[]The Dreamer, Master of Seals

The Dreamer, Master of Seals


The Deceiver isn’t a straightforward class to theorycraft. I wanted to make something original and flavorful. With some help and inspiration from these two builds (from Chton LINK and Valinov LINK) and David & Leigh Eddings’ Morindim Tribes, I created this Vitality/Chaos Caster based around Seals.

NB : Morinidim Magicians, called Dreamers, would invoke Demons through powerful Seals and Pentacles. If they stand in the Pentacle, the Demon would stay under their control. If not, well… dinner time for the Demon, I guess :slight_smile:

You have 3 seals that provide both attack and defense :

  • Sigil of Consumption (Occultist)
  • Inquisitor Seal (Inquisitor)
  • Ritual Circle (Black Scorch Covenant set bonus).


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With toggles, Blood of Dreeg and World of Renewal.


  • Full Black Scorch Covenant set for the Ritual Circle ability ;
  • Boneweave Leggings for another Seal ;
  • Remaining pieces are RR and +Sigil of Consumption oriented.


  • Hungering Void and Eldritch Fire for max Chaos/Vitality damage.
  • Oklaine’s Lantern and Harvestman’s Scythe for Energy/Life regen (because Hungering Void costs quite a bunch of life/sec and FoI is very Energy hungry).


3 Seals, 2 DoTs, 1 Nuke, 1 Channel and 2 Healing abilities.

  • Curse of Frailty (Eldritch Fire), Word of Pain and Sigil of Consumption are enough for trash mobs.
  • Inquisitor Seal + Ritual Circle = facetank everything but high physical damage enemies (Lokarr, Gargabol, KupaCabana).
  • Flames of Ignaffar provides an interesting -18% reduced target damage.
  • Sigil of Consumption also gives health back.


  • Clear Ultimate easily
  • Very tanky for a Caster
  • The floor is full of shiny seals !
  • Positioning and anticipation are key
  • Quite static (like other FoI + Inquisitor Seal build)
  • Positioning and anticipation are key


A difficult fight, like other FoI builds. This is not a Lokarr farmer build.

KILLING LIST (for now)

  • Valdaran, Moosilauke, Fabius, Reaper and Benn’Jahr : easy facetank.
  • Gargabol : easy kiting, DoT and Run.
  • KupaCabra : difficult, because you can’t stand in its own bleeding seals that are created, obviously, right under yours.


  • Devotion Path : it’s the weak link of the build where I chose QoL with high defense and regen for Campaign.
  • Amulet slot : maybe a (Pierce to) Vitality Rune of Hagarrad can improve the damage output of the build.
  • « Elemental damage converted to Chaos/Vitality » Items do exist but they break the Black Scorch Covenant Set.

I hope you like it!

Edit (02/18/2019):
some changes in; GT link updated.

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not bad but ur using a lot of skill i think.

Only 3, 90% of the time: WoP, CoF and SoC.
WoR and BoD are buffs;
Doombolt is for Hungering Void triggering;
IQ and RC for defensive situations/boss.

This is friggin’ cool. Add one to my shopping list, lollz.


Three things I’d like to say:
i. Nice job here man. Really like the concept. It’s like ziplock - SEALed to keep things fresh
ii. Where is my compendium submission for this spec? :furious:
iii. Lastly, perhaps consider reaver’s hunger for the amulet?

EDIT: I’m an idiot. It’s already in the compendium. ctrl + F didn’t show it up the first time because I mispelt dreamer. :rolleyes:

i. thanks. I was thinking “zipper” also ?
ii. :wink:
iii. I’ll have to try to see if the +2 seconds is worth the loss of “impaired aim” and +1 skills in Occ’. And “-8% energy cost” should be quite comparable to “+1000 energy/ and +2 energy/sec.”