[] The Scream Queen - Full Venomblade Acid/Poison ABB Witch Hunter

UPDATE 1: Thanks to Ptiro and Mercymaker for the inspiration. Build updated for V2 adding guardian’s gaze for additional procs and Blade Spirit for Proc Machine. The build now is a lot safer because it can kill faster

The Build

with all permanent buff + Blood of Dreeg, Pneumatic Burst, and Lethal Assault.
DPS shown is Amarasta’s Blade Burst.

Build Feature

  • Excellent AoE due to ABB
  • Flat Acid Damage with significant poison damage, allow kiting
  • Doesn’t contain soldier, inquisitor, nor necromancer
  • Require a skilled player
  • Let me repeat, Amarasta’s Blade Burst :stuck_out_tongue:

Build Overview
Amarasta’s Blade Burst, the long underestimated skill, only used as one pointer and lethal assault. Loved by the Devs with so many item skill modifier for it, yet still ignored. Left behind in the dust.

Lo and behold!! Crucible farmer ABB build!! Made possible by the recent patch that buff ABB and redesigned venomblade set!!

Alright, that’s it for an opening. This is an acid/poison build with ABB as main damage dealer. Supported by so many procs provided by venomblade set, relic, and rings. In between ABB cooldown, we have ordinary auto attack with 80% Nightblade’s WPS. The build is capable of dishing out about 165k poison ticks in dummy. In crucible, with damage buff, poison ticks varied from 100k to 200k depending on enemy’s resist.

Current ABB has 1.3 sec cooldown with 310%WD and 8 meters radius. ABB perform considerably well in Crucible as it perform chain reaction and shotgunning all enemy in their radius. Thus, more enemy the better. Careful with your health though :stuck_out_tongue:

For defense, the build did what can only be done by witch hunter, Massive OA debuff! It has -476 enemy OA debuff resulting to 3500 effective DA. Other defense mechanism is 28% dodge, 41% Phys res, decent armor, 24% fumble chance, 12% damage absorb from possession, and massive lifesteal from ABB and guardian’s gaze proc. We also have about 530 health regen due to 26/16 BoD, 2 heal skills, giant’s blood proc, and ghoul proc.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipment at Arngrim and try to get +% armor as completion bonus.

Core Items:
The Vileblade Pact Set
Amulet: Conduit of Night Whispers with ABB modifier. further strengthening ABB and its radius, get anything you want for the resist

Supporting Items:

Gloves: Mythical Viperfang Grips. One of the best acid gloves, adding flat poison chance and attack speed to BoD
Alternative Gloves: Dark One’s Grasp. For reduced damage debuff modifier to bloody pox. Really nice if you want to be more defensive.
Shoulder: Zantarin’s Shoulderguard. +3 to BoD and LA is just too tempting. Get any prefix/suffix you like. Preferably with so many resist and DA
Alternative Shoulder: Radaggan’s Mantle. Really good shoulderpiece with so many valuable resist, also +2 to BoD
Pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros. Godly procs, super high OA. One of the best pants for auto-attacker
Boots: Stoneplate greaves. To cover res. Get anything you want, though “of arcane winds” suffix is preferred for slow res
Belt: Mythical Spellbreaker Waistguard. One of the two +nightlbade belt. Using this because all flat cold will be converted to acid in ABB
Rings: Deathguard Sigil + Mythical Widow’s Sting. I use this slot for more attack speed, acid damage, procs, and +skills. Ring slot is flexible though, you can use judicator set if you want to be more defensive
Medal: Mythical Undying Oath. The best medal for offense and defense. Gives flat damage and Reduce cooldown to both of our heal skill are invaluable
Relic: Nidalla’s Outbreak. Simplified in, this relic now become procs instead of cumbersome active skill. Highly offensive relic and good source of poison. For completion bonus, get any plus skills you want

Acid/Poison based devotion with maximum RR
UPDATE 1: Adding Guardian’s Gaze! Raise the Dead only for nodes

Scorpion Sting > to Curse of Frailty
Guardian’s Gaze > to Bloody Pox
Rumor > to Ring of Steel
Acid Spray > to Blade Spirit
Raise the Dead > Amarasta’s Quick Cut
Tainted Eruption > to Amarasta’s Blade Burst
Ghoulish Hunger > to Whatever permanent buff

LMB: Amarasta’s Blade Burst
RMB: Ring of Steel
Mouse scroll up: Curse of Frailty
Mouse scroll down: Bloody Pox
Middle mouse: Shadow Strike
Keyboard 1: Pneumatic Burst
Keyboard 2: Blood of Dreeg

Standard procedure:
Summon 2 blade spirit before fisting action. This can ensure the activation of Acid Spray.
Press to activate Pneumatic burst and Blood of Dreeg. Ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal
Shadow strike in
Scroll up and down to activate CoF and Bloody Pox, triggering Scorpion sting and multiple Guardian’s Gaze.
Start fisting/ABBing your enemy with your magnificent mace.

In boss/trash wave, you will want to be in the center of the horde. ABB shotgunning make enemies fall like flies. Remember that this build also have poison damage with significantly long duration mod, stop fisting the enemies when they are already in 1/3 of their health; move on to the other after that.

In 160/170 nemesis wave, this is where it starts interesting. You need to know when to facetank and kite. Experience in crucible is the key.

Build Performance
UPDATE 1 VIDEO For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff:

7:25 Clear-times with 4 buff!! This is my personal record for melee auto-attack build!

The most dangerous enemy is reaper due to the usual reason. Facetank him until it has 1/3 health and start kiting and move to other enemies. Be careful if you get hit by it again. If he’s alone though, you can facetank him all you want.

The second most dangerous is grava because of its fumble pool. You need to actively moving around for dodging his pool.

You can facetank Alek meteor because the build has high phys res and high Aether overcapped, not recommended though.

This is AFAIK the first working ABB Cruci Farmer in this forum. The build is very fun and a joy in campaign. Hope you can enjoy the build :wink:

Update 1 comments: You guys cannot talk shit about venomblade and ABB again… :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, we just discussed with mad Lee venomblade. And I did something wery similar, but with obtainable boots and extra punch from Shadow Strike.
Protip - switch your weapons. You want that sextoy in main hand, cause flat acid =)

I actually put that mace in off hand because ABB hit with off hand.

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Delightful. :cool:

Tbh I thought Venomblade is pretty crappy set even after buff, but this build is impressive. Well done!

But devotions don’t.
You`re loosing a lot of dmg by ignoring guardian gaze BTW. Its good with your weapon dmg. Try this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbJaGgV devotion route. I dunno if you need Giant blood with 2 healing skills on low CD and these WPS? Do they even scratch ?

That’s a really impressive result from A&P build, and nice video too, butt clenching but I think you kited the right amount of time. Greens are a bit unrealistic but oh well.

Few comments:

  • imo, two widow sting rings is just plain better. Better +skills and two good procs instead of one good and one bad one and two %armor rolls
  • 1 point in NJE is actually a small addition to your total poison output
  • Mythical Blade Breaker Sash got 2% more OA and some DA as well as +points to Shears
  • Venomtongue Mantle + Solael’s Witchfire should in theory be more damage but it’s gonna be glaaaaaassy

Literally impossible. Build cannot exist.

ABB is one of my favourite skills so seeing it like this is one of the best things. :smiley:

I wanted to do this but I never had any luck with melee on my rig. Grats on another great build!

Oooh, guess it’s time to tweak my Dual Blades and Shadow Strike WH build then, so many tasty ideas. Not that I’ll move to full Venomblade set though, too in love with whacking things to death via maxed out Dual Blades line while the poison DOT from SS and the attached AoE from Tainted Eruption.

Oh and I’ve found Amarasta’s Quick Cut WPS is very good at procing Rumour, as if the poison DoT from Hidden Blade skill will proc it if one of the three cuts doesn’t.

Hi, why don’t you use the Conduit with convert Cold to Acid to Execution skill?

I put it at off hand because currently only scorpion’s sting scaled from my WD.
Losing rumor and less attack speed might not be a good idea though.

Giant’s blood because I happen to have 3 spare points :smiley:
I usually choose between guardian’s gaze or scorpion’s sting. Ultimately choose scorpion’s sting because the build doesn’t need purple devo.
Hmm, looking at it again, I think I can fit in guardian’s gaze with the current devo:

Thanks Madlee. Well, I suggested radaggan’s mantle for zantarin’s shoulderguard replacement. For boots though, you may want to have one with slow res, final march is also good:

Responding to your comments below:

  • deathguard sigil provide better stats though. I was definitely torn between this two rings and ultimately went to the middle ground. The build definitely need good cast speed because it has 2 curse spells that need to be casted frequently.
  • Yeah, but I just hate to press shadow strike just for stacking more poison. I prefer to save it for my escape.
  • Agree on that. But spellbreaker’s belt provide better res (aether), and high flat cold that will be converted all to acid in ABB. I though that 3.2k OA is already good, so I decided with spellbreaker’s belt
  • It is! The skillpoint is already pretty tight though. It will be even glassier indeed and considerably harder to cap resistance.

Our focus is in ABB, not auto-attack ;).

Thank you my lord… :wink:

Thank you Vere :wink:
Yeah, I decided to test ABB myself after plethora of buff that devs have made. I just thought that they have tested them themselves and make ABB playable, turn out it did!

Venomblade set itself is pretty good though. If you model this as blademaster, the OA can get to 3700 without any special treatment. RR will be the problem though. I might test this concept again as blademaster.

Enjoy… :wink:

Thank you x1x1x1x2 :smiley:
It’s a high time to update your rig man. From your video, your lag is so so terrible. I surprise that you still enjoy playing with that FPS :frowning:

Thanks, I hope we can learn something from this build.
AQC is good for proccing indeed.

I only just need a GPU and I’ll get one next month. I’m only buying at 2nd hand shops cause I’m on a budget but it’s gonna be a lot better than my laptop for sure.

On a side note, cold ABB infiltrator or spellbreaker sounds interesting now. It may not be able to be the focus though because cold ABB lack conversion, range, and WD.

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i dont use ABB much
how can it chain reaction and shotgun things? :confused:

It has target area effect that will affect the enemies hit by ABB. Some kind of blades will protrude in circular effect from all enemies affected and it will give shotgun effect to all adjacent to it. Thus the more trash the better.

Try this build or use ABB as your levelling skill to feel it. Or you can just see the crucible video I provide.

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So any suggestions on how to improve my auto-attack Acid/Poison WH?: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0DLzoV

Going to replace the Deathmark shoulders with something more suitable crafted in GDStash (all hail teh stash) and likely find some more DA (it’s too damn low) but any other suggestions would be much appreciated. Particularly for refining the Devotions which is not as tightly done as it could be, though I have to stick with Rat for the 20% poison + 30% increased duration bonuses, since it’s too damn important for Shadow Strike with Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends.

Probably shift some points around too again.

This set is a beast. Just you wait for Dervish too:p

@OP N1. Iave you tried with Pestilence ammy too? Preferably the one with RR as it is a global imrovement on the build’s dps not just ABB

It’s really nice to finally see a melee acid/poison build shine in crucible environment again. The build performs pretty gosh darn well under a banner too. Did 1 set of 3bless/banner runs

It can get a little intense on wave 160/170 now and then, but other than that, no issues. Fast and clean, good build jabrix! I’ll upload and post the 6:53min run later.

Now make me a no green version :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: Added vid