[] DW ravenous earth cabalist - 10:30 170 clear

Yeah I do have those gloves on now, DB melts stuff pretty good with those

Started GD today cough and can’t seem to figure out where the 10 points Eldritch (Green Devotion) are from. I understand that this must be a stupid question as the Calculator identifies 10 … however:

Crossroads, Bat and Hawk are 7 :confused:

Would anyone be so kind to spell out the devotion squence for leveling?

It’s quite a bit to spell out, but I’ll help ya out.

Get bat, hawk, scholar’s light, lantern. Leave one point in the green crossroad. Get out of candle.

Candle = scholar’s light = I invent names for things in the game. For the longest time, I thought blitz was called charge.

P.S: Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Right … I did play GD some time ago and totally forgot that its a viable option to pick a constellation and then drop it again when the requirements are no longer needed (which is the fact for Candle after Lantern is bought).

Thanks a lot.

So a viable progression seems to be:

Crossroads, Green
Scholar’s Light
Oklaine’s Lantern
REMOVE Scholar’s Light
Crossroads, Red
Solemn Watcher
Rattosh, the Veilwarden
Dying God (whithout +Chaos Damage)
Aeon’s Hourglass

How good is Foul Eruption really? It just feels like a trash clearer

You need to build around it. So with my version, it does ~400 x 8 damage per volley, or 3200 flat damage. (Sorry, I can’t math)

Compare this to 22/12 DB which does 2226 damage.

This calculation is also generous because I’m assuming 50% chaos to vit conversion in the RE value, whereas I’m assuming 100% chaos to vit conversion for that of DB.

Now, also factor in the fact that RE can be cast multiple times, and fires off a volley once every second or so, and the fact that it has a 1.5s cooldown.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that it also has a fraction of the energy cost, and gives 25% damage reduction.

If that isn’t monay in da bank, then I don’t know what is.

what I meant was, Foul Eruption needs target(s) to be killed by RE to proc, right, and has pretty small radius. So how does it help against few big nasty monsters? It works amazing against groups of trash, even as a one point wonder.

Or am I missing something obvious from the mechanic of Foul Eruption?

You’re not, it’s very average indeed.

Doi. Yes. I confused RE with FE. :rolleyes:

Yes, Foul eruption is very lackluster, but surprisingly useful in crucible. If you watch the youtube video from 2:05 - 2:07, you’ll see FE destroy reaper in a second.

RE blew up his ghosts, and they all combusted around him.

Well I guess I can try it. Would you recommend DW pandemics even without Dark one set or will my ability to heal suck?

In main campaign? Totally fine. I’d leave FE as a one pointer and only invest in it if you have points to spare

Nice build! It reminds me of my own Cabalist: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXzOOgV

Interesting hybrid build. I could be wrong, but I feel like you’re gimping your DPS with such a set up though. Inadequate attack speed, low base weapon damage, 3 damage types, etc.

Have you compared dummy killtimes both with and without autoattacking? That’s a good way to gauge how much value you’re getting in return for your resource cost in medal and any slot + skill points into solaels.

have you tried Harbringer instead of Possesion in this setup?

How do you play this in campaign/crucible without buffs? It runs out of energy so damn quickly without the blessing. I’m basically looking for a way to fix mana problems if I want to farm some lokarr, or save some tributes on pre-150 waves.

That’s strange. I specifically remembering clearing 150 on this without any buffs or banners. The same holds true for the vast majority of my builds.

Tell you what. I’ll do some testing over the next few days and get back to you. Intuitively, if mana is a huge issue, I’d suggest trying to squeeze in harp some how.

EDIT: another thing you can do is use doombolt sparingly, or to even swap it out for another skill. I might have gotten use to the terrible energy sustain on the cabalist after trying to make seal of blight work for the longest time. Energy became so easy to manage after. :rolleyes:

I have a similar setup, but I did put arcane spark in amulet, an Ectoplasm in ring and use Boneharvest for using arcane spark’s energy leech. It works pretty well, but not as good as when I had Tip of the scales :stuck_out_tongue:

Tip the scales! Forgot about that one! Thanks malawiglenn.

That’s a great suggestion. :slight_smile:

Not sure if it is possible to get that one, Will of Rattosch and Dying god though

you probably would need to drop manticore to get either scales or harp