[]Ulzunyasha-Archon favorite hot maiden

Hello, fellow minmaxers, warm welcome to all of you :stuck_out_tongue: Its time to build something burny :p.

Archon Warmaul Grimtools

Sharzull world-eather Grimtools

This is rather strain forward build focused around Archon Warmaul AoE and fire dmg with a small amount of extra burning.

Hellfire or Infernal of Arcane balance/Conflugation/Scorched runes Archon Warmaul is BiS, but any combination of above prefix/suffixer should work.Probably any warmaul will work :stuck_out_tongue:
Another option is Sharzul Worldeater. Beware of mana PITA with Zully mace.
Justice set is BiS for both dmg and survivability. I tried to make it work with Ulzuin, but it simply suck >>
Elemental rings for fancy proc. Amulet can be changed for empowered beronath, but I get sick of crafting that shit for every build >
Formidable Stoneplate greaves of whatever are BiS.
I still cant chose my relic - both Korvak and Ignafar provide good results. Korvak is better against Reapers and provide mobility boost, Iganafar kill IM slightly faster.

Work in progress.
150-170 4 buffs
Zully version 150-170 4 buffs

Random pics
Main view
Fire strike dmg
Smash stick
Oupie Boots
Best pantsu
Oupie medal

Leveling guide:
I know, its hard to accept , but in order to gain a level you need to kill creeps. Burn them. Smash them. Life is harsh, boy, but better them that you right?

Attachment: Gun.jpg

Still sad for Elementalist here :frowning:

Elementalist should work too, but, man, its such a pain to sustain Savagery, mines, Dumbdevils >> And it force us intro Empirion for dmg reduction >>

This build looks hot! :rolleyes:

This build without lag and banner can actually do under 8 min 3x runs (thanks Tora:) )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw0IMfc-Ey4 Mine withlag robs me of over 1 min

I recommend beronath ammy. Tried with eternal flame on my purifier and beronath was better. Also simple chthon sigil medal ur ulzuin gunner medal

Nice build, already saw it on Fluff’s youtube channel.

So I am guessing OA is overrated?

The amount of casting you do on Elementalist can kill you really. It’s just sad.

No personally i’d do ulzuin belt, max deadly aim etc…But ptiro chose no banner so he relies more on seal to stay alive in prolonged fights (i’m guessing)

Otherwise this build kills super fast.

I’d recommend thermites at lvl 11-12 too and ES at lvl 12

Ульзуняша! :slight_smile:

yeah, OA is overrated.
With better mace this build should finish under 8 minutes with 4 buffs. Mine is kinda retarded >_>

I RIPped all my chton medals :smiley: Guess the chanse of getting a new one is almost the same as finding BIS warmaul or even worse :smiley:
Probably should try craft-spawn one.

you can use ulzuin myth gunner medal, has 5% AS too.

These archon mauls drop quite a lot in crucible sometimes. An infernal one would be great. Also wanted to try with Void seal. This build is already stupid strong. If it had proper WPS it would be ridiculous

I hope to see changes to Demon fire - with a proper source of %dmg reduction Elementalist should vastly outperform Purifier with such builds. Right now just don’t work cause squishy >>
BTW, really need moar %RR. I hate mines, but pushing it to 16/16 helps a lot against IM >

I haven’t seen such a sad display since Ulzuin’s betrayal.

well i hate them too. But the amount of RR. I use ignaffar relic btw. You can feel it. Swap for ulzuin belt and inquis relic and you will feel it

Haven’t tried fire strike yet (well, actually all demo skill in general), but it’s interesting that auto-attack build can be good without WPS. Can regular fire strike do this? Or the massive quadruple fire strike modifer from archon’s warmaul make it happen?

Also, OA is quite low, but I guess deadly aim will always proc due to aura of censure constant damage. Lastly, it might be hard, but I think you should squeeze in Viper. It should increase your damage further.

Interesting that most fire melee/ranged build posted are using justicar set, although it doesn’t grant any plus skill to their main damaging skills.

Archon is god tier. I tried numerical superior Infernal brimstone, but it wasn’t even close. Explosive strike multistrike shotgun help a lot, it aslo proc Fiend crazy, adding 156% WD per second. Elementalist should be better in terms of DPS output due to Feral hunger.

Viper cannot reduce resistances intro negatives and it work as last %RR, so it does nothing.

OA with buffs is fine 3k effective w/o deadly aim, 3.4k with it. No reason to push it further.

Justicar is godtier, it outperform Ulzuin in both defence and offence.

idk if elementalist would do more DPS but it’s worth looking into. You do have 13% more rr at least from inquis

Can compensate for it with more investment intro mines? And elementalist provide %IAS bonus from savagery onepointers. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeO7zk2 something like this.

Nice one. Love the sudden influx of new 2h builds.

Justicar is almost unbeatable for Fire based Demos.