[]Luminyasha - Luminari based Low Life Purifier

Hello, fellow minmaxers, welcome to my shiny tread of Luminari inquisition.

I did this build to show the strength of Inquisitor WPS =) and defencive options.
Our tooltip look rather uninspiring - less that 100k dps buffed, but this build destroy content in seconds and clear 150+ under 9 minutes on 4 buffs and under 7 minutes with 4 buffs and a banner.
Vanilla GrimTools
Max DPS Grimtools

Awesome gameplay videos :
150+ in vanilla setup
Ancient Grove
Build explanation
I’m using elemental as main dmg type. Lunimari set convert up to 54% of pierce to elemental, Haggard gloves convert up to 30% of remaining pierce to cold. Its possible to add KRvali pads for chaos to cold conversion, but I lack a good pair. Another options is Raggadan shoulders - these allow to cap Censure, but force us to use a banner, as we lack OA . For defence we have capped seal, 21 points Censure dmg reduction, prismatic diamond proc, ghoul proc , Crab proc and Wyrmscale proc. Since we barely taking any dmg from direct hits our low life is actually beneficial to us as it greatly reduce the dmg taken from life reduction. :smiley: Weapon augments can be chainged for Reaver`s eyes to cap DA, but I don’t think it will make a difference as stuff that can kill us is :
1)2 fully charged Reapers. - this can only happen in combination of extremely nasty mutators, cause we kill Reapers under 5 seconds.
2)Alex meteor.- Use Arc, Luke :stuck_out_tongue:
Same for pantsu - purists can use Mythical Leggplate of Valor for bleed resist, but, pff, you don’t bleed on seal :smiley:

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Is that your waifu in the bottom left?

P.S. Nice build! Gratz bro.

Haha, just noticed a missclick :smiley:

That shit is gonna get Inquisitor nerfed! :stuck_out_tongue:

But what an awesome gunslinger, gratz.

Looking at your grimtools, I noticed that Consecrated Wrappings does not add much, since you have 11% attack speed overcap.

Well, moved around some stuff to squeeze some of that sweet OA for you (lost bit of flat, but I think it’s worth it, esp. taking Essence of Chton).

Are you hard set on that devotion path?

Im only overcapped during Ghoul proc if Im not slowed. Since Im slowed 100% of time in crucible Im never overcapped :eek:
%RR is the last in order of RR, irc it can lead to DPS loss in some instances, so I pass on chton :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but what about your devo setup? Your affinity for Crab Devotion makes it hard to make a decent setup with enough oa :slight_smile:

15 flat elemental DMG, godlike proc, 35DA and 18% pierce resistance on top of 80% ele dmg and 25 phyz.
Even if I drop it I still need 1 purple.
the only near sources of %OA is Huntress and Viper. Huntress is kinda OKaysh, Viper is useless for us. Even if you pick these 6%OA you still wont have enough to crit reliably w/o a banner. And with a banner OA is trash stat that no one need, so I would drop OWL for something more usefull.

Woah woah woah woah woah.

What’s so useless about viper?

What is useful about viper? 3% OA ? I don’t want to waste 4 devotion nodes for 3% OA. %RR on viper can lead to DPS loss if we push enemy resistances intro negative.

3% OA. Affinity yield. %RR.

IIRC, %RR increases damage if RR heads into the negative (unless I’m completely misunderstanding the mechanics).

Isn’t it like this:

If an enemy has -50% Res, and I apply 15% RR --> -50% * (100% + 15%) = -57.5%

If an enemy has -50% Res, and I apply 15% RR --> -50% * (100% + 15%) = -57.5%

I have bad news to you :undecided: http://i.imgur.com/nkmlaHA.png
But i`m positive that it works on reverse once resistance reach negative value =) So -50 *.85 =-42.5%

There is something wrong with GT IAS calculation. It add 12% IAS for unknow reasons (doubledip somewhere) ? Actual IAS for this build w/o maxed rolls is 190% AS.

Hmmm. That table looks incomplete: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=251347#post251347

Spanks is right regarding %RR in the negatives, otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

Похоже у няшмяши поехала крыша бляхо

Пожалей пользователей, русских и иных, то ли я со смеху не помру, то ли буржуи язык сломают

no it does reduce resists if they are negative, it just is not allowed to bring resists into negative values if they are positive before % reduction is applied.

Example using your stats, assuming you are fight Aleksander:
Final monster resist = FR
Base resist = R
A = Highest Non stacking rr debuff
B = Stacking rr debuffs
C = Highest % debuff
FR = (R - A - B) * (1+ C/100) *Assuming (R - A - B) has a negative sum

OR if (R - A - B) is still positive
FR = (R - A - B) * (1 - C/100)

The following is assuming viper
Aleksander has a Base 18% fire resist
R = 18
A = 32
B =73
C = 20
FR = -104.4
without viper it would only be -87

Shar’Zul Base of 118% fire resist
R = 118
A = 23
B = 73
C = 20
FR = 17.6
without viper would be 22

It only makes sense that RR% mechanic can no do no wrong, so maybe time to reconsider that Viper devotion.

No it does reduce resists if they are negative, it just is not allowed to bring resists into negative values if they are positive before % reduction is applied.

From what I’ve heard from Zantai %RR work last in order of resistance reduction. It make sense cause its a multiplier unlike other RR.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzXCk-JfmCw ^^

The formulae is actually different when you pushed resistance into negative. Negative resistance is boosted and the more rr you have the more useful viper is. :rolleyes:

I never noticed any positive impact from viper. Is this a correct tested info? Anyone did dummy tests with %RR and noticed a 20% decrease in kill time with %RR from viper or even greather from Ultos ?. I found 5% IAS to perform better that Ultos proc binded to FS

It is considered as common knowledge. AFAIK it was tested in pvp multiplayer.