[] Primal Ultos - A supercharged PS >Conjurer< of Storms 150-170 Gladiator in 8:50

isee cuz inquisitor has higher crit damage and also has attack speed higher elemental damage from range experties also consider seal defense and empowerment and deadly aim too boost. With melee you are right i think

I’m not talking about this build, though. Using DG with Conjurer is justified, but for Vindicator I would take something else, honestly.

I’ve just build a Druid, following your Conjurer, and yes, I got Void there. Specifically for critting PS it’s insanely good.

Fair enough, but would like to refer you to this build http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61616 like PS also thrives on huge crit mods

Without DG the build would be effectively castrated. It kills fast, and how fast you kill also determines how long you are exposed to danger. Funnily enough, even without Giant’s blood his regen is not negative, it’s like 1+:)

Korsar’s build is good, no doubt about it, but… 2800 DA is seriously not my style of playing, dude. There are exceptions to this rule, but only if I have some other means to avoid damage. Like Bleeding BK Player-Pet Scaled Trickster, cough, cough.

Lol, +1, nice. But yeah, I also took Giant on my Druid to counter Void. I have to give you this, though, Fluff, you actually made me to use DG on other characters, you sneaky guy.

Feel free to play more defensively, mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks fantastic, thanks!


I take it Korsar’s 2800DA was more for campaign, He should be ok at 3K+

Well i tried with Utlos 2H and its great. But getting +2 shaman and +1 inquisitor extra from stormreaver is awesomeness to me =)

Will have a look at the gloves and dying god. Thanks!

Im in love with PS. Its soooo much fun to play. Thats why i use it =)

Savagery is ZZzzzz, otherwise i would use it for sure.

Trickster Bleeding Pets Summoner preparing to launch, Vitality Vampiric DK already finished in testing, it’s time for Bleed again :smiley:

the + skills won’t mean much if you already have PS/Torrent maxed.

the weapon is slow and DoT oriented and you miss a huge flat lightning bonus at full set which was buffed in 0.6

Fair enough. Will go back to Ultos and also try the other changes you mentioned.

Well that escalated quickly.

I just wanted to try it with a bit more screwup tolerance at first. I also thought it was interesting that Ghoul was relatively ‘cheap’ to pick up.

Nothing is escalated, the “debate” was referring to other things. Ghoul is a very nice devotion for this build:)

First quick try increased my max damage from 302k to 432k (vanilla) so the new devotion setup + ultos 2h made a quite a difference =) Lost 2k HP though but i probably have too much in cunning that is not needed.

I remember in the recent set feedback thread how everyone was saying Ultos was either weak or not strong enough. :wink:

:confused: The meme must be too old. Or the movie. Or both. Don’t take me too seriously.

Hey Fluff,
could you give me some tips what to level first? Obviously max PS first, but what other skills should I focus on first and what to get last?


Or try something like this. That’s one of my fastest farmers for Main Campaign. Deletes Ancient Grove second phaze in about 7 seconds.

Also, another reason you want DG on full Ultos is build’s amazing CDR. That’s why stuff like Reckless Tempest works wonders with it.

Also, is there a reason you took Potent Malmouth Will over Potent Malmouth’s Heart or Potent Sparkbloom Powder, Fluff? (sorry I can’t stop comparing our setups trying to min-max mine a bit)