[] Warpblade - Krieg DW Aether Cadence Death Knight, Gladiator farmer (9 minutes)

Interesting, I had no idea Direwolf Crest allows a char to dual wield :rolleyes:

Can you kill super bosses ? Mog, Ravenger

Didn’t try superbosses. Probably yes, but only with heavy adjustments.

I like the concept very much. It’s actually has been in my mind for so long, but haven’t manage to level a death knight because that mastery is too popular :D.
I would do it with different skill setup, I haven’t level any soldier though, so yours might be better.

Congrats for another gladiator build! I Really like the three death knight build you posted.

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Thanks! Death Knight is really good nowadays, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

They are always good, it just overshadowed by purifier and infiltrator :stuck_out_tongue:

I might level a soldier when oathkeeper came out. For now, defiler is taking my interest…

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You mean, hoping Zantai doesn’t forget to buff defiler in FG?

Itemization is indeed horrible. I hope it will get better and demolitionist or necromancer get more transmuter in their skill to accommodate more interaction to other damage type.

What I explore right now is fire strike interaction with necro WPS. The good news I found when I level it is, fire strike modifier from archon’s hammer affect and stack with all the wps…

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any significant difference if the hungering void is left out?

Crit damage and total speed are lower if Hungering Void is down. Some damage loss expected

This build is cool and all build 1 thing is it cant beat lokarr:cry:

I’m sure it can beat Lokarr but you need to raise Fire resistance and time your heals.

all builds should beat lokarr. He is only carrying a fake self proclaimed superboss epithet :wink:

Wouldn’t be better to trade Viper and Scholar’s Light devotions for Toad, Lizard and Chaos crossroad? Looks more useful.

Nope, Viper is easy OA and it synerges well with blue+red devotion route.

And i lost initial point of Hourglass. Really dont worth, ty

hi, im new to the game. currently leveling with your build. wanted to ask via pm, but couldn’t. can you plz recommend me a way trou the devotions?

I recommend you to use this order:

  1. Ghoul, Sailor’s Guide, Scholar’s Light, Hawk, Widow;
  2. Jackal, Viper, Eel, Dying God, Revenant;
  3. Solemn Watcher, Spear of the Heavens, Aeon’s Hourglass.

After completing Ghoul, Sailor’s Guide and Scholar’s Light you’ll surely have useless red, blue and green nodes at the Crossroads, remove them using Spirit Guide.

ty vm. hoping to finish the game soon :slight_smile:

you never finish Grim Dawn, there is always one more build to try and one more nemesis to kill!