[] The Blazing Marksman - Flame Keeper Based Fire Strike Purifier

The Build

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, and Standing on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is Fire Strike.

Build Feature

  • Fire strike based, thus an auto-attack build that has excellent AoE
  • Using 8 blue item… :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Not a simple build to play, mainly due to thermite mines and many button to press
  • Resistance is hard to be capped.

Build Overview
So I am quite late to the purifier party. Just leveled one and decided to try a blue set that no one is using: Keeper of the Blaze.

The set is weird as while it’s completion bonus is giving a really good WPS, its individual pieces are also giving bonus to WoP, Grenado, and BWC. It is not giving any bonus to fire strike line at all :confused:. Relevant bonus is only storm spread and aura of censure, also +2 to demolitionist and +1 to inquisitor. What I really like about this set beside the WPS is the shotgun. It has up to +48 % Attack Speed and 30% Casting speed. Crazy number, allowing us to achieve 200% AS easily without any buff. This is hard to achieve in a two-handed weapon build.

Then let’s talk about the WPS included in the set. It acts similar to burning void (from seal of the void components). From the number though, it seems it’s weaker. However, it doesn’t have minimum target, means it can start a chain reaction among the group of enemies inflicting 128%*118%*115% = 174% WD to each of them with 4 m radius. Thus 4 enemies clustered together will receive almost 700% WD each. Also don’t forget explosive strike and brimstone that will proc to all of them.

Alright, so Main damage dealer is fire strike powered up by 80% WPS chance. Bursting round is capped as much as we can and storm spread capped until we have 5 projectiles ;). Supplemental damage is done by the best fire devotion procs which is meteor shower and fissure.

For Defense: We have a good 2.6k armor (only 92% absorb though) due to all crafting bonus, also 18/12 inquisitor seal + 19/12 damage reduction from aura of censure, fumble & impaired aim from flashbang, ghoul procs, and decent seal of ancestry proc.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipment at Arngrim and try to get +% armor as completion bonus.

Core Items:
Keeper of the Blaze Set
Rings: Elemental Balance Set. 32 flat fire damage, bonus to fire strike line, godly procs, craftable.
Gloves: Mythical gauntlets of Ignaffar. Just for converting pierce to fire which we have a lot :p.
Medal: Luminari Commendation. Converting pierce to elemental which we have a lot, also giving bonus to inquisitor seal tree.
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion Just a perfect fit for this build, get +1 to aura of censure as completion bonus

Supporting Items:
Helm: Mythical Light’s Defender Helm. Just a nice helm that gives +1 to purifier. Also giving massive +% armor bonus.
Amulet: Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath. For massive OA bonus and +1 to all skills.
Pants: Aleksander’s Chausses. Decent pants that giving bonus to defensive skills. Basically any pants with “stonehide” prefix will do .
Boots: Mythical Final March. Just a decent boots that give nice defensive stats and slow res.

Offensive fire-based 2handed-range auto-attack build.

Eldritch Fire > to Flashbang
Elemental Storm > to Fire Strike
Fissure > to Storm Box of Elgoloth
Meteor Shower > to Inquisitor Seal
Ghoulish Hunger > to Whatever permanent buff

LMB: Fire Strike
RMB: Point to Move
Mouse scroll up: Storm Box of Elgoloth
Mouse scroll down: Thermite Mine
Keyboard 1: Flashbang
Keyboard 2: Inquisitor Seal
Keyboard 3: Word of Renewal

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Word of Renewal. Ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal
Scroll up and down to activate SBoE and Thermite mine, triggering Fissure. Ensure the thermite mines are there when you want to start shooting your opponent. Also Ensure that SBoE always active in at least one enemy
Cast Inquisitor seal below you
Maul your enemies with Fire Strike

Round your enemy and Position yourself well so the WPS procs can shotgun them all at once.

Build Performance
For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff:

8:20 Clear-times. See at wave 170 when double reaper are dead at the same time… :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, reaper is the most dangerous. When there is 2 reaper and for some reason (usually due to mutator) you take more time in killing one, try to kite a bit for 1-2 seconds then drop seal again and finish them

Other dangerous nemesis is grava because of its fumble/impaired aim pool. Try to position yourself so other enemy cover you from him. If they are close to each other, grava will be killed due to the build collateral damage, otherwise dodge the pool and kill him.

Mercymaker was kindly enough to test this build in crucible with 3 buff + banner and it achieved 7:05 clear times (his fastest):

Here is the full 3x cruci run in a single set of 3 buff + banner, achieving 22:20 clear times, thus averaging at 7:13 minutes clear times (without the time to pick up the items):

All in all, the build is very fun. I am happy that I just discovered a jewel in the mud :p. Also thanks to Mercymaker for validating this build.

Hope you guys can enjoy the build.

