[] Melee Ritualist, the Absolute Vampire and Celestial Head Hunter

Disclaimer #1. In case you are a newbie seeking for a build to start playing, keep in mind: this is not quite the class you want, mostly because of equipment used (there are at least two must-have items - weapon with pure Vitality damage and headwear with 2 Vitality RRs, both lvl94). Well, you can receive a purely Vit twohander even while at Normal, but these are MIs (i.e. rare drop), so you will have either to grind for it, or visit trader inside Steps of Torment (“rogue-like” challenge dungeon), which is not quite piece of cake for a newbie. Also, you won’t receive THAT good green items - unless “Lucky” is your nick, hehe.

Disclaimer #2. In case you think that “real” build has to be purple-only (or maybe with small bits of blue), either stop reading immediately and don’t waste your time, or don’t blame me! As melee Vitality Ritualist has next to no decent legendaries (“decent” = “lots of flat Vitality, ADCtH, armor and health”), this build is designed to display The Power of Green (or rather, power of Dread Lord).

Disclaimer #3. If your motto is “Crucible is the final challenge and the best build benchmark”, then stop reading as well. I don’t really like Crucible, so this build is designed and implemented as boss killer, first and foremost… the best or maybe the second best (after Vindicator) boss killer, depending on actual superboss. Well, it can handle Crucible too, but it does not show any exceptional performance there.

  1. The basic build: end of the main campaign + dungeons.

–> Grimtools <–

Pro’s and con’s:

  • Tremendous damage against single target + as great life leech: almost 600 flat Vitality (weapon included), +2635% Vitality (+3104% with procs included), up to cap of attack speed (with procs, again) and (the most important part) up to 180 total Vitality RR.
  • Pretty much durable due to that high damage + 38% life leech + 2-3 RRs to life leech; also can’t really be oneshotted due to decent hps. Any hits damage (suporboss hits included), any crits, physical, magical, whatever - get restored after 1-2 successful hits.
  • Easy to play: you can faceroll on abilities (almost the thing I do, usually), because it’s enough to re-use them as soon as cooldown is over; you just have to learn to press Swarm once after you successfully launch any other 5s-cd ability (I use it after Ill Omen, for example). There are hardly any classes easier to play than this one - except, of course, physical Warder and Death Knight.
  • Eq, as I’ve said before: you have to use Stasher to obtain it. However, experienced hoarders can compile something pretty close without double-rare greens, using more common items like “of Attack”, “of Readiness”, “of Health” etc.
  • The build can survive 3x reduced damage, can survive 50% fumble or insane double RRs (flat + percentage), while two of these at the same time could be lethal (or not, as I’ll show later). All three at the same time mean almost certain death, as incoming dps becomes greater than life leech per second, and there is no other means of tanking. Thank godness, such situation is next to impossible in campaign (unless you lure Aleksander to meet GravaThul, for example).
  • Gameplay requires some handwork skills, as you have to hit something non-stop to survive. However, it’s not much of problem for me, so it should be easy enough for 95% of other players.

Still, main campaign and dungeons are not quite the best way to demonstrate this build potential: superbosses are (they are the reason why I started this build at all). So…

  1. Specialized build #1: Ravager.

–> video <–

–> Grimtools <–

I’ve sacrificed everything in the name of dps here, because Ravager has no control and I can leech-heal any damage incoming, even during enrage. Still, Ravager is not the best test subject for this build due to its 139% Vitality resist. Here is the best one (the main target of this build):

  1. Specialized build #2: Avatar.

–> video <–

–> Grimtools <–

The fastest absolute Avatar solokill I’ve seen before was 4:40. Well, not anymore :wink: 2:12 from now on. To be honest, time variance is insane here (the worst attempt took 3:03), as it depends on placement of his pets - the trick is to never let him tank you with his cannonfodder. Maybe some Vindicator can still do it faster, but I’m not really sure, taking into account Avatar’s 131% Lightning resist.

  1. Specialized build #3: Crucible (4 buffs, no banners, faction elixirs only).

–> video <–

–> Grimtools <–

Yes I know that 11 mins is not any achievement. There are two major problems with this build at the Crucible: first, the fact that Ill Omen (RR and DR at the same time) has also fear included (hardcoded fear, as opposed to mutator given to Soldier’s War Cry); second, half of RRs (Swarm, Rattosh and mask) being [almost] single-target. The first part is not any problem in campaign: if some trash mob have fled, then it can be considered lucky and ignored… but this does not work at Crucible. This is, by the way, one of reasons why I don’t really like this mod/addon. But anyway! My point was: if this build can survive arena - then it should survive everything else as well.

Okey, so now we can all unlock killing Mordrogen achivement :slight_smile: Great job!

Last time I was trying to be polite, but this time I will just say it: this build is straight up trash-tier. Even ignoring OP’s obsession with killing celestials, 4 double-rare M.I. items and 11 minute Crucible? On a double RR class? Devotion map is bad is as well. Not taking Blood Knight on a melee Vitality build? What is this,

3 Sacred Strikes out of 10, sorry.

EDIT: Terribly sorry, didn’t notice build was missing Soul Harvest. 1,5 Sacred Strikes out of 10.

EDIT2: Damn, I am very sorry, but again, didn’t see that build has no Blood Pact. Gotta remove all Sacred Strikes from my previous ratings.

EDIT3: So someone in Discord noticed that Crucible run is also sponsored by Big Pharma apparently, meaning that OP used like 5 consumables. But no negative ratings in Sacred Strike rating systems, OP holds his position with currently 0 Sacred Strikes out of 10.

EDIT4: No necro WPS as well? Oh well, OP is too good at keeping his build rating at a steady number.

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> no Necro wps
> no Blood Pact and Soul Harvest
> no Manticore or Reap Spirit for 1st type RR
That’s such sad display. Crucible setup is a large pile of blunders.

grabs popcorn

The elitism is strong in this thread, holy shit…

Just to clarify one thing… disclaimer #3 is where it is FOR A REASON. This build is not a Crucible build, it was neither designed nor implemented as a Crucible build, I don’t like Crucible as a whole, so I don’t care even that >< much about comments concerning Crucible. Sorry in advance, guys :wink:

Though, once someone beats me at boss killing (with video) using some another melee Ritualist build, and decides to comment my setup, I’ll be all ears.

Well you posted a cruci setup that clearly has lots of roon for improvement and people gave suggestions, that’s all. It doesn’t concern the superboss builds. If you don’t like and care about cruci then better dodge all the roasting and not post a cruci build :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not about elitism or the community being toxic. If instead of “[] Absolute God of Vamprism Celestial Killer Best Build Ever All Other Builds Can Suck His D…” op had decided on something like “Hey I made this build. What do you think?” I bet the reception would have been much better. And teddy bear rainbows of warmhearted advice would spring out even from Mad_lee’s chest. :smiley:

BTW I tried to make a similar thing by combining Blood Knight with Wildblood but couldn’t crack it. That shoulders slot, no attack speed, poor-ass cd on Bone Harvest, no skill points… Then I tried Death’s Reach but attack speed went to even deeper hell. Can someone maybe post a link to a build or theorycraft of how to do it right? I mean 2h vit ritualist with steroided BH and Savagery to fill the holes?

Damn good job on Moggy, OP.

Crate should let us fight him more than once per difficulty. Not fair when we can kick Ravager’s ass multiple times, but not with the Man-Wolf-Thing.

Well damn, i’m actually impressed you managed to beat mog and ravager in that timeframe. The amount of adcth reminds me of D2’s life leech

To be honest, I just don’t know where is common limit to build modification (i.e. where is the difference between “specialized version of the same build” and “completely different build”). In my specialized variations I tried to keep the same setup of skills and devotions (reselecting just about several stars and skill points), while replacing several greens with other (alike) greens and keeping the same build-forming legendaries. I dunno, if I added 3 new skills and reequipped my char with Blood Knight - that would be a completely new build, no? Or rather, well, completely common build, which was tried by lots of people before me (just maybe with small variation).

Anyway, I repeat: I’ve posted Cruci video just to demonstrate tank/survival abilities of my build, NOT to demonstrate its power at arena. You know, most builds are either powerful against single target and weak against crowd (melee builds), or the opposite (AoE caster builds). This is called “balance”, and this is a Good Thing. Well, my primary build is melee/singletarget, so what did you expect? hehe

Yep, I’ve played D2 (and TQ too, while we are at it), and vampire builds are my choice in most games since then :slight_smile: I was soo happy when they added vampire sets to Witcher II, for example!

Care to point out where the OP made any of those claims? Because I’m not saying him berating anyone else’s builds on this post. In fact, he even has videos to back his build up and made it very clear his build is not aimed at Crucible.

This hype began here. Enjoy.

Witcher: beat ravager in less than 3 minutes or GTFO
Community: Done. Now listen to us.
Witcher: Beat superboss with another melee ritualist or GTFO
Community: err, what? Seriously? Maybe everyone must shut up and GTFO? It doesn’t seem like you stop bringing challenges here.

To be honest, these challenges look more like you shut everyone up and not accept advices at all.

I was hyperbolizing. Making allusions to stuff outside this thread and a more general phenomenon - when people brag the shit out their shit, don’t bring it on and then call the community toxic or elitist after they face criticism.

But maybe I was not quite on target this time… 2:12 on a solo Mog kill is indeed an achievement. Not that I particularly dig that thing - building specifically to optimize kills on one particular enemy is…well…not my thing. But to each his own. My apologies for being prejudiced.

BTW, Witcher, you always refer to some mysterious vindicators who can supposedly do a better job at killing celestials. Who are they? Can we meet them? :wink:



Veretragna… actually, I’ve answered to this already - by posting this piece of poetry, which you will understand, while most other users of this forum will not (I’m really sorry, in advance). You know, one just simply can not accept and follow every last advice he receives - especially when advisors can not actually understand his goal (or just refuse to). To clarify things one more time: yes, creating, equipping and optimizing a char just to kill one particular enemy might be… unusual here; but yes this is “my thing”, I like it and enjoy it, so I basically created this char with a single purpose: to “unlock an achievement” of the fastest Avatar killer in the world. Accepting any advises like “use Blood Knight instead of your stuff”, “use Blood Pact instead of totem” and so on would just lead me away from my primary goal, which is a complete no-no, hehe.

I’ve posted something very close to this build in terms of general idea here - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66104. It’s not updated to, though (will take care of that after the patch hits). But i’ve tried full Blood Knight and 3/4 Blood Knight, both perform on a similar level to no Blood Knight. Main issues are poor oa/da and a lot of things to cast. When you cast you don’t attack, hence with 2400 da no armor and no safe proc, you often get bursted while trying to cast swarm or bh. With full Blood Knight the top damage is massive, but cd is not good enough. Devotion path is an issue as well - 2 mandatory t3 consts require different affinities, so I found no good way to get them + manticore for flat rr.
Yesterday after I saw this thread I tried both Mog and Ravager with 3/4 BK. Ravager is hopeless. Got mog down to half before I got killed though, probably I can do him if I position properly and get more stunres. With a double rare cronleys rings + medal I think both are possible, but I play sf+trade, so…