[] The Whole Trozan – Lightning Skybreach Warlock & Druid

TSS Warlock was a great idea.

Too bad that the new TSS animation looks bad. Much weaker than the old one.

I guess I am besically the Trozan guy in the GD lore, lol

Solid build, cheeky (but correct) choice to go for full lightning in devotions.

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Hey Nery,
Regarding your remark, is it in the context of this build or did Crate change anything to the Sigil of Consumption?

I am asking because when I like the idea of that skill very much, but I did not see a lot of builds using that skill too much, and even fewer as an important source of dmg/sustain. I think there is a build cantered around SoC and Inquisitor seal, but I believe that requires some endgame set.

I would love to use it myself, but I guess I need gear for it?

Just search grim tools for items that has skill modifiers to Sigil of consumption

Then search for items that has “vitality damage converted to cold / elemental” and “chaos damage converted to cold / elemental” and you will find plenty.

In particlar, word of inquisitor abalon

Inquisitor seal deals like 0 damage, so you do not build around it to deal damage.

You can look at my beginner build sketch in my collection thread for a Word of Pain / sigil deceiver I have one there

The base Druid setup hadn’t been updated for the resistance nerfs to Bloodied Crystal. It’s fixed now.

To be fair, both these builds retain +2000% cold damage and ~70% RR. They may not pursue cold but they don’t neglect it either.

That is not what I meant. I recalled few builds centred around SoC, overall. And I recalled a build (This one which was using SoC, Ritual circle from gear for dmg, and Inquisitor Seal for the tankiness. I assume that the reasoning was to tank what is possible and leach back up with SoC. I know seal is not for dmg.
I like that sketch you mentioned. Thanks.

fair enough :slight_smile:

Trozan hype! :grinning:
Nice one, and it’s a little bit faster then my bi-elemental setup

More fragile, though; it probably wouldn’t do as well in deep SR, it’s pretty easy to get bursted in Crucible already. (Have they buffed Rashalga? She’s scarier on her own than most nemesis pairs for these builds.) A Cataclysm setup with TSS on a higher CD is a bit more kiting-friendly as well.

Also, I see that your build now features Amatok, which counts for a crushing victory on style points, as far I’m concerned. :P

If it’s speed you want, do try Iskandra’s Balance over Eternity. Clearing times can honestly get a bit out of whack with these “whole Trozan” setups if played aggressively enough (and with the right greens to help, I guess).

Hello Pareto, I really like your build and I am currently trying out a druid myself. I was wondering if somehow you can send me your build since grimtool is down and i dont know when it will be up. Thank you!

For itemization, you can use the notes and the character sheet pictured in the OP. (It’s for Warlock, but the main difference is that Druid might want to use the Storm Shepherd belt.)

Devotions, in no particular order:

  • Red and blue crossroads (permanent). Green and purple crossroads (temporary).
  • Tier 1:
    • Quill, Bat (proc bound to wind devils). Remove the green crossroad upon completion.
    • Viper, Eel, Sailor’s Guide
  • Tier 2:
    • Behemoth, Rhowan’s Crown (proc bound to TSS). Remove the purple crossroad upon completion.
    • Solemn Watcher, Widow (proc bound to Aether Corruption)
  • Tier 3:
    • Ultos (proc bound to Storm Totem)
    • Spear of the Heavens

With the final item setup, the skills will look like this:

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Thank you so much!

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Do you mind listing your enchants for your gears? sorry to bother you so much .Appreciate it!

I don’t have the exact list at hand since my in-game char is slightly different, but it’s mostly a matter of looking at resistances and filling in blanks. You mostly need poison, chaos and bleed, along with some pierce depending on crafting bonuses.

  • Weapon/off-hand: 2x Ravager’s Eye
  • Jewelry: 1-2 Osyr’s Will to cap bleed resistance (from Dreeg’s cult), 1 Arcanum Dust (from Malmouth), 1 Skyshard Powder (from the Coven) if possible.
  • Armor: Dreeg’s Fiendblood (around 4), Kingsward Powder (around 2, from the Legion), Coven Black Ash (1-2)
  • Movement rune: Displacement or anything else you like.

I had a lev 50 Druid from 6 months ago, not any ideas for it. I finally found all the items for your build and gave it a try. This might be one of the most fun builds I’ve tried, easy to level , and smashes end game content.

I had this for leveling,

And the blueprint for the Mythical version until I could equip the Trozan set


Both worked great. Thanks for the build.

Big thanks for bringing a cool and efficient Warlock build man! :slight_smile:

@pareto: out of curiosity, have you tried TSS in

No, I haven’t played, but I don’t seem to recall anything relevant to TSS in the patch notes. Are you asking for any reason in particular?

Firstly, just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your TSS builds here. Looks v polished to me.

I’ve just been experimenting with a bi-elemental druid - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNn696wN, and am surprised to see that my clear time is on par with that of the warlock despite higher %damage values, better utlization of cold damage, AND seal of the skies.

As someone with a lot of experience in TSS, I was wondering if you could give me some feedback/suggestions?

I can always upload the character file here should you wish to have a go at it.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Pareto, and thank you for a detailed, well written guide. My druid has reached level 100 and is really struggling in Ult, so here we are in the market for a respec to get her back to her former glory. I am curious about one thing – Why is there so much ADCTH on this build? I don’t see weapon dmg anywhere. Probably i am dumb and overlooked it. There’s a lot for me to learn still.