[] Manly Beefy Melee Caster -> Wrath of Agrivix CT Spellbinder- Super Ez Glad 150 170 viable


Introduction & Story of build (some bla bla’s skip)

Since i am always huge fan of melee playstyle, Callidor’s Tempest was an ability that i wanna use since ages, but from what i have seen most pre AoM videos skill was not fun to use and playstyle was out of my taste.
After AoM last few feeks i kept getting agrivix set drop min X2 3 per piece, and i wanted to experience necro class abit i thought its time to give a callidors build a try.
First i was debating sorc but losing min -35 RR from necro class + - 10 RR siphon soul modifier on set was not wise choice at all and it will be hard to get decent hp pool with demo aswell…
What i think about CT necro vs CT sorc is gonna be another topic :slight_smile: and this char was originally planned as pure physical CT battlemage with beronath wep but due to lack of gear on my stash it might come later on.

W/e if you looking for a melee&caster char which is maybe baby a dragon knight wannabe, not super hard to play and frontline like a Agrivix on battlefield this is your char to go. you gonna find no pots, no mark, no mirror nemesis kills, super ez peezy breezy glad 150 170 clear, safe to play hard to master character;

Then here we go Manly Beefy zero fucks given Callidor’s Spellbinder born.

Agrivix Discipline, Concept of Build

build has no temp buffs so this is what we have

  • 2389 armor with %100 absorb, +52 crit dmg , 132 run speed, %14 life steal, %200 cast speed over 18, %2478 aether dmg, %20 phys res, %60 trap res, %41 freeze res, %38 slow res are other important stats of build.
  • sadly couldnt fit disruption resist which is not a huge problem considering how durable you are in crucible but this is weakness to be said.

Grimtools -> https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvK7OEZ

i always say, you are tailor here and modify skill tree and devotions to cover your weakness boost dmg oa da etc. nothing set in stone. left 11 pts to spend around for customizing.

about skills and devotions, i have tried thousands millions of different devotion setup and this is what i came up with. i wish i could get rid of Crane but couldnt.
and to me, this setup with the items i have lying around is best performance i got from millions of testing since its holiday time in turkey i spent some time :slight_smile:
build has amazing balance between, immense amount aether dmg, reliable OA, good DA with potentially -495 OA debuff, ok crit, ok aeo clear, tanky and beefy with high armor. not even talking about mirror, MoT and lifesteal to tank up.
to me most important part is , build burst down any enemy&multiple enemies in game before they even threaten you slightest, this is yet another part we dont need cdr abuse on agrivix.

20 secs Kupa Kill, no MoT, no Mirror, No Pots

28 secs Reaper Kill, no MoT, no Mirror, No Pots
keep in mind that this guy has 97 aether res :stuck_out_tongue:


9 secs Fabius kill, no MoT, no Mirror, no Pots
note, for some reason this is the time when i was testing healing rain so actuall time with final grimtools setup i posted might reduce kill time by 1.5 2 secs i am missing 300 oa and +5 crit and some stuff here.

How to Crucible video

first of all, this video is recorded for the guide and only purpose to help people how to handle crucible with this build. this is not even my final form:cool: so i play super duper faster and super duper reckless than this normal time. no pots used aswell.

nothing to see before this wave most likely, kupa gabalthun alex fabio maiden reaper and all other insane combinations are ez pz for build… still kite abit vs 2 reaper + 1kupa spawns or MoT kupa, rain down devestation, pop mirror ezpz

1- video starts with Rashalga and as you see i dont rush her… play safe
2- build can tank around 10 non nemessis boss same spot without potting or mirror with ground effects %90 of time, so maximize/speed up your crucible time; run in all circles of arena -> group up mobs and rain down devestation is cheeziest and fastest method.
3- always use nullification on aetherial bosses like valaxteria alex and such. also casually null yourself from nasty debuffs and make it your habit.
4- play safe around benjahr, like i said he cant kill you but he can get you killed, NULL his DA debuff trap insta.
5- like i said countless times, grava is pancake for the build dont afraid of him when he is alone.
5- last wave i use MoT + mirror at the same time intentionally… i can get away from these kind of mistake most of the time but keep in mind that it can be costly for next coming wave for you.
6- how to approach zantarin; i waited till my both mot + mirror up.

FaQ and most answers about build… long part begins

Gearing NO MI’s

5 gear pieces of this build is craftable from blacksmith and build uses no crazy mi’s, you can even go footpads of grey magi for boots and avoid rare boots aswell. which makes build easy to gear for current state of GD imo.

build uses 1 double rare craft item only and which is not core or must or build enabler thing. it just provides stun + trap res which can be covered more pts in conversion you have 13 spare pts, and 25 trap res is fine cause you can dumb leftover pts to nullification and buy blessing. but having X of featherstep boots is huge QoL prefix not matter.

1- howcome you got so much armor ? how important armor and phys res in this build?
-crafted ring, helm, boots,medal and gloves from angrim.
-i guess %15 phys res is totally fine or even 10 and aim around 2k armor. 2k to 2.4k + %10 to 20 phys res will significantly improve your tankiness since you are melee. but i played long time with 2k armor 8 phys res and had no problems at all in crucible before i collect money to craft

2- wtf is that gloves, isnt 2 piece krieg is better ?

  • to me, gloves are BIS for this build nuff said. that energy leech alone you get from gloves saves you min 6 pts on iskandra EE, and even pts on devotion tree, high flat aether yum yum, +100 OA ez pz, craftable till you get decent armor! + 4 skills… so in all honesty when we have %2500 aether dmg already and while not using MoT more than 2 3times max in 150 170 glad… i see no reason to use krieg and i dont have krieg boots to test aswell.

3- your formidable stoneplate of featherstep is Bis for build for boots?

  • i dont think so, thats what i have atm. but featherstep is BIS suffix for build, stun and trap res is quite important for build. prefix is whatever to me. i would keep more pts into nullification or always use ulo blessing if you dont have enough trap res for crucible btw.

4- can i use different relic than agrivix’s malice, and albrecth’s duality ring ?
-sure you can but, ring converts %53 of chaos to aether which effects all flat chaos of fabric of reality, item flat bonus, flame torrent proc and relic proc. i dont think breaking this combo will result better

  • isnt eternity relic -CDR is awesome? well it is awesome QoL but i have no bussiness with CDR. i want that juicy dmg from proc
  • you can change band of eternal haunt ring to eternal band which provides %50 disruption resist to cover your weakness, you have room to drop -15 rr and some skills.

5- what about full clairvoyant set instead of Agrivix?

  • it has some potential sure, its more time dilation centric playstyle. i dont have full set so no clue how it performs

6- seal of blades on caster wep LUL ?

  • well it has %8 armor, %5 leech, %18 pierce res… all we want.

7- Why the hell you have Riftstone component?

  • well, i have 132ms which feels ok to walk around but positioning provided by chaos strike is huge deal to me. you have to center yourself around enemies to maximize dmg output of CT and your procs. it also speeds up your main campaign farm by a lot. so position is what i want and i like fast paced play
  • plus, cause of our ring convertion chaos strike actually deals massive amount of aether dmg, provides extra leech.
  • i dont see myself playing any CT build without this ability btw, its almost impossible to me. try to fit in your build

8- runebound topaz on medal?

  • build has nearly -500OA debuff on demand, you have enough oa to reliable benefit on crit procs. i guess i was testing different devo setup and forgot to change to tainted heart. but its w/e part of build

note, try to aim high fire to aether convertion rolls on amulet and belt. i have solid %88 fire to aether convertion.


105 physique for stats


  • reckless provides, 2000 to 2200 flat aether dmg + %210 aether dmg bonus. %16 cast speed lets you overcap cast speed which is ok for crucible -cast speed modifiers.

