[] Primal Ultos - A supercharged PS >Conjurer< of Storms 150-170 Gladiator in 8:50

The storm is here…

[i]If you’ve ever wondered how to tap into the true power of Ultos it’s through Primal Strike.To compare, I am going to relate the build to the physical “brother” of the build Avenger. While PS is not really an Auto attack it kind of feels like it. It’s not like Force Wave which can be spammed without an enemy. You need to engage an enemy in melee and has the melee feel.

The AoE and damage consistency of PS is fantastic. While it doesn’t reach the max dmg potential of Avenger, it more than makes up for it in consistency. The main skill hits in readius AoE and to this you add Torrent and Hand of Ultos %weapon dmg, cutting corners and annihilating swaths of enemies, including grouped Nemeses.[/i]

[v1.0.6.1]Video 150-170 Gladiator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSIu81k6VJQ&feature=youtu.be b [/b]I generally get 8:40 but recording lag has a word to say as usual:)

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZr33mkN
Grimtools2: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKWWoQN more DA via ravager Eye:

Setup with Potent Malmouth Will used in the video. Real AS is 184% as GT does not show Storm Touched bonus

All auras, Tenacity, Sealed Fate, Hungering Void up

Setup with Potent Ravager’s Eye

Supercharged Primal Strike

  1. A look at PS with transmuter:

At lvl 26 PS has 300% WD. With transmuter we shave 18% total dmg, means nothing since you spam it and 75%WD leaving us with 225%WD

With Torrent now hitting the main target and Hand of Ultos bound to PS you get another 70% WD, leaving you at 290% WD per swing, 266% is Ultos desn’t proc.

Still not convinced? Read on then

  1. Savagery Charging PS:

Whoever said you can’t have the best of both worlds? Treating Savagery like Lethal Assault, charging it every 2 seconds or so until you get a few charges (3-4-5-6 are enough) gives enormous benefit in DPS and staying power. I never think about it in the video, just press Savagery from time to time to charge it and proc Hungering Void, don’t stress or ever waste your focus on how many charges you have ever!.

What effects the build gets from charging it:

  • 135/103 OA/DA and 28% Slow res from tenacity
  • 8% Physical Damage resistance from Might of The bear
  • 11% Attack speed from Storm Touched with just 4 points invested
  • A minor 38% lightning damage from main skill

When you add up all of the above, that transmuter is pocket change compared to the benefits of spamming PS - max


[spoiler]Q: So what other Class combo do you…
A: Conjurer

Q: Yes but how about…
A: Conjurer…

“Q”: Fuck you!
A: Conjurer?[/spoiler]

In closing:

[i]If the Avenger has the highest dmg roll and phenomenal staying power, this build makes up with extremely consistent dmg and lifestealing via PS/Torrent/Hand of Ultos. Nothing can hide if in PS radius. Play it agressive and position it well. With the mobility Rune augments in FG, this build will be even more fun to use,

Notice at 160 when the second reaper comes I use the space the first Reaper and the left side spawn point entrance to confuse the second one. Nemeses always try the shortest route to you and if they don’t fit they get all confused:)

By the way, Dummy kill time is exactly 20-21 sec, precicesly teh duration of Hungering void;)[/i]

Wow, Avenger brother build :cool:

pff, my Vindicator and Druid will not be happy about this:furious:

Wow. Just wow. Is this really the dawn of 2h shaman? I wonder if there’s still some hidden potential in 2h. Maybe some non-shaman ones too.


@TZ thanks. I imagine these two leaping around with Runes <3

@x1x1x1x2 Glad you like. For now the is Leviathan WB cadence Witchblade with Galdiator belt. Although I really like Savagery+WPS and how PS work right now

Edit: How could I forget lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw0IMfc-Ey4 There is 2h FS melee with the mighty new 0.6 Archon weapon. An easy respec from the 2h rifle terminator. Might make a small new thread for this guy

The most obvious ones that can do it are the various forcewave builds out there. Both physical, fire and elemental. Jajajas electrocute warder is also crucible ready with very similar clear times as this build. And made a firestrike purifier with the archon warmaul that was able to do 170 after i got used to piloting it. Still need to do some more runs with it to make sure. Then there’s a few others i mentioned in zhuugus thread. I think wildblood definitely needs some love

Good stuff fluff, and good time on the 170 run. And you only used 1 MI. Props

Thanks. Edited and added a vid link to the 2h archon purifier version

so i missed an ‘i’ in that sentence. Perfection is overrated

Edit 1: Guess caps aren’t allowed to convey my sarcasm. Oh well

Edit 2: Oh you actually had one. I thought you were joking. And it’s almost identical to mine except the medal and amulet and some slight difference in devotions.

Oh yeah the purifier fs. I wanted that to be elementalist to take advantage of the reworked upheaval but it just doesn’t do. Or maybe I just suck at building. Purifier looks autowin so didn’t try it.

Ah, thought you wrote your first post before I edited :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t you feel that the only thing holding the archon build back is the bindings? Once they settle in he deletes stuff but mines are not so reliable. I couldn’t help to not put Flame torrent on FS with the AoE the MAce has now it has

Didn’t really mention forcewave cause that’s like the most obvious one since those were already viable pre patch with DA stacking. I think I saw a wildblood build jist recently, either by veretragna or valinov or the other russian guys. Can’t really remember. But I think if you want an autoattack 2h vitality and not use wildblood set bonus then Deaths reach might be better. Am actually doing 2h bone harvest right now with death’s reach but too squishy atm.

Edited above post lol. I think i was in the middle of typing when you edited in the FS build so didn’t see :rolleyes:. Here’s the version i did 170 with https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EAAMv2
Started out as a commando at first, but the damage just wasn’t there so switched to purifier.
I originally had blood sigil too but switched it to myth pyroclasm just to test how the proc was (plus it had some extra attack speed). Either one works in my experience. Anyway props to both builds. Guess we got all the autoattack replacer skills 170 viable now!

I dunno man, i felt it was pretty smooth sailing once you got used to piloting it. I mean i don’t even use flame torrent on my build (which i really think i should fit it, opted for ghoul since it saved my ass many times on the 2 cadence witchblade). But i think you’re devotion setup with flame torrent might be the better choice. Since the 2 times i died out of 10 runs, once was to double reaper on 160, both of them just ran up to me simultaneously and i managed to whack one of them 2-3 times before they 100% to 0% hp insta killed me (ghoul didn’t do shit for me there since my phys res is kinda low by default compared to the witchblade). 2nd time was bad positioning and fabius shenanigans so that one i take full responsibility for.

But yeah i agree, like all fire builds with demo in them, mines are always the biggest pain to position, even more so in crucible when you want to quickly try to burst down that first enemy/nemesis on those dangerous waves

I’ve seen slith fight better than you. :mad:

Good job, Fluff!

Surprised to see that this can be done w/o a Druid

Nice job as usual

Now if only someone would fix Leviathan then we’d have the old 2h family back:rolleyes:

Since I don’t have a good Maul to test. How would you rate Worldeater against Archon?

Thx:) I assure you playing conjurer is no handicap to playing it druid, quite the contrary

In MC I agree, in fact Conjurer should have higher output. But in Crucible I always stick with Mirror on a 2h build like Alkamos Scythe Breaker or Savagery Druid, so it was surprising to me

Nice to see non-Arcanists shine

Why wouldn’t they:) You loose to much dmg going with Druid TD. You will kite in crucible when mirror is down and overall dps will be lower

Praise the Dmg tanking :mad: