[1.009 -] Lightning God Rises - 4:20m Crucible, SR 75-76, Ravager, Lightning melee Druid [g3][c+][sr]

I wasn’t joking, I just don’t have as much experience playing different builds. Oh well, if Elementalist can melee Ultos build better than Druid it means Druids are in a bad place. I have beaten Elite Modrogen, took me 20 minutes.

Good for you

Although when making builds don’t use that asshole as a benchmark. There can exist builds that roflstomp content but still loose to him. Though if you come up with a way to beat him in a build then take pride in it

And yes Druids are in a bad place. My best Druid experience has been that of Bleed based Callidor’s Tempest

Could it be electrocute DoT ?

I think it may viable from having many damage source without auto-attack.

I do have bad experience with ultos warder but have some hope for heavy electrocute in other class combination. Don’t have time to test it yet and I personally don’t like to play shaman :stuck_out_tongue:

Electrocute lacks duration bonus though, unless you are using storm reaver

Whatever it is I am puzzled why he picked Druid over Elementalist (although Arcanist happens to be one of my favorite classes)

Druid gives more OA and crit damage, it’s not all bad, the number is pretty, but the attack speed sucks

Agreed about OA but Elementalist has a bunch of other benefits (stated above by me :p)

I’m not sure why, but Electrocute is very underwhelming. I tested a full-on Electrocute Elementalist build with Maelstrom, Stormreaver + Storm Tap, CD SJ w/ max Full Spread, Transmuted Grenado w/ maxed Shattering Blast, Stormcaller’s Pact, and Oleron’s Might for huge magnifier to Flat Electrocute. This plus RR from Widow/Thermite/E Storm and Tempest. I was only hitting 60-70k DoTs with all this stacked…I still have no idea why it’s so low.

Lack of flat electrocute damage is the reason, my electric elementalist have about 1000 less flat electrocute damage comparing to any frostburn/burn build I have. I’m trying out a druid version to see if it is better

Did you test with Fabius/Mad Queen/Dummy? kill time? (just want to know overall dps)

I knew that only Electrocute isn’t powerful compare with other DoT. But rapid lightning strike from the skills, totem etc. may make overall dps higher than we think too. And about full Ultos set skill may support DoT (that’s why i guess to Drizz).

So only electrocute damage tick may not be enough to measure. I believe that there’re more lightning damage came along with, but don’t know how much.

May be high crit and DoT bonus from IEE line and Maiven’s Sphere line.

Conversion is very good for crucible. It make a char very flexible and can absorb damage too. Blast Shield is more appropriate in facetank, but Maiven’s can do very well in flexibility.

@InkOsk132, Nothing to crazy about electrocute, it is more or less “standard” Ultos (5/5) build with Savagery/WD, just enhanced survivability. Damage wise even with the trade off it still rock very solid 100-150 average timers (around ~23 mins)

At some point i thought druid was the worst class combo for Gladiator mostly because i was going into the wrong direction with TSS/trozan builds. (best timer i could do were around 28 mins)

In the end battlemage is (for now) the most underperforming Gladiator class with ~24 mins average runs. :frowning:

How does Ultos Glad Druid fare against Ultos Elementalist for Gladiator?

Ultos elementalist kinda sucks in crucible.

Druid And Conjurer can do it well, in that order i think.

Would be much more tricky with Elemenlatist, at the moment i think druid is prolly the most reliable Ultos build for Gladiator.

tho Vanilla wise Elementalist destroy the competition. :smiley:

I know Conjurer can but I had my doubts about Elementalist for a while. Thanks both of you

It’s nice to see Druid is good for something :rolleyes:

You gotta share your Gladiator Druid build, man. I am facerolling vanilla, but struggle against higher waves and some combos in Gladiator.

Setup without any MI:

Setup with “dream” MI gear:

Some quick explanation:
-Riftstone is for repositioning yourself, to me it feel mandatory (at least for my playstyle) but you can go for haunted Steel or Amber.
-Transmuted CT is to proc TD on demand. (100%proc chance)(use it directly after mirror)
-Some sacrifice has to be made in devo route. (RIP reckless tempest)
-WD+Elemental Storm combo is doing the work for aoe part, each WD can proc its own Elemental storm, ending with screen full of storm. :rolleyes:
(use pet attack to control your WD during boss fight)

Have fun.

Hey mad_lee really good build man. Started druid 1 week ago cuz of it! im lvl 48 and everything is nice and smooth with killing everything on my way. Thanks!!

I decided to change a bit your skillpoints and devotion and i want your opinion about it.


I really dislike Widow for that pure lightning dmg so switched to Rowan’s crown and some flat elemental/lightning dmg (Scolar’s light, Wraith). Got 3 points that can be spend anywhere. Some points from savagery and nullification are distributed here and there for some more elemental bonuses.

So… What do you think about this changes? :rolleyes:

So basically you based my whole build around Time Dilation and sacrificed whole bunch of damage and aoe as well as defense (also added another circuit breaker). I did think to use something like that to try and conquer Gladiator solo but thought it would defeat the purpose of the build a bit in order to abuse one cheesy mechanic :). Did you defete waves 120-150 with it?

Problem with Rhowan Crown is that it does not stack with Raging tempest, so either you use Raging Tempest or Rhowan’s Crown, one of the two. Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange deserves one point, there is no use for physical to Elemental conversion for us. We do massive lighthning damage and some decent physical damage too, it helps a lot versus lightning based heroes/bosses. IEE weakens us.

No offense but its not based at all on “your” build.