[]Spellbreaker - master of cold blades

1. Preamble
As well all know a vitality phantasmal blades with a full demonslayer’s set is a beast, insane damage, clearing speed are close to speed of light, good survivalability due the nature of vitality damage (talk “vitality” - keep in mind “ADctH”).

It’s all good, but then I thought about cold blades, because we got a deadbound amethyst and speaker of the dead.

So I made this build that I glad to represent to you.

2. How good a cold blades?
Well, pretty much because we still didn’t got a suitable set for cold blades I had to somehow get out and use what we have at the moment.

So ravager’s hat and set of Alcamos ring - this is not from a good life, but to make this build are workable (especially for rings, because without them build are suffers greatly from a lack of OA).

After all these moves, both: the damage and the survivability of the character - becomes suited for me (pay attention to the scales, he titled not only because they have a great energy leech, but also because 50% of vitality damage, thanks to the book, are converted into cold, and tips the scales heal us quite well)

3. Show us build already


4. FAQ
Q: Is there an additional setup for this build?
A: Yes, nowdays I played in this setup (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pvp0jZ), just puttung some points from sphere to bladetrap.

Q: Could I use another item cos’ items in this build are really hard to obtain?
A: Pretty mush yes, you could use Clairvoyant’s hat (or even mageslayer’s hood), not-green boots (seek chaos resist on items), another ring (band of the eternal haunt as example but you will lose OA).

5. Are this build suited for crucible?
Yes, I managed 170 gladiator crucible with 3 buffs (except Ulzuin) + vanguard banner

6. Do you got a some videos?
Yes, here is a stream record, pretty much every boss in main campagn, BoC, Port, Mad Queen

7. Credits

  • As always special thanks to my good friends: Autentist, Veretragna and John Smith
  • Strannik - build polished
  • Kos9k - idea about rings
  • mad_lee - build polished

P.S. This build (as all of my recent builds) are part of Build Compendium of Russian-speaking community. Join us!

Well spam cold PB. Interesting idea.

I couldn’t find MQ in the long video. I have a representation of transmuted cold PB here, that probably needs some tweaks in the future

It is cool build! :cool:

P.S: Nice to see non-standard (non-vitality) PB build here! :smiley:

Begining at the 2:15:00

Thanks dude, and thanks to your advises, it’s really helps

Nice. Also nice usage of healing rain setup to mitigate energy issues. I was surprised at first when you didn’t use ulzuin buff.

Anyways. Cdr version of this is nice too. With eternity relic

I like that devotion route - no problems with energy sustain with those devotions. You can however improve it a bit and take juicy Sailor’s Guide instead of Hound. I would also recommend droping an extra point in Maiven and one point into Merciless Reportoire for small damage boost. And if you are using Nidalla’s relic ability - bind Rumour to it, it’s more efficient than RoS for this purpose. Overall, slick build, Spellbreakers ftw :slight_smile:

Works quite well;)

Will try

At the beginning of the existence of this build PB were not spammable, but with cdr - so it was, Rumor were bind to Nidala, Crown - to cold spikes from seal of night

This build is one of the rare examples of builds where PB do not devour the entire stock of mana instantly.
Moreover, mana is almost not spent on casts, which prompted me to make a version with spamable PB.

So how is spammable version when compared to cooldown version with Chillspikes Spam? For cooldown version (which should be hella strong with that weapon) Iskandra’s Amulet would be pretty sweet.

I would say that they are equal, and this is a matter of taste - to play with or without cdr.
With cdr there is a more running, and more damage “peak” (ice spikes, spikes, spikes - then BOOM, peak damage from PB - spikes, spikes, spikes).
Without cdr, running is less and the damage is more “smooth” (PB-PB-PB).

How is Crucible 150-170 clear time with that one?

Honestly I don’t check clearing time (much more important to me that build are able to clear 170 at all).

Nowadays I play with alternative setup (Maiven 3/12, bladetrap 12/12), feels good (sure, bladetrap are don’t work on bosses and nemesis, but catch and shredd DA to the whole pack of aetherial’s titans/Void Oppressors/heroes are very sweet).

Little update of main and alternative builds (thanks mad_lee)
With sailor’s guide I got a 100% of slow resistance, it’s useless, but looking damn sexy:D

Wouldn’t a point or two in ABB-LA be worth it? ~50oa/50%cold/some flat for just 2 points

Just asking

very nice build! If you had to choose another helm, what would that be? EDIT: I read the OP again :slight_smile: thanks

For me it’s a too many moves.
Feel free to use, anyway.

Awesome build, love it

Could this work with infiltrator with cold RoH as well? Basically PB/ABB/RoH/SS converted to cold, hit and run build. Anyone tried this?