[] Ulzuin's Infernal Champion - BWC Sorcerer for Safe 170 Glad Farming UPDATE ON SECOND POST

TITLE SHOULD BE, or I’m from the future. what you think?

Introduction - Fire/Burn nerfs and its effect on Burn builds

The new patch brought us, along with the monster nerfs in crucible, nerfs to two of the most beloved things for Fire/Burn build users - Warpfire burn duration nerfed (from like 100+% to 73% average) and Flame torrent damage nerfed (35% WD to 23% along with flat fire damage nerfs on the skill). This caused quite some uproar from some players, especially about warpfire, where some feel like it was nerfed too hard. I personally thought that the nerfs were fine (flame torrent was actually fine, warpfire is the more debatable one) especially after I tested the first fire build I saw in my list, Fire Hagarrad Purifier, which got me a personal record on 170 gladiator for my builds.

I then decided to try one of the mainstay builds in GD, and my personal favorite build of all time, Infernal Knight BWC Sorcerer, originally created by JoV. Yeah, I like this more than the meteors one. It turns out that the nerf has affected this one more than the first, as expected. But it’s still really good in crucible, especially if you value consistency more than clearspeed.

So why post this build then? Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. This is my favorite build, as stated earlier.
  2. JoV stopped updating the Infernal Knight version in favor of his Triple Meteor Version. The one thing that stopped me from posting this during earlier patches is the hope of JoV updating his build with IK but I don’t think that’ll happen now.
  3. The popularity of the Triple Meteors version and people posting Justicar BWC builds last patch kinda made Infernal Knight unpopular to the point that there was a post calling it underpowered. This was despite the inclusion of an earlier version of this build to Zhuugus’ Reasonably Pwerful Builds thread.
  4. I think this is the time for IK to rise again due to the warpfire/FT nerfs affecting Justicar BWC more due to the latter’s lack of natural burn duration bonuses.

The Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aOgKkZ

Character Sheet with all permanent buffs. Also, I just realized I revealed my nationality with this char :stuck_out_tongue: Hello to my fellow contrymen here in the forums if there are some.

Build clears 151-170 in around 12-13 mins average. Not phenomenal compared to most direct damage builds but considering I went full on defensive devo setup while having zero nuke skills and also the recent nerfs then it’s impressive for me.

What this build offers

Offense:This isn’t really the highlight of the build cause this is built defensively but…

  • Maximum DoT stacking with BWC, Inferno, Entropy, Infernal Knight set proc, Weapon damage burn, Thermites if you wanna include that and all the other procs
  • 70% Crit Damage with around 3380 effective OA (3120 base +250 DA reduction on enemies from Flashbang)
  • 28% CDR on average (I got 30+) and more CDR from Eternity for easier dot reaplication and BWC stacking
  • Easy buff removal with 10/10 Nullification, getting the cooldown to around 8.5s after CDR.

Defense: This is the main crux of the build for me. I think this is easily top 2 caster when it comes to defense (cause binder exists) and is way easier to play than the one above it. This build features multiple layers of defense that enemies need to break through before even thinking of killing me.

  • The sorc defense trio of Mirror, Maiven’s and Blast Shield
  • 3250 effective DA (3000 base, 250 OA reduction to enemies from BWC)
  • Near permanent Healing Rain.
  • Complete CC resists with 80% stun, 80% trap, 41% Freeze and 23% Petrify
  • maxed Slow resist along with 23% Movement Speed overcap, making this effectively unslowable even by multiple slow stacks
  • Newly-buffed Mark of divinity, cooldown now 80s from 120s as of
  • Fumble and Impaired aim from Searing light and Confusion from Flashbang
  • 2.4k armor (counting Angrim bonus) and 14% physical res, high for most casters
  • 18% physical damage reduction (BWC) and 33% elemental damage reduction (Nullification) to enemies
  • Nullification for removing debuffs, especially enemy RR
  • CDR for easier resetting of Blast Shield, Mirror, Tree proc
  • Yeah that’s a lot

All those defensive mechanisms make this one of the safest builds out there to tackle on 170. If you’re not satisfied with these defenses on paper then you should try the build. Of course this isn’t a full facetank build like S&B or the old DA builds if that’s your cup of tea.

Gear, Skills, Devotions

Gearing is pretty flexible for this build. Only the Infernal Knight (Champion) set is really core, though if you really ask my personal tastes, then everything is core aside from Offhand, ammy, pants and boots. The one negative for this build in gearing is that is’s unlikely to ever have a no green setup for this cause resistances are hard. I don’t mean you really need the MI, though. You can go with crafted greens without much loss. Look at the pants, the elemental resist is redundant cause I just use it for Inferno bonus.

Resists you need to look for when picking greens are: Pierce, Bleed, Chaos. The first two are only seen together in Stonehide which makes our poison overap so high. You can also get Vitality if your rings don’t provide enough. Make sure to at least have one Stun res affix on pants/boots or use Cataclysm’s eye for Chaos + stun res. I still prefer Arcane wastes on offhand cause Crit + OA.

Skills are pretty straightforward. Notable changes from the norm are: 16/16 thermites, We got lots of bonuses for that so it’s just a 2 pointer. 13/16 Vindictive Flame cause I just wanted my regen to reach 200/s. 10/10 Nullification is explained in above sections.

