[] Primal Ultos - A supercharged PS >Conjurer< of Storms 150-170 Gladiator in 8:50

What do you mean? Cadence leviathan witchblade is already crucible ready

On a firestrike build? I haven’t tested it. But warmaul’s weapon damage is pure fire unlike worldeaters which is physical with 50% converted to fire.

Imo Archon with good affix for FS

Worldeater for fire FW and any build abusing The granted skill + variations around such a build

Of course it is. The weapon itself is strong no doubt but the skill mod on it is odd to say the least. I’d have preferred some skill mod for Cadence or even Blitz over ABB

Shar’Zul’s Wrath shotgun is the reason for my dilemma. Recent warmaul buffs are promising no doubt

I’ll take your word for it, I doubt I’d be able to test Archon build anytime soon.

I think I’ll try this out with points in Ghoul instead of Tempest - the build can just swing it.

This setup looks strangely familiar!

I have no idea how you make melee work without Ghoul and Ultos without mirror/maiven, not only that, your clear times are amazing!

As an avid min-maxer and just another OCD gamer I couldn’t help but notice that light defender gloves do absolutely nothing for you here. Bleeding overcap is useless, you got poison covered, so basically it’s just an armor roll and that’s it. Crimson Claws offer much more here imo.

But gratz on making it work!

Do the claws have %lightning? :smiley: It’s all i’m interested in

And thanks. But i see so many people surprised that it works like I took a dead beat class combo and made it work. It was well established pre AoM that ultos Conjurer was already very strong, way stronger than elementalist for crucible. No one who plays this combo is at disatvantage, on the contrary.

As for ghoul, the high consistent crits and fast kills make 8% lifesteal enough

Do you really prefer 80% lightning damage to DA/more leech/5 skill points? I mean it’s less than 4% damage gain in your case.

I am just surprised how your char just refused to die despite being cornered so many times.

Is some more feral leech which we are rarely using really more leech compared to 90% lightning buffing all of our attacks? :stuck_out_tongue: Bleed res matters here and more AS too

DA is for losers

Fluff how dare you call conjurer dead beat class :furious:

Say that to double reaper + benny combo on wave 170 when you get unlucky with your crit rolls as melee :smiley:

I didn’t call it but people seem to think so in spite of a video

@Lee - There si no extra leech gain. I’m just charging 1 pt savagery from time to time for the said bonuses in the guide. And yes, When PS is so strong 100% Lightning dmg from gloves (not 80%) matters a great deal, As does the Malmouth potent augment (120% dmg) on the weapon together they are easy 10% total dmg added to he build That is nothing to scoff at when your base dmg is strong. It adds up fast and you can kill a nemesis efore they huddle properly and gank you.

There is 2x Reaper in the video and I seem to be doing quite fine, even staying in spawn point area damage deliberatily.:slight_smile:

Benny is a sweetheart. Only GRava is annoying IF you don’t rush him and don’t know when to back down. But that’s the case for most 2h chars sometimes. Avenger can take it more cause of that Godly set proc.

Why are you so surprised, and others lol. What odds does this build have against it that is more than what other builds need to endure…I even had Marked Mutator which means 100 less DA and my usual lag. I’m not doing anything that special aside from positioning. The class combo is just that good and the defensive stats are enough to let it carry out it’s full dmg. Anyone could just slam on a potent ravager eye, get ghoul if it feels more comfy. I even made a pic with defensive stats so that people would see 3K DA and not freak out.

+1. Ultos OP, PS’s incredible AoE OP in Crucible, Fluff’s build OP by default :smiley:
Light’s Defender Gauntlets is the only one with attack speed, besides Runesinged Handguards.

You are a bad influence, Fluff, I am trying to play brave and reckless like you with tankier builds with similiar damage and I still die sometimes :slight_smile:

Your latest conjurer inspired me to take my conjurer out of the dumpster and no, no vitality boring bullshit this time, I made a sequel to Jajaja’s shockingly versatile warder, and finally everything clicks in it. Going to post it soon. So storm IS coming

WE WILL SEE WHOSE CONJURER IS BETTER!1 (probably still yours)

(I also finally nitpicked deep into your grimtools to find out that you can use Quill instead of Scholar’s Light!)

Yep. The GT draft I made at work had quill but i was too lazy to change devotions end game after leveling. So just drop ascendant point and scholar light and get quill.

It just goes to show that the build doesn’t depend on every bit of DA and there is room for mistake

It’s reckless and isn’t really. Sometimes kiting kills you rather than quicky taking something out.

What’s important is how you start the 160 and 170 waves, and how you set them up before thy start at the end of 159 and 169

Nice build as always fluff.

Here’s my Vindicator version that I made some time ago. Lots of HP and Power but lacks a bit DA. But with IS, WT and 18K HP i don’t have much trouble with any encounters so far. Only play vanilla though so not sure how well he would do in crucible.

Feel free to give suggestions if anything looks bad.


Hey and thanks

  • I recommend Ultos Weapon for PS. There si no competition. Stormreaver is for SAvagery Dots and totem

  • I’d change the gloves to the ones i’m using from light’s defender as yours have no AS

  • GEt dying God:)

I wouldn’t take Dying God.

Instead of PS for Vindicator, try full Savagery\Totem build, like this - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GwGDX2

my advice was for PS since he also uses it. The other is a totally different build.

There is no reason not to take DG on a lightning build. Nothing can beat this devotion in terms of DMG since pre AoM

However OP, i’m afraid vindicator isn’t the best class for PS. It’s savagery builds ranged or melee, totemes, WD, Storm box. Stuff like that

so you saying even range ultos vindicator like Chthon build with MI is better off with a conjurer?

Of course. PS is more suited towards Conjurers\Druids, for dat insane AoE crit damage goodness.

I don’t think so. But, Fluff, you know my style, I play way more defensively than you, my man. There is only one chance of me getting DG in GD - Krieg Death Knight, heheh.

My build is melee so I won’t extrapolate

I like well rounded support of occultist. It’s very strong since Jajaja’s ranged conjurer, and for resistant enemies, i’d personally pick conjurer unless I was making RAnged Savagery vindicator, cause then I can use WPS and its a totally different story. Just my take

Regen is not negative on this buld thenks to BoD+judicators+Tenacity.

Deleting foes with 400(campaign)-700K(crucible) PS is also defense due to huge lifesteal and acutally getting rid of the thing that kills you quickly. It’s not offense based on principle, it;s being practical with the strengths of the build.

Getting Ghouls instead of Jackal is really more than enough