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Its a weaker version of dw SS spellbreaker pre-AoM, somehow I miss the hardcore Crucible good old days when only few builds shone.

If you put it that way, yeahhhh…

I only do DW and caster, never S&B. Will try to do pet in the future though.
Also, you forgot pet build. It’s still going strong because we still have sigatrev.

This patch is still new. I am sure there will be new builds discovered before we get the forgotten gods. Personally, there is still so many builds I want to test in the near future.

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This is what I’m hoping for realms, tbh.

I hope you’re not including a dw ss spellbreaker in that, cause that thing did a metric ton of damage but died when something sneezed at it. The soulrend brother was the crucible monster cause of CDR and TD

I haven’t been around on pre-AoM, especially on the spellbreaker days.

I already felt that this build is very strong. How does the old SS spellbreaker be stronger than this? What nerf the spellbreaker received that makes the build is not available anymore?

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Old spellbreaker wasn’t stronger than this in crucible. At least not the DW version. The soulrend version was good but required you to be careful and not mess up mirror TD chaining. Old DW spellbreaker was top tier in campaign cause of it’s peerless damage and insane mobility. But i never really considered it a solo crucible farmer cause of how fragile it was. But also remember that back you’d do 2 blessings and maybe a banner for farming 100/130-150. Ulo didn’t give the extra res you get now and back then crucible favored very defensive builds, going full offensive usually never turned out well like we do now

Edit: Oh and btw, i did reformat my old spellbreaker (which has been on the shelf for quite some time) taking inspiration from this build. And what do you know, it managed to do 150-170 just fine too. Doesn’t have quite the burst damage the infiltrator has but still did well. Didn’t time the runs but they were probably around 7mins or so.
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkx7Yb2. Didn’t look too much into it though so it’s not optimized at all. Literally just swapped gear/components and did a devo change for some additional DA.

Thanks for the Link, good reads.

Regarding your build, oklaine’s lantern doesn’t work because you use nex & Ortus.
Also, itu may be better if you focus on full cold instead with spectral sword, loxmere’s, or other CDR weapons + Pierce>cold conversion gear. Also for chest, as deathmarked doesn’t support shadow strike anymore, you should look into mythical stormweave armor. I think that chest is really good.
I feel like spellbreaker cannot support mix damage type, specifically because the lack of RR.

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I have actually assembled “classical SS breaker” without greens just before this guide came out to see where it’s at.

Here is the video of one of the Russian builders kindly testing it.

That is probably as fast as it can go, usual clear times are 8:30-9:30. And it feels nothing like the spellbreaker of old :frowning:

Here is the build. I don’t think it’s worth a guide on its own unfortunately, but maybe I will add it to my Vanilla Ice guide.

Ah yeah, i missed Oklaine. I was in double loxmere’s before this and i forget that nex and ortus are both swords since i rarely use them. Thanks for pointing it out.
I did try luminari medal and rimetongues head, but i didn’t see any significant difference in stats so i thought whatever i’ll just try what i had on me previously for now. I specifically avoided green weapons otherwise it’d just turn into another unrealistically green god geared character. But i mean you’re saying that mixing damage doesn’t work for spellbreaker and yet i did 150-170 with it in 7-8mins. I think that’s pretty good time for being in legendary gear (excluding the green boots). That said i also think it could be optimized to be better. But i don’t really have any interest in doing that for now, i just wanted to check if nex+ortus would work on a spellbreaker too

Nice one. The moment I read the patch notes I`ve got an idea what build these swords would boost the most :smiley:
How about Ravager ADCTH helmet instead of clairvoyant? Not sure how 3% CDR work here, since you have zero CDR on all other items. Also, mageguards seems like a better choice and maxing Steel resolve>> Arcane empowerment.

Right, It’s just a shame that all the fire damage in the weapon and converted Pierce damage get wasted. But I see that you can get even lower time than Madlee’s cold SS spellbreaker above, so it’s not as bad as I thought.
Those weapon is just too good.

Thanks Ptiro!!!

I haven’t defeated Ravager… lol. I only use items that I have obtained before legitimately, than use GDstash to get a good roll ;). Ravager head is also good for sure.

Do you mean mageguard pants? Because that pants give bonus to arcane empowerment and not steel resolve. Also how is that steel resolve is better than arcane empowerment? For this build, steel resolve is only won because of resist. Arcane empowerment gives so much elemental and pierce flat damage that this build use.

I am kinda proud right now because you come to my thread and not suggesting another devotion pathing. Yay!!

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:smiley: Yeah, mageguard pants recived +2 SS in recent patch https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy4GkKV .
Steel resolve add racial bonus.

Oh yes, forgot about the racial bonus. The build kill grava n reaper under 5 seconds though, and that’s without banner. So, yeahhhh…

Problem on cold build is always kuba, and that pants gives a whopping 22% to kuba. So, yeahhhh…

Also, your experimental build is always full blown offensive, makes my head spinning. How can you survive with that…
BTW, how does 22/12 nightfall goes? I’d really like to overcapped it in mine, but I always lack of points and end up sacrificing nightfall.

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Nightfall is finally worth the effort to max it. It does enough dmg to oneshot whole wave :smiley: Still, the lack of dedicated SS items make me sad :mad:

I play this build a lot since about 2 weeks ago.
The clear speed is indeed INSANE and it is one of my fav DW build(Malakor hater here… another one I like is deathmarked infiltrator). The clear time for 170ex is about average 6:40s.
And all the items are so easy to get.
Think you can get better results with your build imo… GJ dude!

Just tested with nightfall by sacrificing points from Inquisitor seal. It is indeed good, nightfall becomes a really good supplemental damage that complement well with Nex&Ortus proc. But the build become inconsistent and prone to burst and shotgun damage.

Well, it’s may be available with vanguard banner though.

Wait, you don’t use shadow strike…
Thanks BTW, txl… :wink:

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BTW, just tested the build with belgo relic like the one I linked previously for madlee’s reply.
To my surprise, the clear time is exactly the same, 7:20 with 3 buff no banner.

It may be because the extra total speed from mogdrogen’s ardor makes up the difference from belgothian’s flat CDR. Also I feels like the build become more inconsistent as my health become quite jumpy, although I have made the DA to be quite close with mogdrogen’s ardor version. It may be because I am too cocky when I play it, or the extra points to Inquisitor seal and word of renewal makes the difference.

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Well, your build has 2750 DA to begin with, I have still no idea how it works so smoothly on Mercy’s video.

I am trying to create a Spellbreaker build with these swords after this thread and man, Spellbreakers after all those nerfs really can’t hold a candle to Infiltrators.

The build is indeed consistent. I can do 3 cruci run with 1 set of buff without banner consistently. Until now, I haven’t died with this build and I have done like 12 run, all consistent.

I think what makes the build’s good beside guardian’s gaze and plethora of procs is the sacred balance procs. It covers 4.8 meter radius dealing higher damage than cataclysm proc with 1 sec CD and 100% chance on crit. Its damage is quite insane, provide good leech, and really really good AoE. Clustered nemesis and/or bosses often died at the same time…

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Spellbreaker with the new Iskandra relic and star pact perfroms really really well in crucible.
I’d say spellbreaker >= infiltrator. They perform really close in crucible. TESTED.
spellbreaker >= infiltrator>=witch hunter, imo