Devotion route is inspired by JoV’s original defensive devo setup. Just updated it to match the 55 points we have now and added some personal touches like getting hourglass slow res and Obelisk nodes.

You can choose to go offensive for devotions and get meteors but I haven’t done extensive testing for it yet. The one I tried had Meteors and Hungering void but didn’t have any significant increase in cleartime form this one. It’s fun running from 2 reapers with negative regen, though.

BWC sorcerer has been a mainstay of GD ever since JoV introduced us to his first build. A lot of variants have been poppoing out ever since. This is a version using the (mythical version of the) original set in the original build but no BWC spamming.

Nerfs hit this build a good amount of times since JoV’s post but it stayed strong through time and has now survived another nerf wave without being kicked out of goodness. This build still has one of the best defenses for casters and is easy to play.

Credits to JoV for the original build that became my favorite. Drizzto whose gameplay thread introduced me to the BWC sorc concept. Chthon and Superfluff not for this specific build but for their extensive general game knowledge that I have applied in making this build. UPDATE

Patch buffed Infernal Knight set to add moar BWC damage, moar radius on Thermites, moar damage on proc. Also they added 50% Aether>Fire conversion to Devastation on Herald of the Apocalypse. This is among some buffs to Demo and nerfs to Mirror. I decided to revamp this build for the new patch. this is now a triple meteor IK sorc. BTW, Star Pact nerf never affected this in any way, tho Sorcs are still nothing compared to the strongest binders.

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWJldL2

BTW Mercymaker has been kind enough to test this build and he gets around 7:30 pretty consistently. Pretty good for a “bad class atm”. Here it is:


Good, I hope now people who call IK Set weak would shut up

Grats on another build

Time to get grimcalc alive?? :smiley:
Cool build though.

It wont happen for sure :stuck_out_tongue:
Now in all seriousness dont let things like that stop you, no one puts ˝™˝ or ˝©˝ on build guide, feel free to update, post your version or w/e, when ever you want.

Build looks solid and Im glad that concept is more than viable, only thing that crosses my mind in terms of dps increase is changing off hand to Mythical Consumption of Agrivix it should effectively increase your burn dots potential, specially inferno, for large margin.

I also like herald of blazing ends, although it seems wildly unpopular even after WF was again nerfed and Blazing ends buffed

And here i was hoping you are getting slowly tempted to get back into number crunching action :slight_smile: Maybe for Forgotten Gods? :slight_smile:

He;ll try the new content but not post a build and say he won’t be playing it at all:p

Yea, herald is cool though imho it still lacks when compared to WF, they should increase BWC burn modifier potential on it or add some -rr or maybe +1 to demo or w/e skills or smth to make it more competitive.

For Sorc’s the RR from Warpfire is much more crucial unfortunately. I think Purifiers can make use of Herald

It does actually. But shouldn’t MToAW be BiS for Crucible 170? Agrivix is MC only right?

Yeah but you know, more cool shit raining down with lots of burn on it

i never liked WF, ever. Just one pre nerf when I dropped a 95% conversion once. After that… I’s just such a boring item. The rr is just 15% now…

Herald was buffed, could be decent for a spammer with smoldering effigy, idk

i never liked WF, ever. Just one pre nerf when I dropped a 95% conversion once. After that… I’s just such a boring item. The rr is just 15% now…

Herald was buffed, could be decent for a spammer with smoldering effigy, idk

Maybe, but I dont think so :slight_smile:

To be honest I would love to, even to post a build or smth, but in all seriousness I really doubt, cant make my self install GD back, much less anything else :frowning:

But I do enjoy occasional chatting with you guys and I guess you dont mind former GDholick hanging with you still addicted :smiley:

When the new devos come, new mastery and new crazy sets exploring new things like radaggan you will at least be playing grim tools:p A game in itself really…beats what i do at work

It has to high CD, I mean it has higher CD than M shower, maybe if they would reduce it idk. But i do agree they messed up WF w/o obvious reason, it was such cool item back in the days :slight_smile:

I mean if we’re talking about thematic perspective then in MC I stick with Korvaak’s Deception instead of Eternity. To role play as one of Empyr…Korvaak’s Blade Maidens :cool:

Also, speaking of thematic perspective I wish Annihilation’s base stats are buffed.

Holy Shit, I forgot spam BWC was a thing :smiley:
I can see what you mean. Herald would be awesome for spam BWC. But even then on Sorc’s I think the RR should be better

I got bored off Warpfire myself at some point as well but that was after trying too many builds. The item itself is interesting imo

I am taking bets right now. 10 bucks on you posting the second or third build in FG (Can’t be first cause Fluff is a praetorian who has nearly every item in the game :eek:)

On a serious note, you’re not missing much right now. Kra’vall doesn’t seem like the kind of boss you’d enjoy (since you’re main issue was challenge, i presume?)

He;d enjoy Rime and Radaggan

GT for sure, I even now occasionally do that and have like zilion saved links of builds I will probably never polish or even play.

Its like looking at the shop-front of liqueur store but never going in to try all that shiny new bottled stuff. Hello Im JoV and Im GDholick currently on rehab :smiley:

Oh absolutely, not denying about items. Especially the former. Cause that’s the one I have right now
But wasn’t his main issue Challenge?

And you forgot Blood Knight. The most interesting one imo for build diversity (if I get the amulet to test some stuff):eek:

Your on :wink:

Edit: Could you make it 100 :smiley: