[] Untransmuted chaos PB/DB spammer - ~11 min 170 clear


^This is the song which comes to my mind as I’m piloting this toon.

GT link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b283yjzN
YT link: Video recording software crashed yet again (curse you windows 10!) I may/may not add in a video here.

Shoutout to chthon for discussing this build with me weeks ago, and to the rest of the boys who’ve helped me understand/enjoy the game better.

Setting aside the compendium has allowed me to tinker around with some old build ideas I’ve had.

As many of you probably know, I have a fetish of sorts for several things in GD:

  • Cooldown reduction
  • Phantasmal blades
  • Doombolt
  • Chaos damage
  • Dual damage centric builds

This is a spec which combines it all into one bitchin’ package.


  • 22/12 DB with a 2.4s CD
  • 24/16 PB with a 1.9s CD
  • 22/12 solael’s witchblade
  • 20/12 possession
  • Everything from both classes is transmuted into chaos or vit. There is Z.E.R.O waste
  • Racial bonus damage to undead, beasts, and humans. (Bring the nems on baby.)

Defense(It’s a little meh)

  • Triple spammable heals (because PB heals you back to 100% instantly, and aeon’s resets the heals)
  • Dodge


  • Somewhat low resist reduction (-83% chaos, -93% vit). But this can’t be helped IMO. Droppping aeon’s and spear to go for rattosh is an option, and 1 I haven’t explored.
  • Piloting skill is a must. You have no mobility skills, so no escape mechanism. BB is your only panic button. My advice here is to keep yourself at the periphery of mobs as much as you can. BB when you’re out of options, and preferably when one of your heals or pots is coming off CD.

NOTE: You can pop potions while BB’ing. This gives you an uninterrupted heal for 3 seconds.

Cheaper gearing
Harbinger’s set. The only reason why I didn’t roll with it is because it would make it a purely chaos focused build, and wouldn’t allow me to cut down on the CD of DB.

EDIT: Actually, the more I think about it, the more I believe harbinger’s would be the better choice here. You can milk more out of aeon’s-double DB spam; you can avoid the hassle of going into manticore for RR; and you can tank with impunity because of its set bonus.

All in all, this isn’t a top tier build by any means, but just one I find cool af.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Use the built-in functions :slight_smile:
I always record my videos with hotkey Win+Alt+R (built-in for any game running in Windows 10), it works perfectly and almost don’t affect system performance.

That’s what I did!

Wow 0_o
That’s surprising. I have a laptop and desktop PC, everything goes really smooth for ~2 years (i don’t remember when Win 10 was released)

^This is what my rig looks like

So logic dictates that fluff’s PC must be this:

That’s just made my day! :smiley:
That’s why I always enjoy your threads, sir!

Really? Because fluff outplaying us all on a 1st gen gameboy makes me feel inadequate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any reason not to transmute PB other than it being thematic? Cause I seriously thought you’ll be using fangs of chthon to convert pierce to chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

Damage reduction from the transmuter I guess. I did consider going double fangs with belg relic, but then the cold damage would go to waste. :rolleyes:

But you’re right to say that it’s mostly a thematic build.

Harbinger set is almost certainly better on untransmuted/conduit PB. I believe I’ve hit crits up to 90k or so unbuffed with a single dagger, possibly higher.

Doom bolt also hits like a freaking truck.

EDIT: Actually I might try double fangs again. I forgot about the flat damage from dual blades.
All in all I’d give up
>169 cold–>chaos damage on nether edge
> The sweet sweet eldritch pact relic
> Conduit

And I’d gain:
> 71 pierce–> chaos damage, and 11% phys res, -20% chaos res, -10% vit res
> Belg’s cooldown proc
> Pestilence of dreeg for -18% chaos/vit RR

Definitely worth a test.

I don’t believe a toy laptop is faster than a gameboy :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, Superfluff’s recipe of success is revealed! :smiley:

Fluff IRL:


Just kidding fluff. We all love you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really curious to see this in action! Looks pretty cool!

BTW, you can include both Time Dilation and Rattosh

But dying god doe… :eek:

in vanilla to test of the build is viable or noti need to cmear wave 170 crucible or 120 ?

170 viable. It’s in the title - 11min clear time.

spank im not talking about ur build XD im talking about mine to know if my build is viable or not i need clear 170 ? actualy im in 130

Oh sorry. Mind linking me the build, mate?

kind off off topic but it was discussed here partially anyway. What recording software do you guys use? For windows 7 what would be best. I want something that can easly make a 360 or 720p video so I can actually show some of my builds. preferably something that can make a 20 minute video less than 500 mb cause my internet connection sucks

Can’t help ya there. I use the inbuilt function. :confused: