom bolt.