[] Mortar's Martyr - quick guide to hybrid Purifier (~7:30 min. Crucible Gladiator 150-170)

*rare picture of Grim Dawn Mortar Trap enthusiasts before 1.1 patch

The Build

Not making a huge guide out of it because apparently Zantai himself confirmed that Mortar Trap support is being removed from Dagallon set.

However, I’ve put quite a lot of time in this build because of how hard it is to make a Dagallon hybrid not die in Crucible and still maintain respectable damage output. I’ve also tested a lot of gear options to go with Dagallon set and only this one proved to be somewhat consistent. So if you want some Mortar Madness before patch 1.1 hits, this is the build for you (as per usual - green free):


Crucible 150-170 8:22 run (well, should be a good minute faster with good PC).

In Conclusion

Hybrid playstyle is somewhat fun, but Demolitionist mastery is definitely lacking in defense department to make it work. Looking forward to new changes in FG.

Lmao. I don’t know how you felt when just a few minutes after saying you made hybrid purifier work Zantai chimes in and says he’ll kill it.

Nice work! I hope we will see new Mortar trap build from you in FG. :wink:

Well, it’s just another one of my GDstashed projects, but this one was especially painful. Purifiers are very glassy if you don’t support them with Justicar or tonns of weapon damage with huge ADCtH. My first draft was with Cortosian Shoulders, but that went into a garbage bin pretty quick. Then I had to let go of Ignaffar and Herald of Apocalypse amulet too, because build just couldn’t survive with that despite bigger damage.

So yeah, bit of a shame that this build is going to cease to exist after 1.1, but I think in general it’s a good thing that Dagallon is getting redesigned.

Well put together. I tried to go for Ultos/Torch and it never had a happy ending.