[] No Devastation CT SpamBinder - EZ 8:25 170 clear (bannered)


There’s been some discussion in this forum about how Devastation carries the Arcanist class, and as a result, it’s other skills not named TSS are shit. Now it’s obviously true for AAR and PRM. This build will show that CT is not among those things and it can achieve really good results even without devastation.

GRIMTOOLS: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOKbEON

Video: https://youtu.be/oX5ko_HQwUo

Char sheet with permanent buffs on. DPS is for Siphon souls which is why it’s low.

Build Explanation

Maximizing CT Damage - Build uses Agrivix Set to boost CT to its max potential. Coupled with maxed Cast speed, Reckless Power, almost 100% Fire to aether conversion, 100% Chaos to aether conversion and Dying God, CT already deals a good amount of damage, consistently hitting 100k+ damage per cast and going upwards to around 200k max, if what I saw was right, However, CT damage isn;t enought by itself, that’s why…

Proc Fiesta - Stupid Dragon might chime in and point out that it’s just the procs doing the work. And it’s kinda correct. The trio of Flame Torrent, Guardian’s Gaze and Agrivix’s Malice is sick. The procs in this build contribute to around 50% of the build’s dps, based on dummy tests. I didn’t go full fiesta on the setup linked above though. My original setup had Balance rings but friggin spanksalot had to point out that it’d do less dps, and yeah he’s right. But if build didn’t show the performance it does currently I might have kept using balance rings cause they’re cool.

Since CT does around half the damage and most of the proccing is done by CT, this is still a CT build instead of a proc build :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry Dragon.

Where the points that are supposed to be for devastation go to? - I originally had them to Bone Harvest but per sir spanksalot’s suggestion, it could be more streamlined without it. BH will make this theoretically faster but QoL comes first. Now the points mostly go towards Siphon Souls for that sweet lifesteal.

Why Decay even with the helm mod? - Because it’s better reduction. And Maw of Despair mod is single target that might not affect a nemesis until I kill him if I’m unlucky.

Good guy Mercymaker just decided to try this build out on a better pc and it’s one hell of a monster. Sub 7min runs, fastest at 6:15 using 3buffs+banner. THAT’S 2 MINS BELOW MY CLEARTIME LOL. That’s how bad my laptop is Enjoy!


Special thanks to sir spanksalot for almost singlehandedly optimizing this build. Though FU for making me use AD rings and discover that it’s that much better. I miss my balance rings.

Thanks for reading!

You’ve put that as the grimtools link:

Oops, thanks. Fixed!

thumbsup. ct is underrated af

I’m working on a similar one with seekers/arcane currents hopefully it clears as fast as this :smiley:

I sure do hope it will. And seekers look so great visually when accompanying the agrivix wisps too!

I mean, it’s not even close to be good, same for PRM. Arcanist is just a class that has (effectively) one damaging skill, which is Devastation. Agrivix’s set enhances CT making it better, but still not good enough. As he’s using Maw of Despair in this build, it’s good enough to clear Crucible. My spellbinder, which has Clairvoyant set and CT as a main skill hits for 30 - 50k (depending on the enemy and if they hit me or not), while Devastation drastically increases my DPS to ~250k per second.

I could even consider using this build instead, tbh.

Edit: I just found out you have 1 point too much in CT. :stuck_out_tongue:

CT is miles ahead of PRM and AAR :slight_smile: And I tried Clairvoyant’s hat in my initial setup. Same damage but I had to play a more conservatively cause I don’t have as much lifesteal as with Maw.

Go back to playing pinoy doto. No one wants you here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build by the way. Videos?

This is very similar build as http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74317 (except it uses devastation).

How do you sustain the energy cost without Arcane spark/Souls Touch? I am using Arcane spark and still having trouble sustaining the energy against bosses. Is the Ulzuin pact enough?

I still cant help myself but feel that the Agrivix set bonuses are very weak. How would this work with Clairvoyant set? I would love to test it, but I am missing the hat blueprint:(

So I am mentioned in people’s builds now. That’s the first one. I guess that’s a success. :rolleyes:

Also levelling a binder atm but aiming for more proccy setup and not giving up the devastation. 3pc clairvoyant, WotA, Agrivix ammy, Violent Decay belt, Duality, Band of Eternal Haunt, not sure about offhand but not agrivix for sure, likely a Tome of Lies. If I manage to get Outcast’s Secret it’ll be 2pc clairvoyant.

I’m not againt calling your build a CT build btw, I’m just for being fair about what’s the major source of it’s damage is.

Transmuted CT or non-non transmuted? Going for Hourglass and CD heavy? Also thoughts on Clairvoyant wand vs WOTA?

Non-transmuted CT. It’ll be there to proc Flame Torrent mostly.

Yeah, definitely Hourglass. There are no super strong aether procs among T3 constellations so I’ll go for utility things plus a bunch of T1/T2 procs (definitely Imp, Flame Torrent and Arcane Bomb, maybe come up with something else in the process but unlikely - pure fire procs are mostly burn procs)

Clairvoyant vs WotA is basically weighting an additional proc with -20% aether RR among other things vs ~320% extra aether damage, and +13% crit damage averaged. I haven’t calculated what’s better but my hunch tells me it’s WotA.

Went through this discussion with x1x1x1x2. I’m not sure if he did any dummykill tests, but his decision was ultimately to stick to wota, so that’s what I’d bet on.

If you wanna use a more campaign friendly setup then you will absolutely need arcane spark. Maybe even more points in IEE just to sustain energy. Ulzuin buff in crucible is crazy cause it just eliminates that need.

IMO, agrivix set is perfect for this build. Makes CT stronger, provides flat RR in set, allowing us to skip manticore, RR in siphon too. Helps a lot against aether resistant enemies. Clairvoyant should work too but I feel it’s better on builds that include devastation cause cdr.

It’s a success for sure :p. Tho I really first made this to try and see how CT fares without the procs and you were right about the procs being a major part of the damage. But so is CT so I guess we both win? :slight_smile:

Didn’t really try dummy with clair wand but imo dummy tests aren’t everything when it comes to dps calcs. Tbh this char is shit on dummy (35-40s killtime) compared to other fast builds because (1) RR isn’t fully functional against dummy. I had to spam pet attack to apply set proc RR and I forget it sometimes, losing dps and (2)dummy has 18% aether res, making my RR less effective compared to when I’m facing reaper with 94% aether res. That’s what WotA really is for.

Yeah. 20% RR is huge. So is +1 to all skills. I’m inclined to side with you here, but am also a little hesitant to turn my back to +600% aether damage, +25% crit.

Fuck it. DW 2x clairvoyants. :rolleyes:

When I was reading through this thread http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57552 I saw that Ptiro mentioned that the proc from the Clair wand is just too good to give up for anything else.

Also the Clairvoyant set bonuses seems much better than Agrivix, but I guess that if its non-transmuted CT build then the Maw Of Despair is kinda irreplaceable, so we cant rly get the full set bonus with +1 to all skills. So maybe I would say Clair chest + shoulders to get that 2 pc bonus and shard + codex for the 2 pc resist bonus, if not needed then maybe just use something like Codex of Lies or Tome of Arcane Wastes and Beronath ammy?

This is my current version https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlYddlZ

Btw, why not use Devastation? I mean there is literally no reason no to take it lol xD Or is it just to prove that the build can clear Crucible without it?

Also, what do you guys think about Souls touch gloves and Magelord rings? (in a case we would also take Devastation).

Video is up!!

@spanks: try it with dual chaos strikes and transmuted CT.

@Aerinqq: I’ve got maxed CT already so I prefer Krieg rather than soul touch. But if you decide to use clairvoyant it’s more useful. Magelord rings are also better in a clairvoyant setup with devastation but aren’t great in an agrivix setup.

And I just didn’t take Devastation for the lulz. Think of this as a proof of concept build that just happened to be this good.

Yeah, but how fast will it go with Devastation and Anasteria’s helm? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I am also surprised how Crate has completely ignored Spellbinders throughout AoM, those guys need more sets and more buffs, am I right?

I think spellbinders lack diversity in terms of damage types. I mean Inquisitors can do all three elements in whatever mix they have but binder is limited to aether? We need a set for Vitality CT/Dev, imo. It’s very underused atm and are overshadowed by OP skills such as PRM and OFF.

For Vitality you have a Diviner :stuck_out_tongue: