[] Gallros Val, pure fire Demo build Gladiator 151-170~12min [c][G5][vid]

“Foul creatures and abominable vermin shall perish by my purifying flames!” - Gallros Val, the Infernal Knight of the Black Legion.

The Build Updated 01.17

Grimtools link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a4YBEN

Video links:
Gladiator 151-170 11:16 4 buff+ Vanguard Banner[/SIZE]
Obligatory MQ vid~12s (old setup)

Much safer devotion setup than last time, very decent facetanking ability, almost 1 minute shredded from the last attempt. I’ll try to reduce MIs next time to make the build more affordable.


G5 because of the greens and the rare Conduit.
Single mastery builds always had attribute problems. Demos always had resist problems. I combined these two flaws and spent hours in Grimtools to figure out a solution. Some greens are not mandatory, the Gargabol rings are here for +3 Grenado, OD-DA and resists. So literally any other …of Dranghoul, Tempest … and Thunderstruck … ring is okay.
Pants can be Bysmiel-Sect Legguards or Aleksander’s Chausses (lvl 84 version because 1035 phys is not obtainable). Kings prefix is beneficial.
Raw spirit is necessary to unlock the jewelry’s spirit needs. One Magestorm prefix and Spellwoven Threads component should be enough to reach 344 Spirit to unlock Seal of Annihilation and the ring’s requirements.
Craft every craftable piece with Angrim, aim for armor bonus.
Korvaak relic’s Slow resist and 4%OA + 4%DA is God here.
Cindercore and Conduit converts EVERYTHING Grenado related to fire damage (Vanguard banner+Might of Amatok buffed screenshot)


Mortar Traps to the middle, Thermite Mines around it and BWC for max resist reduction. Running is not necessary anymore, the build has Blast Shield, Mark of Divinity, Healing Rain, Nature’s Guardian, Stone form, Dryad’s Blessing and a lot of aoe slow-stun-fumble so we are pretty solid (khmm…khmm…Inquisitor Seal would be nice…khmm :slight_smile: ). Standing in this literal hellhole makes mobs melt there. Aether Cluster is the OHSH!T button.
Spam Grenado and Canister Bomb. With Ulzuin’s Chosen, double and triple casts are not rare and the damage spikes are ridiculous. To be honest, just spam everything.


Even pure Demo can complete Gladiator 170 so we are ready for the next expansion finally :smiley:
This is my first build, feel free to post any constructive comment or advice.
Meme builds like this were always my favorite so I might make more someday.

Thank you for your time!
“AND JUST DIE IF YOU ARE A DETESTABLE PEST!” - Gallros Val, the Infernal Knight of the Black Legion.

What a twisted and at the same time marvelous achievement - pure demo build that can do 150-170. Amazing :slight_smile:

Thats a pretty interesting experiment. I’m really surprised that you were able to finish crucible. Playing pure classes is difficult on its own, but playing pure Demo, that is considered to be one of the weakest classes, is beyond me. I guess it took a lot of time to get all those greens and actually make it work.

Not sure why you decided to put so many points in Hellfire Mine, I’d recommend investing more points into Temper instead for the armor boost.

Welp, time to nerf Demo.


Well done indeed. :smiley:

I can’t really shred resists without it. -50% is huge when 95% of my damage is fire. Temper is really good but I can still run without armor :smiley:
Greens were a pain in the ass indeed even after 1300 hours gameplay.
Demo is my favorite class and it was a personal challenge to make it work somehow. Took long enough but worth every minute :slight_smile:

#mad_lee and #spikenik

Thank you! Let the meme live forever!

Congrats. It is definitely nice to see; I also have a soft spot for pyro (beginner’s sentiment)

Is it an enjoyable playstyle that you feel you could confidently repeat with success in multiple runs? And was the Mark of Divinity medal critical at times, or more a warm feeling of extra protection?

G5 because of the greens and the rare Conduit.

And you did note that gear is tough, although I’m not sure what G5 means.

I think it would be very hard to naturally find one or more of those prefix/affix individually, let alone the combos and the top-rolled Korvaaks (4%/4%), etc. would also be hard to craft. But gear stats are a very significant part of GD’s build power and it fits well in this single-demo challenge context.

Your answer.

So yeah, definitely G5.

There is a widespread method here to mark the rarity of the required gear from G1(basically free) to G5(rare and farm intensive).
The relic is one on the easier side, if I remember correctly I crafted less than 10 until I had a +4/+4 with the right completion bonus. Out of the 10 possible combinations 4 would be acceptable for this build.
Conduit is the same, it only requires the Grenado prefix and any other affix than bleed resistance (there is already a lot of it because of the Ugdenbog Leathers).
Boots are craftable and yeah, it’s tedious but the only really important thing there is the Spirit. Even a Mystic … of something would be fine, the crucible buffs give enough slow resist with the relic anyway.
Without the Gargabol rings Grenado would be still 22/16 which is acceptable.
The only really problematic part is the pants slot. Either suck it up and farm all day (which sucks) or use Really Great Pants (would even help with stats) or Chausses of Barbaros (lvl 75 version). Resists would be much harder to overstack but Blast Shield would max pierce resist anyway, and an Ugdenbog Leather instead of Scaled Hide would compensate a lot of poison and bleed resist.
So basically a godlike player would be able to do the same as I with G3 gear.

Playstyle is okay for me, tomorrow I’ll test 3-4 more runs and will try to improve the cleartime. Blast Shield and MoD are godlike circuit breakers, both slow and stun resist are high so running is always an alternative. Met Grava’thul, Maiden, Reaper, Fabius and Aleks in the run and those are the worst. Can’t really run them down and they tend to move out of Thermite Mines and BWC range. The only problematic part that I don’t have any reliable heal. That’s why I reserve Canister Bomb with Dryad’s Blessing for sos moments. As you might saw in the video, I totally forgot to use Aether Clusters. I’ll fix this mistake tomorrow.
So I’m pretty confident right now.

I posted above and no matter if u are godlike player or beginner it’s G5, that’s subrules.

Ahh, I don’t mean to offend, but unless you grind excessively for components and that is your thing…the relic is not trivial to pump out multiple copies.

Since each Mythical is built on top of other relics, you have to craft each of the others, as well. Which can drain components like crazy.

No buff or banner in crucible gives slow res.


I know, that’s why I wrote G5 :slight_smile:
The alternative gear ideas are purely hypothetical.

Of course it’s tedious. This is my 20th lvl 100 character, even the story modes were more than enough farm for a lifetime. I’ve never made more than 1 relic except this and Mogdrogen’s Ardor because I use them on multiple characters.

Ohh, shit, I though Ulo gives some but it’s only stun res. I learn something new everyday about Crucible.

A solid achievement. Well done!

It’s 33% stun/trap/petrify/freeze/sleep, 8% phys and 25% to everything else in tab 1 under resistances (excluding stun)

Sick. I didn’t think it was possible.

  1. As someone said, Hellfire overcap is a waste of points. All you have of chaos is ~80 flat on BwC on a 600% modifier and Flame Torrent. Better get that Temper, softcap that Flashbang or get more health regen from Vindictive.

  2. I’m not sure why you mention Ghoul with such convinction as a part of your defense. 20% on Flame Torrent is all weapon damage you got and you don’t even have a skill to proc it consistently (I’d bind it to BwC). I’d take Bat here mandatorily, especially when you have some pierce to fire. But again, not much to bind it to except BwC.

  3. I’m not sure how useful Behemoth really is. Random heal just twice a minute… does this boost to health regen alone make a difference for a no-cdr build?

  4. Just a question: have you thought of Justice/Ulzuin set and Nex & Ortus for this demo solo challenge?

  1. I’ll look into it.

  2. Well, Ghoul is a small part of the defense. The extra physical resist proc is welcomed against charger melee nemesis and the raw phys and spirit it gives is necessary for the gear. You are right, it’s not as powerful as for other builds but it fits here. Flame torrent gives spirit too, and a big chunk of points towards Ulzuin’s Torch. Thermite Mines can proc it multiple times too.

  3. Behemoth is a low investment devotion. Personally I like Wayward Soul much better but that’s too many points to complete. 30 seconds seems a lot but most of the times I run instead of facetank and the traps do the heavy lift. I’ll try to optimize the devotion setup since now I know that it’s possible to complete Crucible with this toon.

  4. Ulzuin’s Avatar was out because is focuses a lot for the Fire Strike line, blocks the amulet position and the 2h gun would make me really squishy. Dropping Cindercore alone halves Grenado’s damage as I have incredibly poor physical RR. Stronghold Defender’s passive is sweet too and basically free because of Cindercore.
    Justicar Guard focuses more on melee. I’d be down 12 mine and trap points too from Infernal Knight set.
    Not even consdered N&O because of Cindercore.

Thanks for your thoughts, I’m sure these will help to make it better.