Hell of a perfomance in that video, man. You know you need a new patch when builders start doing builds in blue sets :slight_smile: (pants are unrealistic tho)

Did you consider any other headgear options?

But again, I am impressed by that 8:20 no banner run.

Thanks MadLee… :wink:
The AoE from fire strike plus its interaction to the WPS is so good. I think only fire strike build that can achieve below 9 minutes run for a pure auto-attack build. Well honestly, I think the only good skills from demo are fire strike and flashbang. Lol

Resistance is a bitch to cap due to using almost all blue item. Well, basically use everything in pants and boots until you can cover your resistances.

Regarding headgear, I don’t see better options. Light’s defender helm provide so much armor, you can get up to +18% armor with arngrim bonus. The build’s armor make it feels like using justicar set. Also plus to purifier is so good.

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Savagery can do it. Runic bolts too. And for melee there’s a lot of them :stuck_out_tongue:

@mad_lee why don’t you like LD helm? I think it’s a perfect fit.

@thejabrixonr, is the thing about seal of the void having a max target on ranged confirmed? I always though the max targeting only applies for melee, same with fighting form and feral hunger.

Is it? Using banner maybe?

About seal of the void. Well I will need to check. Fortunately I have one more ranged purifier build to test tomorrow that is using seal of void. Going by the text though, it should have a 3 maximum target. If not, scrap this build and use seal of void instead on fluff’s Terminator build. Lol…

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http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=617905#post617905 Mercymaker gets 8 mins on 3buffs, 7mins with banner. And spanks evoker of elgoloth got 8 mins iirc.

Impressive show of this blue item set!
I think you can try 2 Jaxxon rings:p:p The clear speed should be almost the same?But I never try it on this build.

I see. Thanks for the info. I will need to study how he do it. Courageous tincture might be the trick.

Thanks txl!
I don’t check jaxxon rings because I feels like it’s better on DW gunslinger. Also, I desperately need flat damage and bonus to fire strike line.

Haven’t tried jaxxon in a build though. It will surely be good with softcapped static strike.

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Double Jaxxons work great on a 2h arcaneweaver firestrike purifier, It can do some ridiculous burst in crowds cause of the 50% chance to pierce modifier.
Edit: Oh and great job on the build. 8:20 is pretty amazing for a mostly epic geared build. Kudos :slight_smile:

It will be even better with dagallon’s guns then.

And thanks for the compliment! Purifier has been explored much by this community, so I needed to give some twist to make it worth posting… :smiley:

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I dunno bout that, the arcaneweaver has alot of flat elemental damage as base and potential to even more from affixes in addition to the 40 extra flat elemental damage to firestrike modifier. Not sure dagallons can compete with that. But my experience with them have been kinda limited (and very underwhelming) so i’d love to try a build that could compete :slight_smile:

You can try spanks’ ulzuin dagallon, or maybe fluff’s static strike dagallon and see if it will be good with double jaxxon. Although the latter is not posted. Basically it used dual dagallon lightning pistol, head, and chest. Also Ulzuin’s shoulder and double ring that gives bonus to static strike and storm spread.

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But soon, the flames will fade, and only Dark will remain. :cool:

Ohhhh… My build has been blessed by the mighty Lord of Crucible… :scream::scream:

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Excellent build and excellent result, thejabrixone! :slight_smile:

Thank you Vere, I’m glad you like it… :wink:
I am quite surprised myself that this weird set can be this beastly in crucible…

On a side note, exploring blue sets is fun. Maybe I should do myrmidon bastion next…

There is also ptiro’s Luminari dw Purifier and my Runic Bolts Deceiver.

About the helm, there is Ulzuin’s Headguard with a proc (but missing skills ofc), Ravager’s Dreadgaze for additional ADTCH or Crit damage and rr and even Clairvoyant’s for CDR, I guess?

Your deceiver is 9min though :p. And ptiro’s luminari is fire strike based like I mention before.

Regarding helm, I’ve thought about ulzuin’s too, but current +skills give me a 5 projectiles storm spread. I haven’t killed ravager yet. Also clairvoyant’s helm CDR is not really needed in the build.

Ravager helm should be good also though…

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Don’t tease me, we both know it’s much faster than that in the right hands with good computer. Probably as fast or faster than this purifier.

I have couple of Ravager’s helms I can sell you, if you trade (and I am sure you do). Both legitimate ofcourse.

Prove it mannnn!!!
Dick measuring battle aside, like I said before, I find that it’s hard for a pure auto-attack build to do crucible below 9 minutes consistently due to the lack of AoE.

Even belgo BM and infiltrator that is hyped too much in this forum will only achieve 9 minutes or close to it.

Thank you Madlee, but I don’t do trading. I am a filthy GDstasher but only use item that I have obtained before. Thus why I don’t use ravager helm in my build… :wink:

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