[] Warpblade - Krieg DW Aether Cadence Death Knight, Gladiator farmer (9 minutes)

You are welcome! Hope you’ll enjoy this build :wink:

This is the best thing I’ve heard today :slight_smile: Damn right!

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yes, i ment finishing the story for the first time. looking forward trying some of that amazing endgame content


hello its me again. i was wondering if theres a specific way to get the direwolf medal? should i farm some specific content or reputation? im not 90 yet. but getting close and i found that im lacking a good dual wielding source.

Unfortunately there’s no way to get Direwold Crest specifically, its drop is purely random. You can ask for it here or just ask in a random network game.

There are few replacements that enable dual-wielding: Bladesworn Talisman, Bladedancer’s Talisman, Blademaster’s Talisman.

I redesigned this build with shield to see what happens since no one Krieg build on this forum had a brutal damage variation.
I was surprised. It’s unkillable, it does not lose effectiveness compared to its DW twin brother and still clears Gladiator in 9 minutes.
Now it also includes Blitz powered by Aeon to deal massive AoE damage and support Cadence.

>> Grimtools << with shield

Stats pane (Deadly Momentum, Mindwarp, Hungering Void up)


I think what makes DW auto-attack hard to press below 9 minutes in crucible is the lack of AoE. Well, I think this is mostly true for all auto-attack build.

Although I’m quite surprised that the classic krieg shield build can also easily press to 9 minutes crucible even with way less WD compared to the DW variant.

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I came to the same conclusion. Builds with low AoE can’t hit many targets at the same time and wipe hordes on arrival.

It’s Blitz + Aeon I think :slight_smile:
400% WD dealt with weapon + shield to 8 targets covers the lack of AoE and hits like a bus.
That’s why this char is named Blitzkrieg

“It goes very quick, that’s why I called it Blitzkrieg” - Yngwie J Malmsteen


170Ex. Have fun.

GT links please?
Ugh, and there’s Vanguard banner. I play without it

I play with vanguard banner all the time. And I never play 170 without ex. That’s my playstyle.
BM plz check the end of the video.

Okay, I’ll run 170+ with banner to see its effectiveness in similar conditions.
Your Krieg’s weapon damage is way lower than mine, so I think it’s either Agrivix spirals or banner.

170 with 4 blessing; about 8:05-8:25 depending on the nemesis combo; meaning we can run crucible 2.5 times; can’t do 3 times cause we need to pick up items

Slight update:

I managed to kill Ravager of Flesh with this build.
Took 3:26 to kill him.

>> Grimtools << dedicated DW setup for Ravager of Flesh


Credits: KoS9K, your idea about fumble medal was final bit of this build.

Hi mate, thanks for your updates.Btw what’s the difference between “really great pants” and " Chausses of Barbaros" in this build???

More Chaos resistance, free cunning and spirit points allowing to invest all points into physique. But, Chausses of Barbaros might be better damage-wise.
S&B version of this build actually uses Chausses of Barbaros.

Hey, seeing the changes to Edge of Sanity, do you think it can replace a mindwarp now? You lose 18% conversion but you gain 2 strong WPS similar to your Edge of Death build.

Btw can i ask for a save file? I’m interested on playing some melee builds now but the current NO/Deathmark/nightblade meta doesn’t excite me much.

I thought about Edge of Sanity actually, I just distracted to A Call to Arms challenge and didn’t try to redesign this build yet :slight_smile:
Yes, -X% rr and two powerful WPS might be good.

Yes, I’ll send you savefiles. Which one do you need? DW or S&B one? Or both?