[]Sotonya - Ignaffar flamethrower

Hello, fellow minmaxers, welcome to my burning tread of the best channeling spell in the game. Flames of Ignaffar - legit flamethrower that crisp to ashes all it touch.


Build explanation
Burning is our main dmg type. With a bunch of flat burn from Flame of Ignaffar, Inferno, Frozen Core and procs we burn stuff to crisp in seconds. I switched to MageHunter ™ set for hilarious OFF modifier. Its good :smiley:

Build is OA starved . Most BiS items provide no OA and our devotion route is also not OA effective, so 4 blessings are mandatory.
Frozen Core
WoP version

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All you need is to fit Phantom thread instead of bernoath belt and all good:)

You’ll prob need a relic with +to FoI

I tried with Phantom and didn’t like it. I loose 4 ranks in Seal and that force me to kite and I also feel unsecure unless I time mirror perfectly during initial stage of waves. With current setup I only need to kite 2 Reapers for ~3-4 seconds - they burn quite fast.

I just didn’t like mage hunter OA back when I tested it. But with new blessings who knows.

In campaign phantom thread would be kind of a must imo

Nah, in campaign you can drop these shoulders for more offensive and be good. And switch Ravager eye`s for Creed cunning. Can drop both Seal of might too.

i won’t pass almost 150 flat OA. This build thrives off crits:p

I dislike beronath bet in general tbh. aside from getting + 3 seal, the bonuses are very blah for me

The green shoulders are pretty offensive as they are i’d say

Edit: Btw in my experience with cold FOI, not overcapping endless flame is a sin :P. The *burn duration is insane and you get some defense too

like this 3400 effective OA during aim. More that enough.

Nah, I facetank every combo except 2 rapists. Don’t need burn duration cause I don’t loose dps while running around.

Can one use Flamer for leveling?
AAR was horrible, DE ok due to DoT-part.

You can use it, but its unnefficient. The best leveling for Inquisitor is Lightning theather+Haggard.

Don’t listen to mean ptiro. It’s lots of fun leveling, i had at least. In veteran and elite use with OFF rr and destroy. In ultimate OFF falls behind

@ptiro - i’d go insane leveling a char one way every time

I can see why Arcanist is here but why doesn’t anyone try FoI Purifier. I haven’t gotten around to it either so don’t know if it’s really bad or something. Cause FoI is the only ray in the game where energy issues are non-consequential, making it usable on almost all builds

Good build as usual Ptiro

Mana PITA mostly - outside of FoI spaming you need to drop mines, seals, etc. And purifier is squishy in caster armor.

You don’t spam FoI. You burst fiery farts here and there while leveling. This is why people think DE is hard to level too

Easy on the taco bell buddy:eek::eek:

Well hate to think what DE farts out…
Kinda figured mana could be a issue, BUT you get 1% ADCTH (with 4% from weapon) besides everything else, like Fumble so balancing with mana regen is a small price to pay (kinda wish AAR would FINALLY take some notes about WD% part.)
Oh, what does +CS% actually DO for FoI, reduce re-cast or decrease “tick” time?

Uroboruuks indigestions, amassed during his imprisonment in Arkovia.

CS increases ticks per second.

Crate wants to hire you

Belt Granted Skill: Fart of Uroboruuk. The low quality of food brought to Uroboruuk during his time in prison made his fart smell so much that the great necromancer imbued it with aetherial essence for a more pleasing odor.

Full set Granted Skill: Constipation. The great necromancer has the ability to resurrect even the tiniest organisms inside a human being. The most notable of these ones are known to induce constipation on the target.

WD on FoI is kinda cosmetic, rly. you will use Warpfire with low aether base dmg and minimal flat increase from Arcane empowerment for Burning FoI or Elgoloth for Lightning FoI with cindertouch gloves. Even as purifier you end with ¬100-120 flat dmg on weapon - its almost nothing.

Wait, so if weapon has ADCTH you only get weapons worth of life back, NOT the whole skills worth modified by %WD?
Say skill does 1000 base + 100 from weapon w/ WD 100%, totalling 1100.
W/ 4% ADCTH on weapon you only get back 4 (from 100 weapon damage), NOT 44 from total (skill + weapon damage)?!