[] Single Mastery Challenge

Can you clear Gladiator using a single mastery? Help prove that every mastery can do it.

Warborn Cadence Soldier (Saw) - 15:40 (no banner)

Gallros Val, pure fire Demo build Gladiator (menpe) - 11:16

Witching Hour Familiar Occultist (sigatrev) - 9:25

GrimTools - vid (7:35) - Deathmarked Beronath Nightblade (veretragna)

GrimTools - vid (6:35) - Agrivix Arcanist (John_Smith)

GrimTools - vid (9:15) - Beastcaller’s / Lightning Shaman (sigatrev)

GrimTools - vid (6:30) - Runebinder Inquisitor (ya_)

GrimTools - vid (10:35) - Diviner / Blight Fiend Necromancer (sigatrev)

I think one of the Korean guys (I think Shopping) did solo inq with Runebinder runic bolts/hagarrad hybrid tho that was last patch where rune was OP. I’ll try to find vid in a while

Solo Nightblade, huh? Will try to get Deathmarked through it.

I would glad to see that.

Arcanist is the hardest mastery for this. No relevant RR, clairvoyant and Iskandra were nerfed to oblivion, maybe good ol agrivix but muh RR

Hey sigatrev! You can now add Soldier to your collection :D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sScMLTKIkXw

Used 4 buffs and 1x Bloodbound Ointment.

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9qanxV

#nerf_soldier #nerf_warborn

Surprised you chose Warborn over Forcewave, nice one.

Thanks :). Warborn has a better single target damage and a very good proc. Since pure Soldier doesn’t have enough rr, its very important to get every last bit of %bonus damage that we can.

Good job! Added to the OP

Magelsayer fire CT probably could do it, i suck at crucible pass wave 159 otherwise I’d try it myself. Mageslayer set will let you get huge - fire rr from OFF

Created a build thread, you can also add it to the OP if you like http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80602.

Did it with pure Nightblade. Will update this post when video’s uploaded.

So, here’s my contribution to this challenge.

A PURE Nightblade.



Good job! I was expecting N&O but I don’t know shit about non-pet builds.

Just curious, what’s the reliability like? It looks paper-thin.

Solo Nightblade is in fact paper-thin due to lack of HP pool. But its defenses are well balanced, it has Phoenix as an ersatz of Inquisitor Seal, it has huge Fumble on Circle of Slaughter, and huge dodge chance.
In current state it requires precise piloting to be successful, but if you drink some HP potions like Ugdenbog Salve and Royal Jelly Extract (i don’t remember which one grants 10% hp, it’s this one) this build will be safe.
Or, one can use tactics and run around dangerous enemy lashing him with Shadow Strike, it deals tremendous damage here and outheals the char instantly.

All masteries OP!

In the world of Cairn the finesse defines those who will survive :wink:

According to my list so far, Inquisitor needs a buff. I trust you’ll get right on that.

Who would’ve thought nightblade by itself could manage a 7min clear.

EZ :slight_smile:
Nightblade itself is very strong mastery. Fragile, but strong