[] Vanguard of the Luminari - ForceWave+RoH Elemental Tactician

The Build

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, Insight, and standing on Inquisitor seal.
DPS shown is Forcewave

Build Feature

  • Mix Damage
  • Forcewave + Rune of Hagarrad :wink:
  • Quite clunky to play at first, like all rune build

Build Overview
The build utilize 4 piece runebinder set for strengthening the rune and Arcanor Blade of Luminari for elemental forcewave. Accidentally, The two skills has pierce damage that we will convert to cold/elemental with hagarrad gloves and luminari medal.

TL/DR: This is a rune of hagarrad build with forcewave supporting from each rune casting. What could possibly go wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

For Defense: 22/12 inquisitor seal + 18/12 damage reduction from aura of censure + about 2.7k Armor with 100% armor absorb. Heal from Word of Renewal, good lifesteal, and circuit breaker from ghoul.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipments at arngrim for +%armor or +%physique

Core Items:
The Runebinder set minus the bow.
Main+Off Hand: Mythical Arcanor, Blade of the Luminari. Build Defining Item, enabling Elemental Forcewave, stackable elemental RR to Inquisitor Seal, and crazy set of stats
Gloves: Mythical Chilling Grip of Hagarrad. Converting pierce from FW and RoH to Cold
Medal: Luminari Commendation. Converting pierce from FW and RoH to Elemental
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion. Perfect fit for this build and provide important stackable elemental RR, get bonus to aura of censure as completion bonus

Supporting Items:
Pants: Aleksander’s Chausses. For +3 to Rending force and Steel Resolve. Use any prefix/suffix as you like
Belt: Mythical Reforged Chains of Oleron. So much flat phys and +soldier.
Boots: Mythical Final March. Good set of stats and slow res, also providing +2 to steel resolve.
Rings: Elemental Harmony set. BiS. 64 flat elemental damage, godly procs, craftable.

Quite simple and flexible

Meteor Shower > to Inquisitor Seal
Blizzard > to Rune of Hagarrad
Rumor > to Arcane Devastation
Elemental Storm > to Forcewave
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff

LMB: Forcewave
RMB: Point to Move
Scroll Up/Down: Inquisitor Seal
Middle Mouse: Blitz
Keyboard 1: Word of Renewal
Keyboard 2: Rune of Hagarrad
Keyboard 2: Arcane Devastation

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Word of Renewal, ensure it always active or save it for heal.
Blitz into the center of the horde.
Put the inquisitor seal on the ground.
Cast Rune of Hagarrad + Arcane Devastation in the middle of the enemy.
Cast Forcewave in between cooldown of the rune and devastation.

Build Performance
151+ Crucible, Video with 4 buffs:

This is my current fastest run (8:20). Longest time is 9 minutes.

As always, kill AoM nemesis first, except Kuba. Kill kuba lastest. Usually he will die due to RoH collateral damage.

A bit lazy at the moment, might expand this thread later.

8:20? Not bad for a mere mortal :cool:

My two favorite skills in one build! Nice, I have to try this one at some point

Hey your playground was mashed in 7 and under so meh to you:p:p

Thanks guys… :wink:

Hmm, I will try to check if I can hit below 7 minutes with a vanguard banner… honestly haven’t min-max this build that much. There could be a better devotion route for sure for this kind of build.

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It depends. Your build is different cause you have RoH. You can do more FW dmg if you focus more onincreasing FW dmg ofc :smiley:(you get ~20k more dps). 360 AoE procs/devotions also help quite a lot.

So Steel Resolve’s flat gets fully converted on Forcewave? Shouldn’t Internal Trauma be converting too then?

Nice build, you took two weakest most underbuffed skills in the game and somehow made them work!

Only thing that I don’t like is Blizzard devotion. I think it’s super overrated on non cdr builds. I would rather take Flame Torrent.

what do you mean? What skills are those. fW is strong, roh is…just disgusting

I was trolling obv

RoH in this build is insane though. It contributes to like 60% of my total damage input I think.

That’s the idea Madlee. Weak skills should all work together to rival the insanely overpowered skill like AAR, panetti, or stun jacks.

Also yes, internal trauma will also get converted

I really like blizzard here, the damage is really good and complement RoH well. Flame torrent is also interesting though, it’s been a while I use that in a build. Will check it and see if I can get it to bind well with my current skills

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That got a chuckle out of me :smiley:

So that’s why I asked, why haven’t you maxed it out too? Elemental dots turn out to be too small of a damage output for the investment required?

Damn, that Luminari Sword should get a buff really, maybe like +1000 of each elemental DoT to Forcewave? I mean, what does this weak af sword has to offer now? +2 to Inquisitor skills (weakest mastery, who needs it)? +4 to Forcewave and Elemental Forcewave mod (so weak)? A RR mod to the Inquisitor Seal (who uses Seal anyway)? Casting speed? Crit Damage? Useless resist? Elemental Devastation spell on top of everything?

Yes, I have low +%elemental DoT aside from frostburn. Also the build has only +1 soldier thus skill points are very scarce. The build is already points-heavy as it is.

Add aether to elemental modifier to Callidor’s tempest, and we will have a beastly mage Hunter build too!!!

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Internal Trauma is shit on spam forcewave except fire where your dots are naturally good.

God damn you, Jabrixone, you already made this build. :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway, I made a more simple and probably more effective spec and one of the more prominent builders from Russian community tested it:


He said that the piloting wasn’t the best, so I am guessing this build has potential to go as fast as 6:30. Maybe you can add this to your guide, maybe not, but I can’t post a guide since you already have one :slight_smile:

Will we ever get a “Janitor of the Luminari”? :smiley:

We already have. Elemental Noob-Noob is basically is Janitor of the Luminari (if you watch Rick and Morty).

I see, 7:10 minutes with a banner. Seems like we have a similar performance. Main difference would be different devotion setup. Will try to revisit the build again, but I will surely put your build and video to the first post.

BTW, also thanks for validating and interest on the concept… :wink:

I see that soldier is starting to grow on you, huh? :wink:

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It’s actually faster than that. Wait for MercyMaker’s video.

Also, in Russian community someone discovered that %RR actually first (I just heard it today in discord), so value of Ultos devotion is very high.

Anyone tested Elemental Seekers on this?

Unless Zantai made an error, it should be last

Elemental seekers are very good on elementalFW. Tora tested this setup and had just over 7 min with it. Depends on mutators really