  • meanwhile, Star pact provies CDR for build and its only %13.
    do we need faster CD on mirror ? -> nope
    do we need faster CD on Mot? -> gimme blast shield+flashbang plox

-for going star pact you lose %18 of your total dmg
you kill slower, dead enemy deals no dmg… you kill slower,more threats from enemy… longer fight you prone to make mistakes etc
you leech worse, significantly reduce also your defence

final conclusion, star pact is huge no no for my setup and i tested a looot. it suits more time dilation cdr abuse plasytyle which we dont need or want. tho if you going on time dilation i still dont think star pact beats reckless :slight_smile:

2- why not maxd Mark of Torment ?

  • trust me you dont need it. maybe you dont even need this skill at all, i would gladly take fumble+impaired aim and blast shield over MoT anyday if losing -47 aether RR wasnt too bad.
    or i would gladly play spellbreaker and benefit from dodges fumbles and pburst. wish there was spellbreaker CT set.
    still super quality of life.

3- why not maxing inferno?

  • waste of mana :slight_smile: you have nothing to do with burn dmg, sadly aether doesnt have DoT yet in GD. and you dont need %aether bonus from it.


1- Imp’s aetherfire proc is amazing, why flame torrent over aetherfire?
- aetherfire proc deals X3 more dmg than flame torrent, but flame torrent has %26 wep dmg so it lets us leech more. and you have chaos to aether, fire to aether mods so i liked it more in the end.

2- healing rain is awesome, why not take it?

  • i dont have energy management issues at all, and adding 200 300 hp regen would be huge QoL but i want to balance oa+da+armor and such. its hard to have ALL :slight_smile: build has 52 base hp regen which is bad but 200 hp regen probably wont let you survive in hard situation, healing rain is amazing if you want energy regen and total hp imo

3- no aeon hourglass?

  • 5 pts of that devotion constellation is amazing and wet dreams of every single caster. i dont need proc, but i would get 5 pts of it if i would keep shape of this char.

4- flame torrent on CT, arcane bomb on Rav earth?
-aetherfire, flame torrent like procs with agrivix’s malice proc speeds up your dmg per second and flame torrent actually let you leech small amount aswell… rav earth is super cheezy devo proccer.

chaos strike middle of the pack, spam decay to proc arcane bomb and reduce targets dmg, siphon souls for RR and oa debuff some dmg, spam CT, devestation if needed.
mirror if needed, mot if needed. dont use mot+mirror same time is key.

zero fucks given at this part and moving on. but hey some people assume that your char needs 1min to kill kupa LUL

Crucible 150 170 ez breezy with hp blessing

last setup i have atm can clear 100 150 crucible with no buffs no banners, dont waste blessings before 150. i dont use banners ever so if you desire you can use.
this is probably one of best candidate to clear 150 170 glad with NO BUFFS NO BANNERS with just super small tweaks around btw as you can see my crucible video which is exactly recorded only for the guide build feels like walking in the park in crucible.

1- Rashalga, MoT doesnt help vs her even slightest :slight_smile: nullification also not a wise move on her since she spams her aura faster than your 2nd null CD.
play safe, open with decay if possible, chaos strike , mirror and some CT and devestation. try to seperate or attack her first. she is still no joke for this build, you can burst her down with 3 sec mirror time but i always play safe since i dont use any buffs before 150.

2-Zantarin, open with MoT burst him down. try to chain mirror after MoT in case… he is still super dangerous.

2 iron maiden + 1 fabius same time is easy as pie with no MoT no pots, and takes 1 mirror sometimes. or MoT one and keep mirror later tho doubt needed.

moosy easy but annoying cause of not maxd freeze resist.

ekketzul, his magma thing is killer. always MoT burst him down, pop mirror if needed. also sidestep vs him or use chaos strike. this is why i love chaos strike a lot, it lets you reposition yourself when needed nicely

ben jahr reduces your DA by 300 400 which is super dangerous, always be ready to nullfy his trap. he cant kill you but he can help you get killed LUL

kupa - total joke, alex- total joke, grava- total joke, reaper- total joke and combination of all these will easy to handle between MoT+ mirror time. but still dont play reckless, rushing things never worth throwing away 150 170 wave to me.

learn to use nullification and time it well key factor in crucible, its probably my fav spell in game with pneumatic burst. tho these eyes saw arcanist builds and guides with no pts with it… such simple minds…

this is probably one of my smothest 150 170 farmer with little to no effort and success rate is over %95 with worst mutators combined. tho it takes time to get used to playstyle and limits of your char what you can do and what you cant.

note, you can always change helm and chest slot component to santicfied bone for more dmg to undead + cthonics which speeds up your time, your wep and offhand augment has %dmg to aethers already.

Necro VS Sorc

well like i said, change offhand -10 aether RR modifier of siphon souls to lets say -20 aether RR on any demo skill, i would be playing demo now instead of necro.

Decay %25 reduce target dmg, is good but maw of despair gives close dmg reduction to CT, and you can always use kymon augment on ring aswell. so i wont be so unhappy to lose this but its good devo proccer anyway :slight_smile:

Spectral line, this is huge and where necro beats demo to me, i dont mind flat aether i can live with flame touched flat dmg but RR and life is huge deciding factor here.

Siphon Souls, good to have. no more words

MoT, quality of life to build.

Blast shield, i assume this is more beneficial than MoT to my setup. +res and absorb which is not tied to 1 target is huge win to me.

Flashbang, 250DA shred is insane dmg boost to any build like this.
and most important part is, %30 fumble and impaired aim. i cant describe how broken will be to add our defensive arsenal in this build.

finally, Necro wins cause of -47 RR difference… and more hp :undecided:

Thoughts about SET
this is actually well rounded cool set, which has oa hp and phys res boost and good +skill but surely its not TOP tier set like lets say ultos, avenger or some others.

i have no idea why the hell set has -10 RR resist to siphon souls and not on demo skill btw, demo already has huge RR disadvantage and armor advantage over necro. i think this part should change imo.

and those arcane wisps sound, after sometime it fucks your ear so hard :stuck_out_tongue: its cool concept but should be tune downd or change aswell.

also from what i see from set, demo should be played as more tanky fire retaliaton sauced style with phoenix devotion more pts into ulzuins wrath aswell. i might try one day.

OFF + greater fire blast sometime, add trozan later on
CT for mid ultimate or you have max res and decent armor and such

Conclusion & Final thoughts

wow here we are with another giant wall of text again as usual cause i wanted to cover every single small things for the build whoever clicks and checks this guide. you can skip whole guide after grimtools section if you want.

i enjoyed alot while playing this build, he is absurdly strong and ready for every part of the game. i still want to try demo and phys battlemage variant of the build for other tastes.

reserved for later

You have 2 extra points in CT.

Nice one. For me its such a shame that set that was originally made for sorc is outperformed by binder. Like those damn wisps, they are great for binder cause -flat resists, for demo its a waste cause Agonizing flames in BWC exists. I also was extremely frustrated with that siphon souls rr mod like really? Do necro really need more rr? Anyway like your build, looks really strong(as any build including necro :rolleyes:) Just wish that aether sorc stopped being poorman`s binder :cry:

ty for reminder. i was using different gloves when i copied build on google.

its hard to say its outperformed by necro imo, uploading no pots no mot no mirror 20 sec kupa and reaper kills. and guess what if you dont use mot what necro brings tankiness to class? nothing
huge RR difference can be compansated with dying god crit and 250 DA shred from bang, and you can replace relic to haunt for 18 rr which is bad idea cause how strong agrivix proc is, and seal of corruption brings 8 more RR etc.
and %25 reduce enemy dmg is not even a thing cause of helm proc already.
with different approach sorc might beat necro in most cases imo. i would make CT sorc to compare them if i didnt have other char plans and talk more.

i just went necro for RR and its my first necro ever after class has been released :slight_smile: but the feeling of sorc can be better still fucking up my mind so hard tbh

i can write 100 pages of criticism about itemization and devotion constellation and such about GD. so this is what we got as set

Yeah, no MoT, pot or Mirror, but at least for me siphon is godly, especially with transmut cause it turns every fkn mob around you into healing pot. Also one-shots trash.

Also more rr means more leech from CT/siphon, so necro does bring tankyness even without MoT.

I made this build back in with Sorc. Sadly, sorc here is grossly outperformed by Spellbinder. Had to respec into burning build because of that.

No sorc isn’t better, at least for aether based CT. Your estimation was right it misses to much rr.

feelgodstoya noob playing GD again lulz :stuck_out_tongue:

I happened to have almost all of the legendaries for your build so I tried it today. My Crucible 100-150 time went down by about 25% compared to CDR Spellbinder with (non mythical) Clairvoyants-set and it’s a lot more relaxed!
Thanks for sharing!

hey hey hey :slight_smile: almighty jov ! have you doing man !!!

glad you enjoyed it mate and hope your success continues :stuck_out_tongue:

some new videos added !!! btw feel free to ask any video or thing about build i am about to move on new char tonight.

added 15mins kupa kill LUL:p jokes a side, on parallel universe some people still think it takes 1 min to kill kupa :smiley: i am super glad i am not posting more videos and guides in forums… or lets say not showing all my builds

reaper is tanky mothef… nemesis for build. still not bad

I may have been able to get 70k dps on pure callidor tempest bmage setup but looking at your vids I cant help myself but get envious of the dmage. spellbinder really rocks. Can you do one gargabol video pls:p

edit: I want to try this build actually using perhaps my bmage setup. I think you can get better dps and much more power but that would be my fetish for campaign kinda setup

here you go video of garby, no idea why u want this guy’s video out of all other bosses btw :slight_smile:


well this char is kinda your GD all content destroyer, so fast on all parts of game and durable. i am having hard time making new builds atm.

wanna play deathguard reaper tho set feels awfull and lacking something, aether melee reaper gonna be very poor version of this CT.
maybe gonna try blind ass on infiltrator lets see.

Ravager! /* crowd chanting */

dont force me to do that, cause this guy cant even spawn ravager after elite;)

tho he is not even a challange for %80 of my chars tbh, i even killed him around 12 mins or less with TSS druid which is considered as shitty char right ?

TSS Druid is very good and powerful class combo, my first Ravager kill and 170 run were performed with TSS druid.
No doubts, nowadays there are many good builds, but they do not make TSS druid bad.

Btw, 12 minutes? Too fast I think. Even with abuse of DA meta before 0.6 and stacking all possible damage sources it took 20 minutes for me to kill him with TSS.

so I can compare with my mediocre killtimes! :stuck_out_tongue: thanks, I would totally use phoenix fire for moar damage! great job! :wink:

TSS druid used to be shit, it’s not anymore after AoM added RR to Raging Tempest. It’s safe, has AoE and single target potential. It might not be tier-1 but it’s definitely not a mediocre skill let alone a bad one.

Hey there, fantastic looking build man :slight_smile:

I am currently in leveling process with my new char, waiting till I hit 94 and just switch to Aether spellbinder. I kinda cant decide whether to use your build or this one http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57552.

I think the major difference is that your build is naturally more tanky and you use CT as main spam skill, whereas Ptiro build is entirely focused on cooldown and its tankyness depends on CD as well and it uses transmuted CD and main spam skill is bone harvest.

Idk if its just me, but the Agrivix set bonuses seems kinda underpowered to me, I am wondering if it would be viable to create some sort of hybrid from those 2 builds. Like use Clairvoyant set, but also use non-transmuted CT as main skill and drop bone harvest completely (I think Ill like the playstyle of your build more, as in the Ptiro build there are just too many active skills to press to my taste). Do you think something like this would work?

Also, what do you think about Magelord rings for this build, arent they BiS?

Thanks in advance man

How does it perform versus Lokarr ? I tried almost the same build on my Spellbinder LINK. I couldn’t take him down and went back to my beloved S&B. I loved the gameplay though.